This range of Artvalli canvases is ready for you to get down to business with. Art business that is. We all know perfectionism is overrated. What you need to improve your art or craft is to simply make lots of art. Be prolific. Paint every day. Paint whenever you get a spare moment. If that first canvas did not meet your vision, grab another one and start again. Try some different colours. Experiment with new techniques. With this attitude, you will be progressing in leaps and bounds. The only way to learn from your mistakes is to make them. Yes, we know the cost of art materials can add up quickly. Fear not. If you need to keep your budget in check despite your newfound productivity, Artvalli Thick Profile Edge Canvases are made for you.


This is an outstanding budget range of canvases. They have been created specifically with students and beginners in mind. You will find that Artvalli Thick Profile Edge Canvases are still a very good quality canvas. They are economical and yet made with a 380gsm (7 oz) canvas. The canvas is acid-free and non-yellowing. Triple primed you ask? Yes, absolutely. Each canvas has three coats of gesso on 100% cotton duck fabric. The stretcher bars are made from quality pine. They are definitely sturdier than you might expect. Most budget line canvases use only a very light craft timber. These do not. Take a look at the profile edge of these canvases and you will find a clean staple free edge which is approximately 30mm deep. This gives students and beginners the feeling of working on an artist style canvas. Minus the expense, that is. And, should a few of your pieces along your learning curve turn out as stunners, you can show them off proudly. Are you planning a large scale detailed work? These canvases are perfect for doing a series of small studies. Get your techniques down. Experiment with some colour variations, or new mediums before you tackle a huge new canvas.


There is a huge number of different sizes in this range. Select from small 6×6 inch canvases, all the way up to large 48×71 inch ones.  This range runs standard in art canvas sizes. You will be sure to find one in whatever dimensions you need to suit your project. Feel free to explore any medium which takes your fancy. These canvases are suitable for acrylic and oil paint. Actually, you can create on these almost any kind of mixed media work you can conjure in your imagination.


So maybe it isn’t you who is the industrious beginner. Instead, you are in charge of a classroom full of them. You are planning to impart your hopefuls with a passion for art and inspire them on the path to creative glory. And, you need to supply them with materials. This Artvalli canvas range is the go-to for many teachers. It is perfect for fulfilling your school supplies needs.


Price doesn’t always reflect quality. Honestly, take our advice when we say: let go of the perfectionism. Create, create, create.


For ordering in bulk, Artvalli is one of the very best ranges there is. Contact an Art Materials Australia representative to get a quote on box lots at wholesale prices with purchase orders. There is also a thin profile edge range of Artvallli canvases if you are hunting for something even more economical. If you have been on the hunt for art classes and workshops to inspire your creativity then check out