Artists’ gifts in a box; Every artist needs a box of artist tools; As they say, “An artist is only as good as the tools they use.”

In this surprise box of tools, there is something for every painter.

The Paint Tube Wringer by Pro Hart Swagger

Never waste a drop of paint again with the Pro Hart Swagger paint tube wringer. Get more colour out of your tube, acrylic paints, oil, watercolour and gouache. Large tubes, small tubes, metal and plastic tubes will fit. The Pro Hart Swagger paint tube wringer reduces tube breakage, will keep contents soft and fresh and ultimately prevents waste. You will get up to one third more for your money from every tube when you use a paint wringer. Paint tube wringers are great for professional artists who buy artist quality series paints.

The Pro Hart Swagger paint tube wringer is made entirely from metal, and it is compact and sturdy; It also features a large metal winder that fits comfortably in your hand. The robust metal rollers are perfect for continuous, heavy studio use, no matter what your medium.

The disposable paper palette by Mona’s Smile

You can use this 9×12 inch paper palette with any paint: acrylic, gouache, oil and watercolour. You can also use it with wet mediums such as alkyds, caseins and egg tempera. Each sheet is perfect for holding and mixing paint on, and it won’t seep through to the next page because of its special coating. Paper palettes are easy to use and are also great for the environmentally conscious. Fold up the sheet of paper you have been working on and throw it in the bin. It is easy and super clean to use. For this reason, it is also great to use in classroom environments. It is very lightweight and transportable.

The 3pc Pro Hart Swagger Nylon Brush Set

This brush set includes a 1, 2, and 3-inch paintbrush. All three paintbrushes have short handles and flat, square heads; This Pro Hart Swagger set is an all-rounder. Perfect for acrylic, oil, watercolour and mediums. They are ideal for blocking in backgrounds, creating shade and feathering while painting. These brushes are also suitable for applying adhesive, great for gluing and varnishing with: bookbinding and decoupage artwork. Varnishing is a breeze with these paintbrushes too. Create a beautiful luxurious finish to your artwork, apply water-based and turps based varnishes with ease. The Pro Hart Swagger nylon bristles give them excellent retention capabilities, and they will leave little to no hairline brush marks. Creating a nice even finish.

Warhol’s Wife Palette Knife

Palette knives are an all-rounder art tool. Every professional artist has one or two in their studio. The Warhol’s Wife palette knife features a high quality, lacquered timber handle that is shaped to fit perfectly into your hand. There is a nice long crank between the handle and the blade, allowing easy application of mediums. The steel blades are flexible and soft. They are great for mixing paint and mediums. They are also handy to use with impasto to create depth, height and texture in your artwork. Palette knives are excellent for creative hobbyists too. You can use them with clays and other soft sculpting materials.

Mona’s Smile Gold Leaf Sheets

Gold metal leaf sheets are imitation gold made from a combination of zinc, brass, and copper. You can use it for many art and craft activities. It can be applied over paint, directly onto a canvas, paper, timber; You name it, you can use it. Gold leaf sheets will adhere to two- and three-dimensional objects with ease. Gold leaf is a fun way to bring elegance, layers and textures to your design; Truly, the effects achievable with gold leaf are limited by your imagination.

Artists’ gifts in a box for the beginner and professional

Without creativeness, there would be no works of art. Let the creative person in your life explore this great artist box of goodies; This is an excellent gift for the artist in your life. It is an all-rounder that can work with a wide variety of mediums. It has been put together for those who have mastered various artistic disciplines and those who have just started their creative journey.

If you are a creative person, there is nothing better than new art supplies. Even if you have been buying them for years, there is something cool for everyone in this little box.

Every true artist and hobbyist knows the value of good quality art tools. If you are a painter, you will love this kit, paper crafter or sculpture artist you will also love it.

What you get in your artists’ gifts box

Grab your Art Materials Australia artists’ gifts in a box; The Pro Hart Swagger paint tube wringer is a handy studio tool that will save you money -guaranteed to give you more paint. It is also a very robust tool. With the proper care, it should last you a very long time, even with constant use. The Mona’s Smile disposable paint palette is another all-rounder art supply. If you are painting on canvas, paper, anything actually a palette never goes astray. The set of three paintbrushes; A one, two and three-inch flat brush, can always be put to good use whether you are painting or varnishing. The Warhol’s Wife palette knife is another all-rounder art supply that you can use to manipulate painting mediums, clay and much more. The final art supply in this box is some added fun. You can use gold leaf on any surface and add a bit of pizazz to your next art and craft project.