The variety of tip sizes, ranging from small to large, allow you to paint with a small round, medium round, large round, small flat, large flat, or a fan brush. The fluid brushes by Pro Hart Swagger are brilliant for creatives of any age. Kids will especially love creating one-of-a-kind works of art with these fun and easy-to-use brushes.


Simply unscrew the paintbrush lid counter-clockwise to open the barrel of the brush, then fill it with your ink or paint of choice. You can add some drops of water to wake up your gouache or watercolour palette or paper before gently squeezing the brush to lay down your colour. How much additional water is pushed down onto the bristles depend on how hard and long you squeeze the water reservoir. Squeeze harder to add more water for diluted colours, or squeeze lightly to keep your mediums more vibrant. The water seeps gradually and continuously from the water reservoir down into the bristles to keep them moist but rest assured, the brushes won’t leak water everywhere when they are not in use. To avoid large droplets of water creating puddles, continually move your brushes in a fluid motion across your canvas or paper.


These water brushes can also be used to lift colour directly from watercolour pencils or water-soluble crayons as well! Just place the bristles against the pencil and move them back and forth until you have got enough of your colour on the brush.

Create background washes with ease and add finer detail by using water-resistant fine liners or gel pens on top of your ink or paint. If you are new to using these fun and fanciful brushes, you can expand your creative repertoire by searching online for tutorial videos about “Aqua Brushes” or “Water Brushes,” as they are sometimes referred to, as well.

Pair the Pro Hart Swagger fluid brushes set with the Koi-I-Noor watercolour discs and a small A5 watercolour pad for a perfectly unique gift your loved ones of all ages will enjoy.

Pro Hart Swagger is an Australian brand of art supplies, explicitly created for artists by artists. Our Australian design team has experimented with our unique fluid brushes using a range of mediums including acrylic ink, alcohol ink, flow paint, and isopropyl. These brushes give you a big bang for your buck; they are durable, high-quality, and can be used again and again for tons of paint applications!