Angle head brushes; The angle head shader Taklon paintbrush by Warhol’s Wife is available in six different sizes a 2, 6, 10, 14, 18 and 24. The smallest of the paintbrushes No.2 has a fine angled tip that will give you a stroke of 0.5 mm and a line approximately of 1mm. The No.6 will provide you with a painting with of 0.6mm if you hold the head of the paintbrush on the side if you paint with the brush from the tip down you will have a painterly line width of 1mm. The No.10 paintbrush is an excellent medium brush with line widths of 10mm and .3mm depending on the way you hold your paintbrush. The No.14 Warhol’s angle paintbrush will give you diameters of 1.9mm and .4mm, No.18 1.2mm and .3mm and the biggest of the range the 24 will provide you 2.9mm and .4mm widths.

The Warhol’s Wife angle head paintbrushes are made from a signature lime green colour palette. It features a lacquered wooden handle that fits ergonomically in the palm of your hand and a sturdy and tight nickel ferrule that holds the fine brush hairs in place.

Angle brushes are great for blocking out areas in an artwork, blending, edging and pinstriping. The Warhol’s Wife angle paintbrush heads feature full, short synthetic hairs that allow maximum control while you paint. The Taklon hairs have a great deal of controlled snap while you paint depending on your hand pressure. The angle head Taklon paintbrushes by Warhol’s Wife are durable and resilient brushes. Paint in acrylics, oils or watercolours. Use glue with them, smudge charcoal, dry pastels, create painterly effects with oil-based pastels and solvents; Use any media you put your mind to.

The durable, synthetic hair the angle head Taklon paintbrush by Warhol’s Wife feature lends itself to be worked on a variety of surfaces. Paint on canvas, fabric, glass and timber with ease and feel the same snapback on all surfaces. Soft feathery strokes can be achieved, rough scumbling, and if you want brush retention marks can be visible with the use of these brushes. Angle brushes are also great for painting clean, crisp curves and filling in corners as you can reach small areas with the tip easily. Angle Taklon paint brushes are very versatile as you can cover larger flat areas with the same ease. The advantages of using Taklon bristles over natural hair is its ability to create a soft smooth and even strokes. Taklon can’t hold a ‘belly’ of fluid in comparison to natural haired brushes which means brush strokes are more direct. Some artists believe that natural haired brushes are better than Taklon. But really when it comes down to it, it is all about the type of stroke you want to create. “I think artists have this opinion because Taklon is a lot cheaper than natural haired paintbrushes. They are also relatively new in the art supplies market when compared to traditional paintbrushes.” Artist Nicole Baker

With the wide range of marks, the angle head paintbrush can give you it is only fair to say it can assist with any painting genre. Abstracts, landscapes, portraits, seascapes, still life, realistic and impressionistic; Nothing cannot be accomplished. The limits of this paintbrush are endless.

If you are starting, are an intermediate painter or a professional angle Taklon brushes are an all-rounder style of brush. They are great to have in with your art supplies; If you have an angle brush with your paintbrushes, you are guaranteed to pick it up. The angle head shader by Warhol’s Wife is a high-quality, perfectly angled brush that won’t shed its hairs or misshapen if cared for correctly. Wash medium off this brush with warm soapy water or the Incredible brush cleaner by Chromacryl or the Brush and Hand cleaner by Art Spectrum.

The Warhol’s Wife angle head paintbrushes are designed by Australian artists Nicole Baker and Jessica Skye Baker.