1" Long Handle Hog Hair Pro Hart Swagger Paint Brush

This is One Robust Paintbrush

The Pro Hart Swagger 1” Hog Hair Paintbrush features a long, sturdy flat handle. Create with this brush, and you will be able to view your work from a 30cm distance with ease. It is an excellent large-scale paintbrush that is very capable of working a variety of mediums acrylic, ink, mixed media, oil and watercolour.

The extra strength hog bristles that adorn this brush are glued straight into the timber handle. There is no ferrule to care for; No rusting or tarnishing with this brush! It is an extremely sturdy paintbrush - lending itself to bashing and continual use - and the bristles very rarely fall out. It is one cheap and nasty brush to maintain as all you need is warm soapy water! 

The Pro Hart Swagger 1” Paintbrush has a flat head that is 2.5cm wide, hair length 3cm and depth of hair .5cm. This full head of hair is the perfect brush for laying down quick background colour or doing rough -ins in acrylic, oil painting and watercolour. If you are painting in a traditional horizon line or foliage in acrylic or oil, easy, or if you’re blocking in large areas in an abstract or still life, the 1” Hog Hair makes it easy-peasey lemon squeezy.

This is an all-rounder paintbrush that you can use with glue. This makes it perfect for bookbinding techniques using boxboard and papers. It is a strong paintbrush for varnishing with. Turpentine and waterbased varnishes are both workable with this brush. It is highly utilitarian and applicable for many uses.

The 3cm flexible hairs the Pro Hart Swagger 1” paintbrush features leaves beautiful, painterly marks. The bristles spring back into shape every time after use; There Is no need to fuss over them or spend time re-shaping. Even a heavy hand will have these bristles popping. The artistic and creative possibilities are endless when it comes to the Pro Hart Swagger signature long handle bristle brush! (Also available in a 2 inch). 

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1" Long Handle Hog Hair Pro Hart Swagger Paint Brush

The PRO HART SWAGGER 1" Hog Hair Paint Brush

The Pro Hart Swagger 1" Hog Hair Paint Brush is perfect for a variety of mediums from adhesives to craft paints. These must-have multi-use paintbrushes are designed with all creative types in mind; from beginner to expert, from children to professional creatives and crafters.

They are favoured by bookbinders, decoupage lovers, and printmakers for their famously unrivalled versatility and sturdiness. The bristles are durable enough to withstand thick, heavy, sticky materials like glue but gentle enough to use on fine Japanese tissue papers without tearing them. It is a great brush to mix slip for a clay piece and is essential for paper machè projects. They are also great for adding texture into air dry and hand-building clays. If you are varnishing a project, use this brush with both turpentine and water-based varnishes.

This paintbrush allows you to work freely and daringly with its enormous range of uses. A short handle and a flat profile ensure it will not roll off your palette or table. You know you have a real Pro Hart Swagger brush when you see and feel its unique signature crackle handle! It is also available in 2-inches.

The Pro Hart Swagger 1" Hog hair paintbrush was enthusiastically designed by Australian artists Nicole Baker and Jessica Skye Baker. Hog hair isn't traditionally used for watercolour paintbrushes, but Nicole and Jessica often use it in many of their abstract watercolour and mixed media paintings. As artists who create with a wide variety of mediums, they wanted a paintbrush that could push boundaries and expectations as much as they do! The one-inch Hog hair paintbrush is ideal for blocking out colour, mark-making, and pushing large areas of ink and watercolour around quickly.

You can use the Pro Hart Swagger 1" Hog hair paintbrushes with oil painting mediums, solvents, and acrylic paints with ease. Easily lay down and manipulate thick impasto acrylics, such as the Matisse Structure or Liquitex Heavy Body, or flow acrylics such as Matisse Flow, Atelier Free Flow, and Golden. All mediums can be intermixed or worked on their own with these brushes. The coarseness of the hog hair bristles leaves brush stroke marks but retarders and liquifying mediums can be used to help thin out the paint and achieve a softer look.

Say “Hello!” to your new favourite paintbrush! There’s no limit to the craft projects that this brush can tackle. Not only will it become a staple in your art supply kit, but it is sturdy, affordable, and a truly multipurpose must-have tool!

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