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Artvalli Thick Profile Edge Canvases

This range of Artvalli canvases is ready for you to get down to business with. Art business that is. We all know perfectionism is overrated. What you need to improve your art or craft is to simply make lots of art. Be prolific. Paint every day. Paint whenever you get a spare moment. If that first canvas did not meet your vision, grab another one and start again. Try some different colours. Experiment with new techniques. With this attitude, you will be progressing in leaps and bounds. The only way to learn from your mistakes is to make them. Yes, we know the cost of art materials can add up quickly. Fear not. If you need to keep your budget in check despite your newfound productivity, Artvalli Thick Profile Edge Canvases are made for you.

Budget-conscious artists will love Artvalli

This is an outstanding budget range of canvases. They have been created specifically with students and beginners in mind. You will find that Artvalli Thick Profile Edge Canvases are still a very good quality canvas. They are economical and yet made with a 380gsm (7 oz) canvas. The canvas is acid-free and non-yellowing. Triple primed you ask? Yes, absolutely. Each canvas has three coats of gesso on 100% cotton duck fabric. The stretcher bars are made from quality pine. They are definitely sturdier than you might expect. Most budget line canvases use only a very light craft timber. These do not. Take a look at the profile edge of these canvases and you will find a clean staple free edge which is approximately 30mm deep. This gives students and beginners the feeling of working on an artist style canvas. Minus the expense, that is. And, should a few of your pieces along your learning curve turn out as stunners, you can show them off proudly. Are you planning a large scale detailed work? These canvases are perfect for doing a series of small studies. Get your techniques down. Experiment with some colour variations, or new mediums before you tackle a huge new canvas.

Impressive range of sizes available

There is a huge number of different sizes in this range. Select from small 6x6 inch canvases, all the way up to large 48x71 inch ones.  This range runs standard in art canvas sizes. You will be sure to find one in whatever dimensions you need to suit your project. Feel free to explore any medium which takes your fancy. These canvases are suitable for acrylic and oil paint. Actually, you can create on these almost any kind of mixed media work you can conjure in your imagination.

Teachers & Educators, we have you covered

So maybe it isn’t you who is the industrious beginner. Instead, you are in charge of a classroom full of them. You are planning to impart your hopefuls with a passion for art and inspire them on the path to creative glory. And, you need to supply them with materials. This Artvalli canvas range is the go-to for many teachers. It is perfect for fulfilling your school supplies needs.

What we love about this range

Price doesn’t always reflect quality. Honestly, take our advice when we say: let go of the perfectionism. Create, create, create.

Order in Bulk

For ordering in bulk, Artvalli is one of the very best ranges there is. Contact an Art Materials Australia representative to get a quote on box lots at wholesale prices with purchase orders. There is also a thin profile edge range of Artvallli canvases if you are hunting for something even more economical. If you have been on the hunt for art classes and workshops to inspire your creativity then check out

Pro Hart Swagger 1" 2" & 3" Flat Paintbrushes

The Pro Hart Swagger 1" 2" and 3" white nylon flat paintbrushes are a set of brushes that have endless possibilities. Use them with acrylic paints, oil or watercolours, with glue, ink, sealers, stains and varnishes.

The soft feathery feel of these brush heads will give you a stroke-free look when blocking out areas on canvas or a large sheet of paper. If varnishing minimal brush strokes will be seen on flat and dimensional objects. With light hand pressure and a flick of the wrist, the Pro Hart Swagger paintbrushes will give excellent even feathery coverage on any surface with just about any medium.

The flat edges of the nylon brushes will continue to hold a sharp edge after many uses even with harsh spirit-based mediums. The nylon bristles also sometimes referred to as taklon have enough flex in them to effortlessly cover flat and three-dimensional objects.

Pro Hart Swagger Flat Brush Set Sizes

The Pro hart Swagger flat paintbrush set feature short flat timber handles that can be easily worked as they fit snuggly in the palm of your hand. Sizes of brush heads included in the pack are 1 inch - 2.54cm, 2 inch - 5.08cm and 3 inch - 7.62cm. For artists, designers and hobbyists who need to fit the Pro Hart Swagger paintbrushes into a travel box or case. The one-inch brush features a 12.2cm handle, the two-inch 12.7cm and the three-inch 13.7cm. Each brush handle features the signature crackle finish that the Pro Hart paintbrush range is renowned. The brushes are held together with a solid brass ferrule and have two small pop rivets to hold the brush hairs and handle in place securely. Hair loss on these paintbrushes is very rare even after constant use.

What Can You Paint with the Pro Hart Swagger 1" 2" & 3" Flat Paintbrushes

Easily make broad, thick, sweeping strokes in your artwork using the Pro Hart Swagger flat brushes. They are great for painting in horizon lines on large scale works in acrylic or oil or blocking out areas in an abstract piece. Create quick textured strokes by applying an even and firm hand to your work or use light pressure to feather out areas. Washes and blooms can be achieved with the brushes on large 300gsm plus boards and papers as the nylon hairs can be saturated with water.

Broad sweeping strokes with acrylic and oils can be applied to your working surface with little effort as the nylon brushes can be loaded up with chunky mediums very quickly. Dyes, solvents or thinner mediums such as isopropyl or turpentine can be neatly applied to surfaces as they will not absorb into the nylon brush fibres. Three-dimensional work can be painted on quickly with the natural flex of the nylon brush hairs. The Pro Hart Swagger flat brushes are also ideal for gesso application onto any working surface.

Clean the white nylon fibers of the paintbrushes with warm soapy water, the incredible brush cleaner is an excellent alternative to dish soap and make sure you get right up into the ferrule area to ensure the longevity of your Pro Hart brushes.

The Pro Hart Swagger 1" 2" & 3" flat nylon paint brushes are essential art supplies for Australian artists Nicole Baker and Jessica Skye Baker. With decades of fine art knowledge, these two artists have developed a range specifically for Art Materials Australia and use many of the product lines themselves in their work.

Warhol’s Wife Detail Paint Brushes to Boot

If you have been looking for a decent set of detail brushes you have hit your mark. You cannot go past this set, which gives you a range of sizes that are perfect for fine paint work. They also get called small or miniature brushes.

This is a super versatile set of nylon paint brushes. Use them with acrylic, oil, watercolour and gouache paints, inks, glues and any other type of media. They are even ideal for pottery glazes.

You are going to find this set of detail paint brushes indispensable.

In this 12 piece set you will find a mix of liner brushes, round brushes and flat brushes. You can select from brushes in the tiny sizes of 1, 0, 00, 000 and 0000.

Use the flat detail brushes for filling small blocks of colour or creating a wider smooth detail line. These have short bristles with a small rectangular head. The round brushes give maximum control over your strokes and hold a good amount of media.

For the finest of lines you could ever need, select one of the liner brushes. The long bristles come to a very fine point, and you can paint in the most intricate details and highlights. Liner brushes are a good choice to add some lettering onto your stationery. Use them when you need to go even finer than a round brush, or paint some longer, continuous lines. Or, sign your name.

Botanical artists and illustrators are going to adore this set. The finest, wispy hairs on a stem, or delicate veins on a leaf can be painted with meticulous precision. The 0000 round brush is up to the job.

Alternatively, grab the 0000 liner brush and you are set to lay down some hairline strokes. Create a linear pattern for a contemporary abstract. Or, perhaps paint in the background wallpaper in a portrait.

Board gamers you are going to get some serious use out of this set. They are perfect for painting up all your miniature figurines and creating fabulous gaming scenes. These are definitely the brushes you need to get into all the tiny nooks of your miniatures. And, paint neat facial features or believable material textures. Create characters which are unique and micro-detailed, whilst still looking clean and crisp.

The Warhol’s Wife detail paint brushes are pretty much any hobbyists dream. Perfect for painting dolls, action figures, model cars, airplanes or ships. The list is endless.

Model makers regularly select the Warhol’s Wife detail paint brushes. Architects, urban and landscape designers find them perfect for adding custom finished details to their models.

Professional sign writers and graphic designers also choose these brushes for their precision and quality.

Are you a perfectionist who loves immersing yourself in creativity for hours on end? Crafters and colouring book enthusiasts will find extra satisfaction getting every element just right with this range of detail brushes to select from.

Face painters who love fine designs will find this set incredibly useful. Get those tiny intricate patterns and swirls just how you imagine them. The nylons bristles also make these an excellent addition to the kit of nail artists.

