Drawing boards; in its antique form, was a type of multipurpose desk in the 18th and 19th centuries. Used for any kind of large sheet drawing, writing, sketching or painting.

In more recent decades, engineers and draftsmen use drawing boards for making and modifying drawings on paper with ink or pencil. They are particularly ideal for architectural planning, allowing artists a solid area to use different drawing instruments like protractors, stencils, and compasses.

The drawing board by Van Gogh’s Ear Woodshed is ideal for artists interested in classical mediums and studio arts, but the multipurpose board is great for artists, graphic designers, and architects of all types. People of all ages can use this board as well.

Van Gogh’s Ear Woodshed will transport you back to a more authentic time in history. This super functional and lightweight drawing board has a working surface of 40cm height x 49cm width. It easily holds an A4 or A3 sketch pad, sheet of paper, or a canvas up to A3 in size with extra space around it.

This sturdy yet lightweight board features four different working angles. It’s conveniently portable and folds flat to fit into an A2 bag or satchel, allowing you to take it to studios, classrooms, or on holidays with ease.

Made from high-quality Beechwood, this desk offers a smooth working surface and has a built-in lip at the bottom edge, ensuring papers, books, and utensils won’t slide when the surface is set up at an angle. This also makes it convenient for younger children to create with as they can keep their frequently used tools in close reach.

Using the same drawing board every time you create a new piece ensures consistency throughout your work. It provides a steady and smooth surface, a safe place to store your supplies, and allows you to adjust the board for your optimal comfort.

Whatever your medium, this drawing board will give you a high-quality, versatile, and portable surface to draw, paint, or colour. It is not only appropriate for different age groups and mediums but is an extremely economical option if you are looking to add a workspace without adding a bulky piece of furniture to your home.