1 inch Hog paintbrush; The Pro Hart Swagger 1” Hog hair paintbrush is a superb large-scale paintbrush designed to work a variety of mediums including but not limited to acrylic, ink, mixed media, oil paint, and watercolour. It will allow you to view your work with ease from a 30cm distance while you create.

The Pro Hart Swagger 1” paintbrush has a flat head that is 2.5cm wide, 3cm long, and .5cm deep. The extra strong hog bristles are securely glued into an incredibly solid timber handle. There is no ferrule to care for, no rusting, and no tarnishing to worry about with this brush! And best of all, you won’t be burdened with the bristles shedding over your project as this brush is extremely durable and sturdy. Even when applying heavy-handed pressure, the bristles will spring back into shape after each use.

This is the perfect brush for laying down quick background colour in acrylic, oil paint, or watercolour. The 3cm flexible hairs that the Pro Hart Swagger paintbrush features will leave beautiful brushstrokes and textures on your canvas. You can quickly block in large areas of colour in an abstract or still life painting or map out a traditional horizon line or foliage. Alternatively, it is tough enough to be used for rough-ins or for home improvement projects with latex-based paint.

This overachieving paintbrush is a great choice for craft projects as well given its unparalleled versatility. It’s strong enough to use with glue, making it perfect for bookbinding techniques using boxboard and papers, and is a hard-working tool when working with turpentine and water-based varnishes.

It’s truly an exceptionally multipurpose brush that can withstand a large array of mediums and methods. Best of all, regardless of what medium you choose, cleaning this brush is a breeze. Simply massage a mild dish detergent into the bristles and rinse with warm water.

The Pro Hart Swagger signature long handle bristle brush is also available in a 2-inch brush head size. This adaptable brush is a must-have in every painter or DIY-er’s supply kit.

1 inch Hog paintbrush features

Long flat handle

No metal ferrule