Once you are finished your painting, cleaning these brushes is easy. Remove excess paint with a cloth or paper towel, then wash them up with a cleaner and some warm soapy water. Shape them back into their points and lay them down horizontally to dry.

Each brush has a short polished wooden handle. They fit comfortably in your hand, allowing you to create with ease. You can be confident that the solid metal ferrule will keep the bristles neatly in place.

This is a quality brush set used by professional artists, along with beginners, hobbyists and creatives at any point in their artistic journey.

12 piece set of detail paint brushes

Nylon bristles
Wooden handles
2 flat brushes, sizes: 1 and 0
5 liner brushes, sizes: 1, 0, 00, 000 and 0000

Starry Night Art Satchel by Van Gogh's Ear

We are Passionate about Quality Art Supplies and Unique Style

The Starry Night by Van Gogh’s Ear is a custom-designed boutique art supply satchel designed by Australian artists Jessica Skye Baker and Nicole Baker @bakercollection.

Embrace your Individuality and LOVE of all things Unique and Beautiful

The Starry Night by Van Gogh’s Ear is the hottest art supply satchel going around. It is an excellent gift for the professional artist in your life or for anyone who likes organisation. This gorgeous art supply bag is perfect for a watercolourist or urban sketcher. It will easily fit art accessories, paintbrushes, paints, pencils, and a5 pad and any other small art supplies.

The Starry Night art satchel features ten leather loops for small, medium and large short handle paintbrushes, markers, pencils and drawing accessories. Dip and cartridge calligraphy pens will also work beautifully in this bag. This unique art satchel will also snugly fit an a5 drawing or watercolour pad. There are two hidden zipped compartments in the art supplies satchel one sits asymmetrically at the front of the bag, and the other is sewn in at the top.

The Starry Night art supply satchel is a keepsake bag, something special that can be handed down from generation to generation. They are crafted from soft, slouchy leather in tan, black, Australian bush green, apostle blue, burnt orange and unique cowhides each one of the Starry Night bags are individually cut and created. The inside of the art bag and the loops match the same soft leather as the outside. Inside the hidden pouches, you will find luxurious linen lining. The wrap around asymmetrical design features a hidden magnetic clasp that securely holds all your art supplies in place. On the outside of the bag, you will find two brass hooks firmly sewn into the leather with these you can attach or detach a long thin strap that allows you to carry the art supplies satchel over your cross shoulder. A smaller loop strap also comes with the Starry Night bag that re-attaches, this is perfect if you want to secure the art satchel around your wrist. At the front of the all in one carrier, the van Gogh's Ear signature is embossed onto the leather surface. 

Find Yourself an Unmissable Style with the Van Gogh’s Ear Collection of Art Satchels

This handy carry all is an inspiration within itself, no need to repack, unpack or carry around heavy timber boxes or fishing tackle cases when it comes to your art supplies. Just pick up the Starry Night art satchel and go. Stylishly designed and made out of the finest materials. This is a piece that will be envied where ever you take it a café, plein air, studio or an art class. The Starry Night satchel is incredibly practical and extremely stylish to complement and look.       

The Starry Night art supply satchel measures 29cm in width and 18cm in height when closed. When open and lying flat, the art satchel measures 36cm in width. The top hidden pocket is 15cm deep and 23cm wide, and the front pocket compartment is 24cm wide and 14cm deep.  

Enjoy the characteristics of this elegant art satchel. No two Van Gogh Ear art bags, brush holders, pencil holders, wraps or art satchels are the same. They are unique.           

Starry Night in Black Leather & Linen Art Satchel with LatteStarry Night Art Satchel in Black Leather & Linen

Starry Night in Black Leather & Linen Art SatchelWarhol's Wife Staple Free Stretched Canvases

Warhol's Wife Stretched CanvasesFreaky Frida Canvas Pliers's Wife Angle Head Taklon Paintbrushes

Warhol's Wife Angle Head Taklon PaintbrushesThe Warhol’s Wife 2 inch 50mm brayer

Are you looking for a high-end hard rubber roller? There is no need to look past this tough and well-designed brayer.

This roller has been designed by artists for artists. So, you can be sure it is a top quality and practical tool.

The total length of the roller is 160mm/16cm. The rubber roller is 30mm/3cm in diameter.

You will find it ergonomic and comfortable to use. This is a nice strong roller, and you will be able to apply a good pressure without straining. The solid handle is in our signature blue.

Don’t be worried about getting ink or paint everywhere. This nifty handle is shaped to double as a stand. That makes it easy to keep your work space clean. Simply turn the roller over and place it down on your work surface. No messy media is going to get anywhere you don’t want.

You can see that the roller is held securely in place with sturdy steel fixtures. This prevents wobbling or warping. Look after this roller and it is going to last a long time.

The Warhol’s Wife 2inch hard rubber roller is the perfect all-round printmaking tool. It will glide smoothly over a variety of surfaces. You are going to get a nice even coverage every time.

It is great for lino blocks, rubber blocks, wooden plates, acetate, dry point etching and more. No matter your printing method, this roller is a must-have in your kit.

It can be used for inking your blocks or carved surfaces, or for rolling over the paper to ensure good contact with the block.

There are also many creative uses for this roller, beyond printmaking. Use it for gluing, for book binding, dry mounting and paper craft. 

This hard rubber roller is suitable for both water-based and oil media. It will spread anything from adhesives to paints and inks.

Consider using this brayer for your stamping projects. Block printing with stamps is a fabulous process you can do to decorate fabrics or clothing, make wrapping paper, or create unique stationery.

Kids will also love to use this roller. It is perfect for inking potato or vegetable stamps for a fun crafting afternoon.

Clean up by simply washing the Warhol’s Wife 2inch brayer with warm soapy water and wiping clean after use. The hole in the handle allows you to hang the roller up for easy storage.

Woodworkers will find the Warhol’s Wife 2inch hard rubber roller surprisingly useful. A roller might not be the first tool you think to reach for when gluing your timbers. However, it is a marvellous tool for the job.

The hard rubber roller will effortlessly lay down a thin, even film of glue onto your surfaces. It makes your gluing process clean and simple. The rubber roller does not absorb the glue, so you aren’t going to have much waste glue either. This roller works well with any PVA woodworking glue.

Do you work with vinyl? This roller is indispensable for getting all those pesky bubbles out. You can use it for adhering vinyl decals and adhesive vinyl sheets to flat surfaces. A no fuss way to get a super neat finish all the way to the edges. Use the roller with firm even strokes to smooth the vinyl out from centre to edge.

The Warhol’s Wife 2inch hard rubber roller is economically priced. Use it in the studio, in the workshop or in the classroom. It is a high-quality durable tool for beginner, intermediate and professional creators.

This roller is an excellent addition to your art tools. It has so many uses you will be glad you have it on hand.

The Details:

Hard rubber roller

Width of roller: 50mm/5cm

Total length: 160mm/16cm

Diameter of roller: 30mm/3cm 250gm

Sumi Ink

Sumi ink has been used for thousands of years in traditional Chinese and Japanese calligraphy. Beautiful traditional ink paintings are also created with it.

It is a lovely ink which can be used on a wide variety of papers. Japanese rice paper, Awagami papers, watercolour paper and Yupo paper all bring great results.

Sumi ink is known for its wonderful deep matte black finish. This liquid Sumi ink flows smoothly and can be used with many different inking tools.

If you want to explore traditional calligraphy techniques, then get hold of some calligraphy brushes. You can also use other tools such as bamboo calligraphy pens, fluid paint brushes, natural sable haired watercolour paint brushes or traditional dip pens.

Sumi ink can be used on its own to create stunning monochromatic pieces with rich dark blacks through to pale grey washes. It is also excellent to use in combination with other media.

This dense velvety opaque ink will effectively cover acrylic inks, shellacs inks or watercolours with ease. Make your artwork really come together and pop with some fine black line work to set off and define the details. Or, give it real punch by adding large blocks of solid black, or even some splatters and drips.

Straight from the bottle, this Sumi ink will give you the dense, rich black this style of ink is prized for. Diluted with water, you can create a full range of grey tones as you require. Tones can be achieved by using diluted mixes of ink and water. Laying watered down Sumi ink onto a piece of quality 300gsm paper can achieve a wonderful flowing effect.

