Dip pens drawing; Whether you are into urban sketching or want to send a beautiful handwritten letter to a loved one, you can get your imagination out of the box and flowing with the 12-piece Comic dip pens set!

This set of nibs and pen holders are ideal for cartoonists and artists looking to hone their skills when creating a fine line, lithography or doing cross-hatching.

The Comic dip pen box features four natural timber handle pens and four x2 metal nibs with width sizes in extra small, small, medium and large. Comic dip pens and nibs are packaged beautifully in a sturdy cardboard box and are easy to travel with so you can take them with you wherever you go!

There’s nothing that quite compares to a hand-drawn or written piece of artwork. Whether you take artistic license with fine details, loose strokes, or structured diagrams, the four nib sizes open up endless possibilities. The nibs, ranging from thin to thick, allow you to create varying lines depending on the angle you hold your instrument and the pressure used to draw or write.

To use Comic dip pens, lightly dab the pen into your ink just above the middle hole in the nib, or “vent,” and give the pen a firm shake to jiggle excess ink off. Maintain a 45 degree-ish angle between the paper and the pen. Always exert even pressure to both sides of the nib.

Dip pens drawing style effects

These pens can be used with different inks to create and layer endless effects. Use an opaque acrylic ink or a translucent shellac-based ink to create free form lines. Alternatively, build character by adding fine details into your sketches with black Sumi ink. Let the ink flow off the end of your nib with minimal pressure and transport yourself to a whole new world of art!

You can easily switch colours or types of ink by gently cleaning in warm water and mild dishwashing liquid. Wipe off any excess water and dry the nib thoroughly to avoid rusting.

These versatile pens glide effortlessly, making them more fun than drawing with a fine liner pen, and the look and feel is so much more beautiful.

Take your creativity to the next level by overlaying your ink drawing with watercolours. Pair the Comic dip pens with some blotting paper and a calligraphy pad or journal to practice beautiful calligraphy and handwritten letters.

No matter what your style is, the Comic dip pens are fun to experiment with and the sky’s the limit so let your imagination go wild!