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Nicki Comelli Australian Artist

It all started with a simple comment

“Art supplies are not like fashion.” A very old art supplies sales representative said this to me – Nicki Comelli

And then

With years of experience buying art supplies and teaching adults and kids in our art studio, we were getting bored of seeing the same old. So, we embarked on a mission over ten years ago to create our own art materials.

We wanted to create beginner and artist materials that both looked good and had fantastic performance abilities.

We were on the hunt for style and quality.

This is where things got very exciting. As modern Australian artists, we love abstract culture, pop art and fashion. It was only natural that our creative minds were unleashed.

Nicki Comelli Australian Artist

Nicki Comelli, Art materials Australia founder, had unleashed her creative mind. Her sister, renowned Australian artist Jessica Baker was also very much an influencer by her side.

The pairing of two creative minds.

We had been supplying educators for years with economically priced, good, quality canvases. Firstly, we designed our canvas brand Art Materials Australia (AMA), as we knew what we needed to source. Then we added a premium range known as the Warhol’s Wife canvases. This canvas line was focused more on sourcing heavier timber, more robust cotton and gallery-finished edges.

From here, we moved on to our Pro Hart Swagger Interlocked hog hair paintbrushes. These took quite a few years to put together, as we were after individuality and supreme quality.

We wanted to ensure our brushes were better quality than our competitors. They could not only look good, but they also had to feel good and behave just like we wanted. They can’t just look sexy as hell! After all, results are everything.

After a ton of research, testing and playing, you know, all the boring stuff. Not really. We had so much fun as, after all, we are artists ourselves. Remember the Art Materials Australia slogan?

“From one artist to another” Nicki Comelli

After trying out all the different brush samples we had created on our artwork, we were blown away by how good they were. We then made sister brands and more products: Freaky Frida, Mona’s Smile and Van Gogh’s Ear were born.

We are incredibly proud that these brushes are designed by Australian Artists and made from materials sourced worldwide. Our journey has been to find individuality and quality.

Our exclusive retail store, Artworx, stocks the full range of Art Materials Australia products. If you cannot get into the brick-and-mortar store, every item on this site is available online.

In a nutshell, we are a family run company with an authentic flare and passion for our art materials in Australia. Here are what some other people have said.

Sharing is caring, and we love it.

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