You can also work with blending the ink and water directly on the paper to allow a more organic interplay of tones. Working in this way you can combine Sumi ink effortlessly with watercolours. Contrast this with intense crisp outlines or silhouetted shapes using fine brushstrokes or a dip pen.
Urban sketchers or traditional comic sketchers, Sumi works great with traditional calligraphy pens. With this ink you can easily create quick dynamic sketches on the go. Crosshatching, fine lines, stippling or patterns all look stunning in black Sumi ink.

This ink was simply made for indulging in some fine writing. Experience the pleasure of using a dip pen and traditional parchment paper. Take your time and use it with some practice blotting paper to begin with. Calligraphy brushes can also be used to explore more traditional forms.

In the traditional Asian styles one initially learns the basic strokes through calligraphy. This is not a fast process, and precision and care must be balanced with lightness and flow. Only after some mastery does one move on to the painting of plants and flowers, then animals, landscapes and people.

The goal in this traditional style of ink painting is to depict the spirit of the subject, instead of merely the physical characteristics.

There is a real art to this. It is as much about self-discipline as it is about the pieces which are created. When you have some nice pieces take them to the next level by finishing them with a traditional coloured wax seal.

Once completely dry – give it a full 24 hours. You typically won’t need any sealant over the top and you can leave its lovely velvety matte quality showing. The results you get can get depend on the paper you use, so do some testing if you need.

There really are no limits to the possibilities for Sumi ink. It is a fantastic medium which you will fall in love with. Draw with it, paint with it, write with it. Own it and bring your creative visions to life

Sumi Ink in use in the Studio with artist Nicole Baker

Sumi Ink in use in the Artworx studio by Australian artist Nicole Baker

The Night Cafe Art Supplies Bag by Van Gogh’s Ear  

Do you have a Van Gogh, Pro Hart, Warhol, or Frida in your life? We are telling you now that your favourite creative person will love this keepsake art supplies bag. Whatever their medium, the Night Café art supplies bag is convenient and will spark their inspiration to get their artistic license flowing.

The Night Café art supplies bag is one of a kind designed by Australian artists Jessica Skye Baker and Nicole Baker @bakercollection   

Night Café Art Supplies Bag what an Indulgence

The Night Café by Van Gogh's Ear accessory is a complete sensory indulgence, so handle it with flair. On the first touch, you will love the soft leather and inner linen lining that this bespoke artist bag is made. Each piece of leather has been hand-cut to create this original masterpiece.

Perfect for Artists who want to get out of the Studio and Into the Light

The Night Café art bag is the most comfortable and luxurious carry all art supplies bag. It has ample storage for accessories such as pencils, erasers, A4 or A5 sketchbooks, paintbrushes and paints.

This unique bag zips all the way around and opens up so that it lays flat which is excellent if you have limited studio space, are out plein air painting or going to your next art class or workshop; This is a bag that will be envied in any environment, a one of a kind.

The Night Café art bag features a removable pencil case and has a hidden front side pocket for extra art supplies you wish to carry. The inside of the bag provides 39 leather loops that will hold a range of small, medium and large paintbrushes. Brushes with short and long handles will both fit into this stylish art bag. The centre of the Night Café bag is held together with an elegant hidden magnetic strip that will securely hold your art supplies in place.  

On the Hunt for that Special Gift for a Professional Artist?

Gifts for professional artists are hard to find, and this is the perfect gift for creators who have everything. It is a keepsake and a generational hand me down; As we all know the creative gene generally runs through family lines. 

When not in use The Night Café Bag can easily hang over an easel or on a hook in a studio space. It can be geared to be ready when you are. Carry this bespoke piece on your shoulder as you would an everyday bag.

A True Collectors Item

The Night Café art supplies bags by Van Gogh’s Ear are handmade and are available in tan, all black and natural cowhides. In the bottom left-hand corner on the front of the bag, you will find the Van Gogh's Ear signature embossed in a leather finish. The soft leather that these original bags are made from is a natural product and colour and texture can vary from one piece to another. Leather or hides might be slightly darker or lighter than one in the display image. Double leather handles make this bag a convenient shoulder bag for everyday wear.

Acrylic painters, oil, watercolourists and urban sketches will find many uses for the Night Café art bag. It will hold the art supplies for many creative genres from botanical artists who carry small watercolour tubes or pans to abstract painters who use 250ml pots.

The dimensions of the Night Café bag when closed is 32cm in width and 51cm in height. When the bag is completely open, it measures 64cm x 51cm. The removable leather pencil case measures 20 x 10cm and the hidden pocket 16x16cm.

The Night Café art supplies bag by Van Gogh’s Ear will have you standing out from the crowd. This medium size art bag is as beautiful as it is practical. The elegantly curved shape opens to reveal a large interior, while the body is soft to create a slouchy effect.

Out and About The Night Cafe Art Bag in Black

The Night Cafe Art Bag & Pencil Wrap in Black

Spotted the Night Cafe Art Bag & Sunflower Pencil Wrap in Leather

Warhol’s Wife Detail Paint Brushes

The Warhol’s Wife detail paint brushes set is an amazing collection of detail brushes, also referred to as small or miniature paintbrushes, that are designed for use with a tremendou amount of mediums. These include acrylic, oil, watercolour, and gouache paints, inks, glues, and even pottery glazes! No matter what type of artwork you are creating, the rich variety of this set ensures you will always have the right brush at your fingertips.

The Warhol’s Wife detail paint brushes are an ideal set for beginning artists and professionals alike. They are very popular tools for model makers, architects, and creators who love painting miniature gaming figurines because they allow you to make the finest and tiniest marks. These brushes are also a favourite amongst professional sign writers and graphic designers who need to draw the most precise lines with ease.

This 12-pack set of nylon detail brushes includes 12 brushes with liner, round, and flat brush head shapes ranging in sizes 1, 0, 00, 000, and 0000.

You will receive a no.1 flat, no.0 flat, no.1 linear, no.0 linear, no.00 liner, no.000 liner, no.0000 liner, no.1 round, no.0 round, no.00 round, no.000 round, and a no.0000 round in this collection.

Use your flat brushes to make wider strokes when you want more paint coverage but a wash brush is too large. These flat brushes give you excellent coverage while also providing you with more control than a wash brush.

The round brushes in this set will give you maximum control for different details in your acrylic painting. Give the 0000 sized round brush a try by painting in delicate and intricate lines of tree leaves in a watercolour painting. The round brushes are typically used for adding details when you need full control of the size and flow of the paint.

The liner brushes have very thin, long bristles. They are best used for the superfine details in your artwork that the round brush is too thick for. Try creating long linear patterns in a contemporary abstract painting with the 0000 sized liner paintbrush. Because the brush tips on these are very small, the liner brushes are ideal for writing out letters and words, like signing your painting! You can also use ink with liner brushes, making them a fun and economical alternative to pens.

The Warhol’s Wife paint brushes feature short, polished, wooden handles that fit comfortably in your hand, providing you with excellent, even balance so that you have full control over your motions as you create with them. The nylon bristles are held firmly in place with a solid metal ferrule, ensuring the brush head will not shed or wear.

Cleaning these brushes is also a breeze. Easily wash the nylon paint brushes with warm, soapy water, gently dab excess water, and shape them back to their points. Let them dry flat on a cloth or paper towel. To preserve their shape and tips, do not store them upside down on their bristles.

This is the most essential set of paintbrushes for any artist or crafter to have in their art supply kit! The applications are truly endless and the quality and price are unbeatable!

Large Painting 2x2m on Workshop Easels by Van Goghs EarThe Workshop Easel by Van Gogh’s Ear Woodshed

The Workshop Easel by Van Gogh’s Ear Woodshed is a true testament to what quality art supplies and tools can do for the classical studio artist.

History of the Artist Easel

Record of one of the first easels ever used in history was chronicled by Pliny the Elder in the first century CE. His book, Natural History, is said to contain nearly all of the ancient knowledge about the world that preceded him, down to last artist’s detail.

The Easel Today

Today, our Workshop Easel celebrates the ingenuity and quality of the first easels ever created and serves as a true inspiration for creatives of all ages who enjoy working wih traditional mediums.

The shape of our Workshop Easel is commonly referred to as an ‘A’ frame easel because it looks like an uppercase letter ‘A.’ It has many uses as it’s both functionally convenient and adds dynamic visual appeal as a home décor accessory. It’s the most popular choice for holding signage at exhibitions, displaying artwork events, galleries, and weddings, and of course, holding a fresh blank canvas steadily and comfortably so you can create your very own masterpiece.

