Art Gift for you; Resin workshop including all artist materials

Are you looking for that one of a kind art gift? This all-inclusive resin workshop by Art Materials Australia is an excellent gift for someone who is starting out with the art of resin. Or, if they are a seasoned professional resin artist, they will love this kit too, as they never have enough supplies. Resin art is hard to stop when you start, and it quickly becomes an addictive passion.

This kit includes a 30 x 40-inch 76 x 101 cm Warhol’s Wife artist quality professional cotton stretched canvas. These canvases feature extra bracing made from solid pine, and they have been tripled gessoed with titanium white acrylic paint that is acid-free, archival and non-yellowing. These gallery grade canvases have no staples showing and can hang directly onto your wall.

Choose from a great range of acrylic paints for your background colour. You will have more than enough from the 100ml pouch to cover your canvas with excess left over to do some more projects. Please speak to one of our in-house artists to help you choose a colour palette. All our artists have years of experience, so if you are a beginner wanting to learn the art of resin, we can help you on your journey. 

After selecting your background colours, work with the artist to choose two complimentary Freaky Frida ink colours and one powdered pigment colour. Remember if you are just starting out but want to work with the colours in a room. Please send us some pictures of the space as we are more than happy to work with you and your masterpiece. 

Choosing the right colours are essential to achieving a piece of art that you are proud to hang in your space. It is also lovely to consider your surroundings when choosing to, as they will really set the vibe for the room you want to hang your art. 

Do you live near the ocean and are attracted to blues and turquoise? If so, these colours work beautifully in an ocean side house. Or do you live in an urban area or in a modern architecturally designed house? Do you enjoy the work of Australian abstract artist ‘Dale Frank‘? Then maybe oranges, reds and blacks are your vibes. If so, we can work with you to achieve a stand out artwork.    

Australian artist Jessica Baker

Australian artist Jessica Baker

Australian artist Dale Frank

Australian artist Dale Frank

If you are a beginner to resin art, working with one colour palette pretty much guarantees results, along with our professional guidance. If you are a seasoned resin artist, then this kit offers excellent value for money. If you are looking for an art gift, this online resin workshop kit is also great. When you are creative, getting new supplies is always exciting, even when you are older and have painted for a long time.   

Included in the online resin workshop set is the foam rollers you will need to complete your background, all the paints and inks for that explosion of colour and, of course, the final glass coat that makes it all happen. You will have more than enough Freaky Frida resin to cover this painting or for achieving layers. A two-litre box of glass resin generally covers a metre by a metre square. You will definitely have enough leftover even if you want to use it for some smaller projects. Think miniature canvases and jewellery. 

We have included a few essentials that you will need to complete your project – the heat gun and, of course, the video of Australian artist Jessica Baker. Jessica has sold countless works throughout Australia and internationally. This step by step video will show you all the tricks behind the art of resin. So that you too can create a show-stopping piece of art in the comfort of your home. Gain expert knowledge from a professional resin artist. Start by choosing your colour palette and work your way through this online video. In this art gift, you have all the tools from start to finish. Creating artwork with resin is very addictive, so don’t just expect to create one piece.   

Watching the pre-recorded resin art class means that this online workshop is very self-paced. Stop and start it as you work and watch it over and over again.

Give the gift of creativity with this value-packed online resin workshop. If you want to inspire that special creative person in your life, then this is the kit. With the art of resin, you do not need to know how to draw or paint. It is a very free-flowing medium and magically comes together with the proper guidance. It is perfect for the beginner and intermediate creative person who wants to try something fun and new. It is also a great kit if that special creative someone already knows the art of resin but wants to pick up a new technique or two. 

Australian artists design all the products in the Art Materials Australia online resin workshop; They speak quality and are very much appreciated and used by many professional artists Australia wide. The art gift resin online workshop all materials included is an art gift that any creative person will love for its quality. 

    Art gift for you; Online resin workshop includes:

  • Warhol’s Wife 30×40 inch canvas
  • Warhol’s Wife acrylic paint
  • Freaky Frida alcohol ink
  • Freaky Frida pigment
  • Pro Hart Swagger foam rollers
  • Freaky Frida 2 litre clear glass resin
  • Heat gun
  • Video of Australian artist Jessica Baker demonstrating her technique
  • Chat to an artist and select your colour palette to match your interior stylingResin workshop online with artist Jessica Baker