Artist Paintbrushes; Pro Hart Swagger is a company that is passionate about exceeding expectations in the art world. We began this journey of creating unique and high-quality supplies because we are artists ourselves and we are tired of drib drab paintbrushes that shed and fall apart.

We value superiority, style, and quality so we started by asking, “Why don’t we have painting accessories that not only look exceptional but are the most exceptional quality?” As modern artists, we love pop art and new age abstract culture, so we set out to create a paintbrush that is as designer as a pair of Gucci shoes. The Pro Hart Swagger Chunking brushes had to look good AND feel good so we made them with the most exquisite attention to detail. After all, results are everything.

After countless hours researching, testing, and playing with different brush handles, bristles, and brush heads, we finally created an acrylic, oil, and mixed media brush that screams style and quality!

The Pro Hart Swagger Chunking bristle brushes are designed to be used with contemporary and traditional painting techniques and a multitude of media.

These bristles are sourced from hogs raised in the Chinese city of Chungking and are considered to be the finest and most sought after in the world for their full, long flags. As the hair grows, the bristle splits into two or more tips called “flags.” Hair with deep flags have a high degree of durability, precision, and spring back. These brushes have outstanding bristle fullness that allow them to hold a large amount of paint. The natural curve of the hair is positioned inward toward the ferrule, maintaining a precise and tight brush shape that resists splaying and misshaping over time, even when used with harsh solvents.

These bristles are a superior quality to other hog hair brush brands and are less likely to shed, splay, or deteriorate. Feel the Pro Hart Swagger difference for yourself; these brushes are thick, durable, and luxurious!

These brushes have a long 25 cm timber handle and an even weight that ensures a perfectly comfortable hold and allows for greater control as you paint. The paint finish on the brush handle features a crackle texture in bright orange and salmon pink. Each handle is individually cracked and glazed in the sun, meaning each brush is as unique as a thumbprint. The beautiful designer handles have a heavy nickel-plated brass ferrule attached. You can be sure that these stunning features are unique to the Pro Hart Swagger brand and every brush we make is entirely different from the next.

The Pro Hart Swagger artist paintbrushes – interlocked hog bristle brushes come in a range of flat sizes:

No.20 features a 4.5 cm bristle length with hairs jam-packed to almost 5 cm wide.

No.18 is over 3 cm in hair length with a 3.5 cm wide ferrule.

No.12 is 3 cm in hair length and 2.5 cm wide.

No.10 is 2.5 cm in hair length and 2 cm wide.

No.8 is 2 cm in hair length and 1.5 cm wide.

No.6 is 1.8 cm in hair length and is 1.2 cm in diameter.

No.4 is 1.2 cm in hair length and 1 cm wide.

No.2 is .9 cm in length and .6 cm wide.

No.1 features .6 cm hair in length and .5 cm in width and is our most popular brush!

We are proud to say that these artist paintbrushes are designed by Australian artists who have an authentic passion for finding and curating the best art supplies. No matter what tools you choose to add to your creative supplies, your Pro Hart Swagger brushes are guaranteed to be your favourites!