The Workshop Easel by Van Gogh’s Ear Woodshed holds a standard 3.8cm thick stretched canvas as well as a 1.9cm stretched thin frame canvas and is sturdy enough to hold a large drawing board. It will hold anything up to 5cm in thickness.

The head of the easel can be adjusted or removed to hold large artwork or signage; up to 2 meters (or 200 cm) with ease. The adjustable front holder, the “lip” that holds the working surface steadily in place, can be moved up and down on the metal ratchet. This gives you the option of 11 different positions, allowing you to easily change it up so you can display artwork or signage at an assortment of heights. You can also angle the back leg of the easel at various degrees for secure working positions.

The Workshop Easel by Van Gogh’s Ear Woodshed is an easel that will withstand time even in highly trafficked areas and with consistent classroom and studio use. It is our most popular choice of easel for beginners, intermediate, and advanced creators. Although it’s most commonly used when working with acrylic and oil paintings, it’s also an excellent easel for large sketching work with charcoal and pastel as it will effortlessly hold a drawing board with clips and large sheets of Bulky Newspaper.

You may work with the Workshop Easel by Van Gogh’s Ear Woodshed by standing or sitting, whatever is most comfortable for you. It’s a wonderful staple for artists of every age whether you love to draw, paint, or sketch, and it will surely last many years to come.

Warhol's Wife Squirrel Watercolour PaintbrushesSquirrel Hair Watercolour Paintbrushes by Warhol's Wife

Stencil Paintbrushes by Pro Hart SwaggerStencil Brushes by Pro Hart Swagger

6 Piece Paper Blending Stumps by Pro Hart Swagger

Paper blending stumps are also sometimes referred to as tortillons. These are a super handy and popular art tool made from a roll of soft compressed paper, sharpened to a point at both ends.

You will find them great to use with a variety of dry mediums, such as chalk, pastels, compressed and willow charcoal, conté crayons, graphite and soft pastels. Basically, any media you can smudge.

These nifty paper stumps let you manipulate your media in new subtle and varying ways. You will find them indispensable for free form drawing, as well as more structured and controlled styles.

This set of six paper blending stumps offers you a range of thicknesses. Different diameters allow you to work at different levels of detail.

Take the smallest diameter paper stump and you can concentrate on the duct of an eye in a portrait. Blend larger areas like hair with broader sweeps by using the large paper stump.

Paper stumps are amazing tools which can be used with a great deal of subtlety and finesse. You will find that the angle and pressure you employ, plus choice of media, plays a significant role in the results you achieve.

Try using the side of the stump rather than only the tip. Different stroke movements will also produce different qualities and textures.

Here’s some techniques to get you thinking and experimenting.

Blending. You can blend a single colour to easily create a broad range of tones. Working with two, three or more adjacent colours can produce stunning results. Blend red, yellow and orange into a mesmerising sunset. Or, lay down some rich and vibrant blues, then blend to create depth and add subtle colour gradations in a seascape illustration.

Smudging. Drag the stump across some colour areas to pull the colour from one into the other. Some small circular movements could produce the perfect pattern for some fluffy clouds or the fuzzy skin of a peach.

Blending stumps are superb at letting you make really dark and really light values.

Soft shading. If you are using something like charcoal or graphite, sometimes drawing directly onto the paper will not produce a soft enough stroke. Instead, draw a dense patch of your media on a scrap piece of paper. Pick up some of the media onto your blending stump and then use the stump to draw. If necessary remove any excess media from the stump, and use very light strokes. Beautiful soft shading can be built up this way.

Intense dark shadows. For the darkest areas of a drawing a blending stump can be used to properly work the media into the paper surface. This will eliminate the fine light dots which occur naturally due to the uneven surface texture of most papers. Thus you will create a darker, more intense shadow area. 

For the best results you will need to keep the tip of your paper stumps fairly clean. This will keep your colours clear and crisp, rather than muddied and smeared looking. A piece of kneadable eraser is excellent for a quick clean-up of the stump.

When the paper stump becomes dull or too dirty from use you will know it is time to sharpen it again. This is very easy to do. Grab a stainless steel sharpener or a sanding block to create a fresh clean tip for use. A piece of sandpaper or an emery board will also work. For a nice point, it is best to sharpen with strokes only in the direction of the point.

In this way, these paper stumps can be re-used many times over.

Each paper stump is about 15cm in length. They are comfortable and simple to handle and use. And, also a good size for throwing quickly into a pencil case or art box along with your other materials. Just don’t throw them in with anything that will rub colour onto them.

Pro Hart Blending Stumps the Finer Details

6 paper blending stumps

15cm length

Various diameters

1" Pro Hart Swagger Long Handle PaintbruhPro Hart Swagger 1ʺ Hog Hair Paintbrush

You are looking at one robust paintbrush here.

Use it with whatever medium you desire. You are going to find it a brilliant paintbrush for acrylics and oils, as well as ink, mixed media, or watercolours.

Step back and enjoy being able to create with a bit of distance between you and your canvas. The long sturdy handle of the Pro Hart Swagger 1ʺ Hog Hair Paintbrush means you can work from a good 30cm away. Take in the broader perspective on your piece as you add some large strokes.

There is a nice flat 2.5cm wide head on the Pro Hart Swagger 1ʺ Hog Hair Paintbrush. The bristles are 3cm long and the depth of hair is 5mm. That is a full head of hair on this brush.

You might have noticed there is no ferrule on these paint brushes. The extra strength hog hair bristles are glued directly into the timber handle. There won’t be any rusting or tarnishing to worry about here. Also, it is simpler to clean and look after.

To maintain this brush in good condition just clean it up in warm soapy water. You will find you rarely lose a bristle. And, there will be no problem to keep using this paintbrush for a long time.

This paint brush can take a beating. It has been described as bashful, but strong.

Get your palette ready. You will find this brush is marvellous for laying down big sweeps of background colour to tone your canvas. Or, you can simply load the brush up and work one colour quickly and smoothly with ease. The Pro Hart Swagger 1ʺ Hog hair paintbrush is also ideal to do your rough-ins or lay down initial blocks of colour for your underpainting. It works great for this. Whether you are using oils, acrylics or watercolours.

Pop in your horizon line and your foreground foliage. Layout the framework for a large sweeping abstract. Draw in the proportions, angles and placement of your figure and the chair they are draped over, in your interior scene.

You are going to be able to make some nice painterly marks with this brush. Get a nice texture in your strokes. Some roughness when you want it.

The bristles on this brush are wonderfully strong and flexible. The 3cm length means they are going to flex well and bounce back to shape easily. They certainly have a bit of spring, which gives a lovely feel to push against as you press the brush onto your paper or canvas. Perfect bold and confident strokes can be achieved.

Best of all, this brush can’t easily be bent out of shape. Like to use a heavy hand? These hog hair bristles can take the pressure. And, will still pop back into shape.

Don’t stop at just painting with this brush. The Pro Hart Swagger 1ʺ Hog Hair Paintbrush is definitely an all-rounder.

You will find it an ideal, hardy brush for gluing or varnishing. Turpentine or water based varnishes can both be used with ease.

Bookbinders are going to find this brush an excellent studio staple. It is perfect for gluing papers and boxboard with PVA, or other preference bookbinding adhesive.

Like all of the Pro Hart Swagger range, this paintbrush has been designed by artists. Professional artists who use these brushes. Who have abused these brushes. And, who demand top performance from their materials. You can be assured this brush is going to perform well and do what we say.

You can also get your hands on a larger 2 inch version of this brush. If you have some big bold artworks you are planning, it could be just what you need.

The Details:

Wooden handle

2.5cm wide head

3cm bristle length

5mm depth of bristles

Total length: 30cm

Warhol's Wife Linen Canvas

Stretched Transparent Titian CanvasesSumi Ink Worked over Acrylic Paint on Canvas by artist Nicole Baker

Sumi Ink Worked over Acrylic Paint on Canvas by artist Nicole Baker

Pro Hart Swagger 2" Long Handle Hog Hair PaintbrushPro Hart Swagger 2" Long Handle Hog Hair Paintbrush

Large Chinese Painting Calligraphy BrushesOn show Large Chinese Calligraphy Brushes

Just look at this beautiful paintbrush.

Every one of these traditional Chinese brushes has its own individual character.

