Hog hair artist brushes; The wide one, two and three-inch Hog bristle paint brushes are a very versatile tool in the art and craft supplies industry.

These universal art brushes are favoured among professional painters and are frequently used with acrylicoil and water colour paints. Perfect for laying down a quick outline of a still life scene, creating a horizon line in a seascape and blocking out large areas in an abstract painting. They are also great to create scumbling or dabbing painterly effects. White washes in a water scene or a seascape can be achieved easily as can adding the finishing details of foliage in a landscape.

The width of the brush strokes of course depends on the width of the chosen brush. Thin brush strokes can be achieved by rotating the brush to the side and stippling effects can be produced by dabbing the head of the paintbrush onto your painting surface be it a piece of watercolour paper or a canvas.

The Warhol’s Wife 1″, 2″ and 3″ wide Hog hair paint brush set are loved by artists, crafters, designers and hobbyists. They are ideal for spreading glues when creating collages or decoupages or even when laying down artificial grass in a scale model landscape scene. Both polyurethane and turpentine-based varnishes and glues can be used with these brushes. The Warhol’s Wife Hog hair paint brushes are ideal for anything that requires large surface coverage. Their use is only limited by your own imagination.

The Warhol’s Wife Hog hair brushes have medium length hairs; the bristles are fairly rigid and have a flex to them that springs off the surface you are working on. Although these brushes are very economical they won’t lose their hair in your artwork and they will retain their shape even after several vigorous uses.

The broad painterly brush strokes these brushes make will give good product coverage for large areas and rough surfaces. Painting a mural on a wall? No problem. Whether painting on cardboard, Masonite, paper or stretched canvas these sturdy brushes will give you even coverage on just about any surface. Applying gesso, glues, inks, resins, acrylic and oil paints, stains and solvents or scratching out marks in charcoal drawings can all be achieved with the Warhol’s Wife one, two and three-inch Hog hair brush set.

Hog hair artist brushes

These extremely useful brushes are also great to use with kids as they feature a short handle, making them easy for small hands to hold and manoeuvre. Broad brush strokes can be achieved with ease and the hardy bristles they feature can be washed simply with warm soapy water and stored with little effort. The Warhol’s Wife Hog bristle paint brushes are invaluable when it comes to your craft or art supplies. The one, two or three-inch wide Hog hair brushes offer great value for money. They are a paintbrush that comes in handy in any creative space – an art room, studio or hobby station. These beautiful stiff brushes will give you painterly brush strokes no matter the medium you are using. The Warhol’s Wife Hog hair inch brushes are not only ideal for all different types of mediums and loved by beginner, intermediate and advanced artists and creators, but they are also very budget friendly when compared to other brushes of their calibre.