2 inch Paintbrush; If a paintbrush could be compared to a pair of shoes, the 2” Pro Hart Swagger hog hair long-handle paintbrush would be a pair of Gucci pumps! You know that perfect pair of shoes that goes with any outfit, make all your clothes look good, and is always in style? That is the equivalent to the PHS hog hairbrush with a long handle: classic and completely indispensable.

This hog hair 2-inch bristle paintbrush is a thing of beauty. It has been designed by artists for artists. It boasts a bold pink and yellow crackle handle that has been individually hand-glazed meaning that each brush has its own unique pattern. It is as individual as your thumbprint. It follows, of course, that your art is exclusive to you and then so should be your paintbrush.

Now, the two-inch hog hair brush doesn’t just look good. All Pro Hart Swagger equipment is also highly functional. Actually, strike that – functional is too boring a word to describe the effects this essential piece of apparatus can achieve. Its long handle makes it great for large scale, traditional or contemporary art using any number of media such as acrylic, oil or watercolour paints. Its sweeping action and to-and-fro accessibility easily and evenly spread paint on a large scale canvas or timber panel. Whether you want a thick coating or a thinly spread veneer, this 2-inch hog hair brush is best.

The 2” Pro Hart Swagger hog hair long handle paintbrush is a great paint brush for mark-making, laying down backgrounds, and varnishing. It is the ideal multi-purpose brush to have in your kit for any background or large area filling in. The thick course hairs seldom fall out of this paintbrush due to the precision with which it has been crafted. In our artistic opinion, this brush screams quality time after time, as it has been tried and tested in our own art studios by artists from all over Australia. After using the 2” Pro Hart Swagger hog hair long handle brush, across the board, professional and amateur artists have gone on record saying that this is the one piece of equipment they would not hesitate to add to their toolbox.

The Pro Hart Swagger hog hair brush is one of our most prized signature pieces in the collection. We are most obsessed with its durability and reliability. Truly created by artists for artists and our nomination for the Sexiest Paint Brush in the World!