Each brush is handcrafted with coarse hair and semi-precious stones. Every stone and hair has been selected and carefully arranged. This is a very fine quality paint brush that lives up to all the characteristics and expectations of the tradition.

There is something special about moving your inks or watercolours across a watercolour canvas or piece of paper with a traditional Chinese paint brush. These brushes are designed to hold a large belly of water, ink or medium. You will get wonderful gliding strokes. Don’t be afraid to indulgently slop around. Enjoy the wetness of this fluid painting style.

These brushes are perfect for Sumi-e painting. Or, use them for your own fresh modern compositions. There is no need to be limited. Don’t think only of traditional Oriental styles. These brushes offer great mark making possibilities. Try them for abstracts, vast landscapes or turbulent seascapes.

You are also going to find these traditional brushes hard to put down. They quite effortlessly balance in your hand. Enjoy their weight and comfortable feel. Your brush strokes can be strong and dynamic. Flowing and clean. Or, soft and feathery.

Hairs of varying lengths are used to create these handmade brushes. Each strand is bound together in the traditional way. No modern glues have been used. The performance of these brushes and their ability to hold so much medium, comes mostly from the way they are constructed.

How to work your traditional Chinese paint brush

There is no doubt that these brushes are super versatile.

They are designed to always come to a nice clean point. The brushes will stay this way even when swollen with a large amount of painting fluid.

For fine lines and organic shapes, you can gently spot and dab the brush against your painting surface. Dragging the paint brush lightly across the surface will give you lovely thin lines.

 When you are after broad strong strokes, adjust your hand pressure and press the hairs into the surface. Whatever your technique these brushes are marvellous at distributing your ink or paint evenly and smoothly.

This brush will give you magnificent blooms, fluid strokes or delicate washes. It is also amazing for expressive gestural marks.

 You can also do some unexpected things with it. Experiment by splitting the head of the brush into groups of hairs. Now you can create a cluster of multiple marks at the same time. Try dabbing for little dots or organic marks. Or, drag the brush across the surface to create several strokes in unison.

You can easily accomplish a complete large abstract canvas using only this one large traditional Chinese paintbrush. Its organic strokes can bring an element of overall unity to a painting.

The mark making possibilities of this traditional Chinese paintbrush are endless.

What materials and mediums should I use with my large traditional Chinese paintbrush?

 It is not just versatility of strokes you get from these brushes. There are also many possibilities to explore by using different materials.

Dramatic monochromatic work can be created by getting your hands on some black Sumi ink. It is a beautiful rich black ink that can be used equally well for expanses of grey wash or intense black strokes.

For some colour, try the acrylic FW Artists inks by Daler Rowney. The Amsterdam acrylic inks are great lightfast, opaque inks with a matte finish. Add some gorgeous details and a little shimmer to your work with the fluorescent and pearlescent inks from these ranges.

You are going to need some paper to work on. Choose a heavyweight 300gsm paper. This is recommended as it allows for heavy washes. Select from smooth hot press, textured cold press, or rough extra textured finishes.

Japanese Yupo paper is a wonderful synthetic watercolour paper to try. The Chinese paintbrush used with alcohol inks like Pinata by Jacquard, or Copic yields lovely translucent effects.

Don’t limit yourself in scale. Create impressive works with acrylics and flow medium on a large roll of Archers Italian watercolour paper. Or, work on an Art Materials Australia watercolour canvas.

Whatever your surface of choice these large traditional Chinese paintbrushes are ideal.

Ensuring your paintbrush lasts

It is truly a pleasure to own and use one of these large traditional Chinese paintbrushes. They will prove to be an asset to your art and a valuable addition to your materials.

The performance and resilience of these brushes is outstanding. They spring back in to a perfect point and keep going.

Clean up with a simple brush cleaner and cold water. Bring the brush tip to a point and lay it flat to dry. Longevity is assured if you follow this simple process.

Large Chinese paintbrush
Overall length: 30cm

Pro Hart Swagger Fluid Brush Head Sizes

The variety of tip sizes, ranging from small to large, allow you to paint with a small round, medium round, large round, small flat, large flat, or a fan brush. The fluid brushes by Pro Hart Swagger are brilliant for creatives of any age. Kids will especially love creating one-of-a-kind works of art with these fun and easy-to-use brushes.

How to use your Pro Hart Swagger Fluid Brushes

Simply unscrew the paintbrush lid counter-clockwise to open the barrel of the brush, then fill it with your ink or paint of choice. You can add some drops of water to wake up your gouache or watercolour palette or paper before gently squeezing the brush to lay down your colour. How much additional water is pushed down onto the bristles depend on how hard and long you squeeze the water reservoir. Squeeze harder to add more water for diluted colours, or squeeze lightly to keep your mediums more vibrant. The water seeps gradually and continuously from the water reservoir down into the bristles to keep them moist but rest assured, the brushes won’t leak water everywhere when they are not in use. To avoid large droplets of water creating puddles, continually move your brushes in a fluid motion across your canvas or paper.

Use them with other Mediums

These water brushes can also be used to lift colour directly from watercolour pencils or water-soluble crayons as well! Just place the bristles against the pencil and move them back and forth until you have got enough of your colour on the brush.

Create background washes with ease and add finer detail by using water-resistant fine liners or gel pens on top of your ink or paint. If you are new to using these fun and fanciful brushes, you can expand your creative repertoire by searching online for tutorial videos about “Aqua Brushes” or "Water Brushes," as they are sometimes referred to, as well.

Pair the Pro Hart Swagger fluid brushes set with the Koi-I-Noor watercolour discs and a small A5 watercolour pad for a perfectly unique gift your loved ones of all ages will enjoy.

Pro Hart Swagger is an Australian brand of art supplies, explicitly created for artists by artists. Our Australian design team has experimented with our unique fluid brushes using a range of mediums including acrylic ink, alcohol ink, flow paint, and isopropyl. These brushes give you a big bang for your buck; they are durable, high-quality, and can be used again and again for tons of paint applications!

Pro Hart Swagger Interlocked Hog Hair Paintbrushes

The PRO HART SWAGGER Handmade Chunking Flat ARTIST Paint Brushes

Pro Hart Swagger is a company that is passionate about exceeding expectations in the art world. We began this journey of creating unique and high-quality supplies because we are artists ourselves and we are tired of drib drab paintbrushes that shed and fall apart. 

We value superiority, style, and quality so we started by asking, “Why don’t we have painting accessories that not only look exceptional but are the most exceptional quality?” As modern artists, we love pop art and new age abstract culture, so we set out to create a paintbrush that is as designer as a pair of Gucci shoes. The Pro Hart Swagger chunking brushes had to look good AND feel good so we made them with the most exquisite attention to detail. After all, results are everything.

After countless hours researching, testing, and playing with different brush handles, bristles, and brush heads, we finally created an acrylic, oil, and mixed media brush that screams style and quality!

The Pro Hart Swagger chunking bristle brushes are designed to be used with contemporary and traditional painting techniques and a multitude of media. 

These bristles are sourced from hogs raised in the Chinese city of Chungking and are considered to be the finest and most sought after in the world for their full, long flags. As the hair grows, the bristle splits into two or more tips called “flags.” Hair with deep flags have a high degree of durability, precision, and spring back. These brushes have outstanding bristle fullness that allow them to hold a large amount of paint. The natural curve of the hair is positioned inward toward the ferrule, maintaining a precise and tight brush shape that resists splaying and misshaping over time, even when used with harsh solvents.

These bristles are a superior quality to other hog hair brush brands and are less likely to shed, splay, or deteriorate. Feel the Pro Hart Swagger difference for yourself; these brushes are thick, durable, and luxurious!

The brushes have a long 25 cm timber handle and an even weight that ensures a perfectly comfortable hold that allows for greater control as you paint. The paint finish on the brush handle features a crackle texture in bright orange and salmon pink. Each handle is individually cracked and glazed in the sun, meaning each brush is as unique as a thumbprint. The beautiful designer handles have a heavy nickel-plated brass ferrule attached. You can be sure that these stunning features are unique to the Pro Hart Swagger brand and every brush we make is entirely different from the next. 

The Pro Hart Swagger interlocked hog bristle brushes come in a range of flat sizes:

No.20 features a 4.5 cm bristle length with hairs jam-packed to almost 5 cm wide.

No.16 is over 3 cm in hair length with a 3.5 cm wide ferrule.

No.12 is 3 cm in hair length and 2.5 cm wide.

