The Warhol’s Wife 2 inch 50mm brayer

Hard rubber rollers; Are you looking for a high-end hard rubber roller? There is no need to look past this tough and well-designed brayer.

These hard rubber rollers have been designed by artists for artists. So, you can be sure it is a top-quality and practical tool.

The total length of the roller is 160mm/16cm. The rubber roller is 30mm/3cm in diameter.

You will find it ergonomic and comfortable to use. This is a nice strong roller, and you will be able to apply good pressure without straining. The solid handle is in our signature blue.

Don’t be worried about getting ink or paint everywhere. This nifty handle is shaped to double as a stand. That makes it easy to keep your workspace clean. Simply turn the roller over and place it down on your work surface. No messy media is going to get anywhere you don’t want.

You can see that the roller is held securely in place with sturdy steel fixtures. This prevents wobbling or warping. Look after this roller and it is going to last a long time.

The Warhol’s Wife 2inch hard rubber roller is the perfect all-round printmaking tool. It will glide smoothly over a variety of surfaces. You are going to get a nice even coverage every time.

It is great for lino blocks, rubber blocks, wooden plates, acetate, drypoint etching and more. No matter your printing method, this roller is a must-have in your kit.

It can be used for inking your blocks or carved surfaces, or for rolling over the paper to ensure good contact with the block.

There are also many creative uses for this roller, beyond printmaking. Use it for gluing, for bookbinding, dry mounting and papercraft.

This hard rubber roller is suitable for both water-based and oil media. It will spread anything from adhesives to paints and inks.

Consider using this brayer for your stamping projects. Block printing with stamps is a fabulous process you can do to decorate fabrics or clothing, make wrapping paper, or create unique stationery.

Kids will also love to use this roller. It is perfect for inking potato or vegetable stamps for a fun crafting afternoon.

Clean up by simply washing the Warhol’s Wife 2inch brayer with warm soapy water and wiping clean after use. The hole in the handle allows you to hang the roller up for easy storage.

Woodworkers will find the Warhol’s Wife 2inch hard rubber roller surprisingly useful. A roller might not be the first tool you think to reach for when gluing your timbers. However, it is a marvellous tool for the job.

The hard rubber roller will effortlessly lay down a thin, even film of glue onto your surfaces. It makes your gluing process clean and simple. The rubber roller does not absorb the glue, so you aren’t going to have much waste glue either. This roller works well with any PVA woodworking glue.

Do you work with vinyl? This roller is indispensable for getting all those pesky bubbles out. You can use it for adhering vinyl decals and adhesive vinyl sheets to flat surfaces. A no-fuss way to get a super neat finish all the way to the edges. Use the roller with firm even strokes to smooth the vinyl out from the centre to edge.

The Warhol’s Wife 2inch hard rubber roller is economically priced. Use it in the studio, in the workshop or in the classroom. It is a high-quality durable tool for beginner, intermediate and professional creators.

This roller is an excellent addition to your art tools. It has so many uses you will be glad you have it on hand.

Hard rubber rollers the details:

2″ hard rubber roller

Width of roller: 50mm/5cm

Total length: 160mm/16cm

Diameter of roller: 30mm/3cm 250gm