Our bright yellow handle packs a punch with these miniature brushes. In this set you will find 12 individual sizes to choose from. Sizes include: Flat 0, Flat 1, Liner 0000, Liner 000, Liner 00, Liner 0, Liner 1, Round 0000, Round 000, Round 00, Round 0 and a Round 1.

If you have been on the hunt for a set of detail brushes then the 12pc Warhol’s Wife detail brush range is perfect. If not each brush is available individually at Artworx Art Supplies.

or a 12 set ranging in small details flats, rounds and liners.

The ROUND Holds a brilliant sharp point, ideal for details and short strokes, holds more colour than you might think.

The FLAT is ideal for larger areas whilst this range still focuses on finer detailing it covers more surface than a round or liner, the square shape tip can easily be used for more square shaped areas.

The LINER one of our favourite style brushes and it is great for long animal fur, portrait hair, long blades of grass and sail masts on a yacht. This bush is not one that gets a lot of recognition but once you have one you can’t stop using it. The synthetic hair on the Warhol brush provides a really responsive tip for achieving the finest detail and precision.

Warhol’s Wife detail collection brushes can be used for watercolour, gouache, acrylics and oil painting.

When choosing the type of paint brush you prefer it really is a personal preference, just because it is recommended that you use Hog Bristle brushes for oils does not mean that is the case for every individual some artists love the smooth stroke free look of synthetic brushes for oil painting.

One thing you will quickly learn is that your brushes become your most treasured tools and you find yourself going back for the same random collection of brushes that you seem to use for every painting, you begin to form such a personal attachment to your irreplaceable brushes no matter their condition.

The Warhol’s Wife fine detail brush collection can be used for botanical artwork for professional artists to miniature model painters painting their gaming characters.

These brushes were designed by Australian artists who have experimented tested and tried all of the fabulous brushes in this set.