No.10 is 2.5 cm in hair length and 2 cm wide.

No.8 is 2 cm in hair length and 1.5 cm wide.

No.6 is 1.8 cm in hair length and is 1.2 cm in diameter.

No.4 is 1.2 cm in hair length and 1 cm wide.

No.2 is .9 cm in length and .6 cm wide.

No.1 features .6 cm hair in length and .5 cm in width and is our most popular brush!

We are proud to say that these brushes are designed by Australian artists Nicole Baker and Jessica Skye Baker who have an authentic passion for finding and curating the best art supplies. No matter what tools you choose to add to your creative kit, your Pro Hart Swagger brushes are guaranteed to be your favourites!

Pro Hart Swagger Interlocked Hog Hair Paintbrushes on Lisa Wang Oil

The PRO HART SWAGGER Handmade Chunking Flat ARTIST Paint Brushes

6 pcs Fluid Brushes by Pro Hart Swagger

This amazing set of Pro Hart Swagger fluid brushes are ideal for sketching and drawing. These versatile brushes load easily with water, inks, or fluid colours and are great for use with pocket watercolour sets when plein air painting. The variety of tip sizes, ranging from small to large, allow you to paint with a small round, medium round, large round, small flat, large flat, or a fan brush.

The fluid brushes by Pro Hart Swagger are brilliant for creatives of any age. Kids will especially love creating one-of-a-kind works of art with these fun and easy-to-use brushes.

Simply unscrew the paintbrush lid counter-clockwise to open the barrel of the brush, then fill it with your ink or paint of choice. You can add some drops of water to wake up your palette or paper before gently squeezing the brush to lay down your colour. How much additional water is pushed down onto the bristles depend on how hard and long you squeeze the water reservoir. Squeeze harder to add more water for diluted colours, or squeeze lightly to keep your mediums more vibrant. The water seeps gradually and continuously from the water reservoir down into the bristles to keep them moist but rest assured, the brushes won’t leak water everywhere when they’re not in use. To avoid large droplets of water creating puddles, continually move your brushes in a fluid motion across your paper or canvas.

Using your Fluid Brushes by Pro Hart Swagger with Water-soluble Crayons and Pencils

These water brushes can also be used to lift colour directly from watercolour pencils or water-soluble crayons as well! Just place the bristles against the pencil and move them back and forth until you have got enough of your colour on the brush.

Create background washes with ease and add fine detail by using a water-resistant fine liner or gel pen on top. If you are new to using these fun and fanciful brushes, you can expand your creative repertoire by searching online for tutorial videos about “Aqua Brushes” or "Water Brushes," as they are sometimes referred to, as well.

Pair the Pro Hart Swagger fluid brushes set with the Koi-I-Noor watercolour discs and a small A5 watercolour pad for a perfectly unique gift your loved ones of all ages will enjoy.

Pro Hart Swagger is an Australian brand of art supplies, explicitly created for artists by artists. Our Australian design team has experimented with our unique fluid brushes using a range of mediums including acrylic ink, alcohol ink, flow paint, and isopropyl. These brushes give you a big bang for your buck; they're durable, high-quality, and can be used again and again for tons of paint applications!

Mona’s Smile Paper Palette designed by Australian Artists

The Mona’s Smile paper palette is a disposable pad of paper that provides an excellent mixing surface for use with paint brushes, colour shapers, and palette knives. You can use it with acrylic, gouache, oil, watercolour paints, and cold wax. As with any art or craft, the limitations only exist in your imagination! This pad is great for use in your studio, art class environments, and to take on the go for plein-air painting. Simply tear off the sheet once used, fold it up, and throw it away. No paint down the drain!

The Mona’s Smile paper palette is 9x12 inches in size, 23x30.5 cm, and 2 cm thick. The pad comprises of 40 sheets of wax-coated paper that are 60gsm in weight, ensuring that each page is thick enough to contain the moisture of wet mediums and prevent them from bleeding through. Because it’s so durable, you may even consider using the waxy surface as a replacement for a canvas for fun artwork that showcases colour experimentation and blending!

Palettes are a rigid, flat surface on which a painter arranges and mixes paints. Palettes are usually made of wood, plastic, ceramic, or other hard, inert, nonporous material, and can vary greatly in size and shape. The most commonly known type of painter's palette is made of a thin wood board designed to be held in the artist's hand and rest on the artist's arm. Like traditional palettes, The Mona’s Smile paper palette rests on a hard boxboard back which makes the palette rigid and easier to hold while working. A thumb hole cut in the bottom of the palette provides a comfortable hold and is very similar to the look and feel of the classic wooden palette. Each of the 40 sheets is glue-bound at the top of the pad for easy tearing and disposal. The Mona’s Smile paper palette gives the traditional rigidity for mixing colour but with quick convenient clean up, it’s ideal for packing, storing, and on-the-go traveling.

The 9x12 inch Mona’s Smile paper palette fits precisely into the Van Gogh’s Ear Woodshed Box Easel. Paints, drawing pads, small canvases, and paint brushes can also fit into this transportable box for easy traveling and storage. At an economical price, this palette is a must-have for the inspired artist who wants the freedom to create masterpieces anywhere, any time.

The Mona’s Smile paper palette is part of the signature collection of art supplies designed by Australian artists Nicole Baker and Jessica Skye Baker.

12pc Warhol's Wife Detail Paint Brushes

Our bright yellow handle packs a punch with these miniature brushes. In this set you will find 12 individual sizes to choose from. Sizes include: Flat 0, Flat 1, Liner 0000, Liner 000, Liner 00, Liner 0, Liner 1, Round 0000, Round 000, Round 00, Round 0 and a Round 1.

If you have been on the hunt for a set of detail brushes then the 12pc Warhol’s Wife detail brush range is perfect. If not each brush is available individually at Artworx Art Supplies.

or a 12 set ranging in small details flats, rounds and liners.

The ROUND Holds a brilliant sharp point, ideal for details and short strokes, holds more colour than you might think.

The FLAT is ideal for larger areas whilst this range still focuses on finer detailing it covers more surface than a round or liner, the square shape tip can easily be used for more square shaped areas.

The LINER one of our favourite style brushes and it is great for long animal fur, portrait hair, long blades of grass and sail masts on a yacht. This bush is not one that gets a lot of recognition but once you have one you can't stop using it. The synthetic hair on the Warhol brush provides a really responsive tip for achieving the finest detail and precision.

Warhol’s Wife detail collection brushes can be used for watercolour, gouache, acrylics and oil painting.

When choosing the type of paint brush you prefer it really is a personal preference, just because it is recommended that you use Hog Bristle brushes for oils does not mean that is the case for every individual some artists love the smooth stroke free look of synthetic brushes for oil painting.

One thing you will quickly learn is that your brushes become your most treasured tools and you find yourself going back for the same random collection of brushes that you seem to use for every painting, you begin to form such a personal attachment to your irreplaceable brushes no matter their condition.

The Warhol’s Wife fine detail brush collection can be used for botanical artwork for professional artists to miniature model painters painting their gaming characters.

These brushes were designed by Australian artists who have experimented tested and tried all of the fabulous brushes in this set.

warhols wife round 0000 detail paint brushWarhols Wife Round 0000 Detail Paint Brush in use with Le Franc Oils on Wooden Panel

One Robust Paintbrush - The Pro Hart Swagger 1” Hog Hair

The Pro Hart Swagger 1” Hog hair paintbrush is a superb large-scale paintbrush designed to work a variety of mediums including but not limited to acrylic, ink, mixed media, oil paint, and watercolour. It will allow you to view your work with ease from a 30cm distance while you create.

The Pro Hart Swagger 1” paintbrush has a flat head that is 2.5cm wide, 3cm long, and .5cm deep. The extra strong hog bristles are securely glued into an incredibly solid timber handle. There is no ferrule to care for, no rusting, and no tarnishing to worry about with this brush! And best of all, you won’t be burdened with the bristles shedding over your project as this brush is extremely durable and sturdy. Even when applying heavy-handed pressure, the bristles will spring back into shape after each use.  

This is the perfect brush for laying down quick background colour in acrylic, oil paint, or watercolour. The 3cm flexible hairs that the Pro Hart Swagger paint brush features will leave beautiful brushstrokes and textures on your canvas. You can quickly block in large areas of colour in an abstract or still life painting or map out a traditional horizon line or foliage. Alternatively, it is tough enough to be used for rough-ins or for home improvement projects with latex based paint.

