The Warhol’s Wife 2-inch, 50mm brayer is a high-end hard rubber roller created by artists for artists. It features a signature blue solid handle, including steel fixtures to hold the roller in place. The length of this gorgeous roller measures exactly 160mm/16cm from the steel pins to the tip of the handle. The diameter of the rubber wheel measures 30mm/3cm. As you can tell from the measurements, the Warhol’s Wife Rubber Roller is hefty, utilitarian, and significant.

The Warhol’s Wife 2-inch solid rubber roller glides with ease over a variety of surfaces, and is guaranteed to give you perfectly even coverage every time. It is ideal for printmaking, lino blocks, rubber blocks, wooden plates, acetate, dry point etching, and more. This is a great rubber roller that will suit many creative pursuits; an all-round printmaking tool, for gluing applications, book binding, dry mounting, and paper crafts.

When you add the Warhol’s Wife Rubber Roller to your collection of art tools, you can be confident that you have a firm, hard rubber roller in your kit. This roller is guaranteed to add finesse to many creative processes, feel satisfied that it will produce an even, thorough coating with many mediums. They adhere to this roller with ease and can be applied with an elegance and poise onto many surfaces. The Warhol’s Wife Rubber Roller is practical, yet subtle, easy to recognise with the blue handle and glides nicely.

Suitable for both water-based and oil media, from adhesives, paints to inks. Simply wash up The Warhol’s Wife 2-inch brayer with warm soapy water and wipe clean after use. This item is economically priced in addition to being a fantastic piece of equipment. The 2-inch roller is great for use in the studio and classroom environments, for beginners, intermediate to professional creators.

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