This overachieving paintbrush is a great choice for craft projects as well given its unparalleled versatility. It’s strong enough to use with glue, making it perfect for bookbinding techniques using boxboard and papers, and is a hard-working tool when working with turpentine and water-based varnishes.

It’s truly an exceptionally multipurpose brush that can withstand a large array of mediums and methods. Best of all, regardless of what medium you choose, cleaning this brush is a breeze. Simply massage a mild dish detergent into the bristles and rinse with warm water.

The Pro Hart Swagger signature long handle bristle brush is also available in a 2-inch brush head size. This adaptable brush is a must-have in every painter or diy-er’s supply kit. 

The Pro Hart Swagger Stainless 5pc Embossing Tools

The Pro Hart Swagger stainless steel ball styluses are wonderfully multipurpose tools for beginner, intermediate, and advanced artists and crafters alike.

The Pro Hart Swagger embossing tool set comprises of five pieces. Each tool has two usable steel ends to create different diameter impressions. The double-headed design makes it quick and convenient to switch mediums or colours without having to stop or switch tools.

The rounded tips measure in diameter sizes from 1mm, 2mm, 3mm and 4mm. The short 10cm cylinder handles fit comfortably in your hand, pencil case, and an art box. The short handles ensure the artist has greater control when pushing it over and through a variety of surfaces. The overall size of the embossing tools from top to bottom is 13cm long.

These stainless-steel ball styluses,also referred to as embossing tools, have countless versatile uses. They are ideal for embossing pattern in paper, plastic film, metal foil, nonwovens, textile fabric, and leather. They can also be used to make patterns or carve details into polymer or modelingclay. Use them to paint dots and fine details on dozens of different surfaces from canvas to paper to fabric to even rocks and seashells. They can even be used to decorate nails with nail polish.

When embossing, styluses can be used on pencil illustrations with heavyweight paper to engrave the surface and make drawings look more lifelike with 3D dimension. They are also used for drawing onto graphite paper or tracing paper to transfer images. They will even glide over and impress into copper and metal embossing sheets. 

Even graphic designers will love these tools for scoring paper and card stock. They can be used to make wedding or party invitations, stationery, holiday greeting cards, or be used for scrapbooking. Embossing tools are very convenient and easy to score with, allowing you to create clean and crisp folding lines on an invitation or place card with confidence. 

The Pro Hart Swagger embossing tools can be dipped in both acrylic and shellac inks for drip art. Add details in watercolours, acrylics, or oil paints on paintings. Alternatively, they are great tools for scratching back acrylic or oil paint in an abstract layered painting. 

Whatever medium you use or type of art you create, you will find countless ways to embellish your work with these amazing, must-have tools.

Pro Hart Swagger 5pc Embossing Tools

The Pro Hart Swagger Stainless 5pc Embossing Tools with Northcote Pottery Handbuilding Clay

Mona’s Smile 15x15cm Gold Leaf Metal Sheets 25pcs

For centuries, artists have embellished their creations with gold leaf to make them shimmer and shine, beginning with the use of it in sculptures and paintings in Egypt. Evident in everything from ancient artifacts to modern masterpieces, the glistening metallic accents can add an ethereal touch to any work of art. It has since been used for gilding candelabras to fixing gold frames and mirrors and much more.

Imitation gold leaf has been used in the art and craft supply industry for decades. Besides offering a less expensive and more versatile alternative to solid gold, gold leaf is celebrated for its ability to accentuate colour and form through luminous details.

Many contemporary creatives adorn their artwork with gold leaf. Adding gold leaf to a print or sculpture makes it that much more special. The one-off placement of hand-shaped leaf, which is a form of mark-making, adds an unexpected, rich layer to your work. Use a tiny bit in strategic places to give your piece a subtle pop or go big with large sheets of layered gold leaf to add a lot razzle-dazzle! The only limitation is your imagination.

The Mona’s Smile gold leaf set comes with 25 pieces of 15x15cm gold leaf metal sheets.

It can adhere to almost any two or three dimensional surfaces such as stretched canvas, timber panel, watercolour paper, polymer clay, papier-mâché, pottery, glass, and can even be applied on skin for fanciful costumes. Foiling techniques are also commonly used by designers and can be found in all forms of print stationery such as invitations.

To use and apply the gold leaf, mark out the area you would like your metal sheets to cover.

Apply a thin layer of gold size (gilding size) or tannin sealer with a paintbrush; either will do but make sure you use the right gold size and tannin sealer when gluing otherwise it will tarnish and turn green. 
Gently lift out a sheet of gold leaf and backing paper and lay it over the gold size or tannin sealer. Smooth out any air bubbles and crinkles with a dry hake brush. We strongly recommend using a hake brush for this application because they are made of soft goat hair and won’t tear the wet leaf as easily. Let the glue dry with the leafing on it and don’t touch it for a minimum of 24 hours if possible. 
Once the glue is completely dry, brush off the excess gold leaf where the glue hasn’t been placed. Voila, you’ll have a stunning piece and are good to go!

Gold leaf is fun to experiment with and provides an opulent, sophisticated touch to everything from furniture to paintings to hand-crafted gifts. 

Van Gogh’s Ear Woodshed – The Best Travel Box Easel

The Van Gogh’s Ear Woodshed travel box easel is designed especially for the artist inside everyone. Van Gogh’s Ear Woodshed by Art Materials Australia have listened to customer feedback and created the ultimate travel box easel that anyone can carry, transport, and store. It is lightweight so that transporting it plus your kit is easy breezy. Over any terrain where your artist’s heart takes you, taking your travel box easel with you is a simple affair. Just pick it up and start walking!

Made with professional artists and fledgling artists in mind, the Van Gogh’s Ear woodshed range is like a complete carry-everywhere studio. The brilliant box easel is constructed using high quality, Beechwood. This makes it extremely durable, yet light in weight. The handy timber box looks just like a miniature wooden briefcase. Attention to detail flows through to the finishing touches with elegant brass screws and a hardy brown leather handle. This art case looks good, is easy to use, and very convenient.

When you open up the box, you will find three storage compartments that fit a wide variety of art supplies. Whatever art style you are currently into or are thinking about experimenting with in the future, there will be more than enough space to store your supplies. Whether it’s a drawing box with pencils, paper, and drawing accessories such as paper stumps and manikins, you can keep them with you at all times when you use a travel box easel. You can even turn it into a paint box with paints and paintbrushes, because both short and long handles will fit. The Van Gogh’s Ear Woodshed travel box easel allows you to even fit an A4 canvas, 9x12inch paper palette, or journal into it too! Each storage compartment is made from removable timber braces that enable you to simply remove them if you want to have a different sized compartment.

The top of the Van Gogh’s Ear Woodshed travel box easel can be adjusted into an upright position or any angle on which you prefer to hold your working surface. It’s both canvas and drawing board in one. Your art supplies stay in the box while you work, so this makes it a great compact easel and art storage box. 

Imagine throwing your travel box easel into the back of your car and heading for the hills to paint all alone until it is too dark to see. If mountains and hills aren’t your thing then try taking your travel box easel with you the next time you visit the beach. And if you tire of capturing the beautiful sun and sand we have in Australia, believe us when we say that painting, sketching, and watercolours are a fantastic way to meet people who stop to admire your work.

The full height extension of the easel is 54cm/540mm, making it a convenient length for every height. It will hold a larger than A3 size pad, drawing board, or canvas in the portrait and landscape position. The width of the Van Gogh’s Ear Woodshed travel box easel is 26.5cm/265mm, and the overall outside depth of the box is 8cm/80mm. 

Kids love this travelling box easel. The travel box easel is a great addition to the luggage you take with you in the car or on holidays. It is also favoured by professional artists, especially watercolourists. This is because the paint tubes and other mediums such as masking fluid, paint brushes, and palette are generally packaged to be slim fitting.

Spotted Van Gogh's Ear Travel Box Art Easel

Spotted the Van Gogh’s Ear Woodshed Travel Box Art Easel 

The Drawing Board by Van Gogh’s Ear Woodshed

The drawing board, in its antique form, was a type of multipurpose desk used for any kind of drawing, writing, sketching and painting on a large sheet of paper during the 18th and 19th centuries.

In more recent decades, engineers and draftsmen use drawing boards for making and modifying drawings on paper with ink or pencil. They’re particularly ideal for architectural planning, allowing artists a solid area to use different drawing instruments like protractors, stencils, and compasses.  

The drawing board by Van Gogh’s Ear Woodshed is ideal for artists interested in classical mediums and studio arts, but the multipurpose board is great for artists, graphic designers, and architects of all types. People of all ages can use this board as well.

Van Gogh’s Ear Woodshed will transport you back to a more authentic time in history. This super functional and lightweight drawing board has a working surface of 40cm height x 49cm width. It easily holds an A4 or A3 sketch pad, sheet of paper, ora canvasup to A3 in size with extra space around it.

This sturdy yet lightweight board features four different working angles. It’s conveniently portable and folds flat to fit into an A2 bag or satchel, allowing you to take it to studios, classrooms, or on holidays with ease.

Made from high-quality Beechwood, this desk offers a smooth working surface and has a built-in lip at the bottom edge, ensuring papers, books, and utensils won’t slide when the surface is set up at an angle. This also makes it convenient for younger children to create with as they can keep their frequently used tools in close reach.  

Using the same drawing board every time you create a new piece ensures consistency throughout your work. It provides a steady and smooth surface, a safe place to store your supplies, and allows you to adjust the board for your optimal comfort.

Whatever your medium, this drawing board will give you a high-quality, versatile, and portable surface to draw, paint, or colour. It is not only appropriate for different age groups and mediums but is an extremely economical option if you are looking to add a workspace without adding a bulky piece of furniture to your home.

Five Super Art Tools the Warhol's Wife, Silicone Colour Shapers

Colour shapers are truly revolutionary tools of the modern world, invented by artists for artists, for painting, drawing, lifting, sculpting, and blending. The extremely durable and versatile five-piece Warhol’s Wife silicone colour shapers have five different head shapes that include a sharp point, cup chisel, cup round, slanted point, and a flat. Each handle is lacquered and designed to fit snuggly in your hand while you create. Short handles make them easy to manipulate, and the 16.5cm, 165mm length makes them easy to pack away and store.  

The five-piece Warhol’s Wife detail silicone colour shapers feature firm but flexible black tips. The tips of the colour shapers are designed to be flexible and not break, even when bent repeatedly, giving you a combination of control and precision not found with traditional brushes and painting knives. 

They are multipurpose and can manipulate a multitude of mediums such as paint, pastels, ink, and even clay. Use them to push and pull oil paint or heavy bodied acrylics and acrylic mediums like molding paste, fiber paste, or thick gels smoothly across a canvas. They can create a variety of textures and surface effects in wet paint or gesso or strategically remove paint from your surface. Apply glue to paper surfaces with no brush marks and less waste.

Unlike a brush, the marks made by a colour shaper are solid as there's no hair or bristle texture. They are also ideal for watercolour masking fluid applications as the soft silicone is non-absorbent, easy to clean, and there is no hair to be damaged!

Silicone colour shapers can also shape and smooth small areas of clay, apply wax resist, or remove portions of glaze and slip. They are ideal for sgraffito! You can use them to decorate with nail polish on your nails. They’re even great for cake decorating and can be used to form and sculpt buttercream or fondant! They can work your chosen medium on canvas, in journals, on printmaking plates, and more.

These amazing colour shapers will help you create sharp lines and effects of the smallest detail with ease. The silicone is easy to clean no matter what medium you use; just wash them off in mild soap and water. Dried paint simply peels away!

These tools are a fun way to try out new techniques and decorative effects in your artwork and the possibilities are endless!

Warhol's Wife Black Colour Shapers in use with Pastels

5pc Warhol's Wife Black Colour Shapers in use with Art Spectrum Soft pastels and Colourfix Paper in Deep Ultra

Warhol’s Wife 1", 2" and 3" Wide Hog Hair Paint Brush Set

The wide one, two and three-inch Hog bristle paint brushes are a very versatile tool in the art and craft supplies industry.

These universal art brushes are favoured among professional painters and are frequently used with acrylic, oil and water colour paints. Perfect for laying down a quick outline of a still life scene, creating a horizon line in a seascape and blocking out large areas in an abstract painting. They are also great to create scumbling or dabbing painterly effects. White washes in a water scene or a seascape can be achieved easily as can adding the finishing details of foliage in a landscape.

The width of the brush strokes of course depends on the width of the chosen brush. Thin brush strokes can be achieved by rotating the brush to the side and stippling effects can be produced by dabbing the head of the paintbrush onto your painting surface be it a piece of watercolour paper or a canvas.

The Warhol’s Wife 1", 2" and 3" Wide Hog hair paint brush set are loved by artists, crafters, designers and hobbyists. They are ideal for spreading glues when creating collages or decoupages or even when laying down artificial grass in a scale model landscape scene. Both polyurethane and turpentine-based varnishes and glues can be used with these brushes. The Warhol’s Wife Hog hair paint brushes are ideal for anything that requires large surface coverage. Their use is only limited by your own imagination.

The Warhol’s Wife Hog hair brushes have medium length hairs; the bristles are fairly rigid and have a flex to them that springs off the surface you are working on. Although these brushes are very economical they won’t lose their hair in your artwork and they will retain their shape even after several vigorous uses.

The broad painterly brush strokes these brushes make will give good product coverage for large areas and rough surfaces. Painting a mural on a wall? No problem. Whether painting on cardboard, Masonite, paper or stretched canvas these sturdy brushes will give you even coverage on just about any surface. Applying gesso, glues, inks, resins, acrylic and oil paints, stains and solvents or scratching out marks in charcoal drawings can all be achieved with the Warhol’s Wife one, two and three-inch Hog hair brush set.

These extremely useful brushes are also great to use with kids as they feature a short handle, making them easy for small hands to hold and manoeuvre. Broad brush strokes can be achieved with ease and the hardy bristles they feature can be washed simply with warm soapy water and stored with little effort.

The Warhol’s Wife Hog bristle paint brushes are invaluable when it comes to your craft or art supplies. The one, two or three-inch wide Hog hair brushes offer great value for money. They are a paintbrush that comes in handy in any creative space - an art room, studio or hobby station. These beautiful stiff brushes will give you painterly brush strokes no matter the medium you are using. The Warhol’s Wife Hog hair inch brushes are not only ideal for all different types of mediums and loved by beginner, intermediate and advanced artists and creators, but they are also very budget friendly when compared to other brushes of their calibre.

Take Anywhere and Everywhere 12 Piece Comic Dip Pens

Whether you’re into urban sketching or want to send a beautiful handwritten letter to a loved one, you can get your imagination out of the box and flowing with the 12-piece Comic dip pens set!  

This set of nibs and pen holders are ideal for cartoonists and artists looking to hone their skills when creating fine line, lithography, cross-hatching,

The Comic dip pen box features four natural timber handle pens and four x2 metal nibs with width sizes in extra small, small, medium and large. Comic dip pens and nibs are packaged beautifully in a sturdy cardboard box and are easy to travel with so you can take them with you wherever you go!

There’s nothing that quite compares to a hand drawn or written piece of artwork. Whether you take artistic license with fine details, loose strokes, or structured diagrams, the four nib sizes open up endless possibilities. The nibs, ranging from thin to thick, allow you to create varying lines depending on the angle you hold your instrument and the pressure used to draw or write.

To use Comic dip pens, lightly dab the pen into your ink just above the middle hole in the nib, or “vent,” and give the pen a firm shake to jiggle excess ink off. Maintain a 45 degree-ish angle between the paper and the pen. Always exert even pressure to both tines of the nib.

These pens can be used with different inks to create and layer endless effects. Use an opaque acrylic ink or a translucent shellac-based ink to create free form lines. Alternatively, build character by adding fine details into your sketches with black Sumi ink. Let the ink flow off the end of your nib with minimal pressure and transport yourself to a whole new world of art!

You can easily switch colours or types of ink by gently cleaning in warm water and mild dish washing liquid. Wipe off any excess water and dry the nib thoroughly to avoid rusting.

These versatile pens glide effortlessly, making them more fun than drawing with a fine liner pen, and the look and feel is so much more beautiful.

Take your creativity to the next level by overlaying your ink drawing with watercolours. Pair the Comic dip pens with some blotting paper and a calligraphy pad or journal to practice beautiful calligraphy and handwritten letters.

No matter what your style is, the Comic dip pens are fun to experiment with and the sky’s the limit so let your imagination go wild!

Warhol's Wife Palette Knives

Warhol's Wife Palette Knives