Miniature silicone paintbrushes are also called colour shapers in the art world.

Imagine having the ability to manipulate mediums to create unique, intriguing patterns that could change up your artwork. 

The Warhol’s Wife colour shaper is not your average paintbrush or palette knife. This versatile and innovative tool has been gaining popularity and expanding the horizons of many art and craft techniques.

Do you aspire to perfectly mixed blends, flirting textures, or smooth gradients? Then the colour shaper can make it happen effortlessly.

This unique tool allows you to create a plethora of effects and styles. It is the magician in your art toolbox, capable of elevating any mundane painting to a masterpiece that deserves a place on your wall. The colour shaper can help you make a statement with your artwork without saying a word. 

Express yourself with miniature silicone paintbrushes

Designed to deliver control and precision, the colour shaper is more than just an accessory in your art stash. It is a tool that can help you express your creativity in ways you have never imagined, breathing life and texture into your most ambitious projects. 

Be it an abstract painting, a portrait, or a landscape, using a colour shaper allows you to bring your vision to life with unmatched finesse and style. 

So, are you ready to challenge the status quo of painting and discover new ways of artistic expression? Then welcome to the world of colour shapers, where the only limit is your imagination. Let us take your art to the next level together.

Imagine a tool shaped like your favourite paintbrush but with a twist! Like brushes, colour shapers come in various shapes providing unique ways to navigate your artwork.

Work your mediums

Here is the difference: Instead of bristles, the colour shaper sports a solid, silicone head that works like a paddle. This allows you to precisely manipulate and shape mediums in a controlled yet fluid manner. 

But what is the fuss about colour shapers? They open doors to a world of creativity you never knew existed! With many varieties available, each type provides a unique effect that can bring out a new element in your work. Whether it is creating textured landscapes, detailed portraits, or avant-garde abstracts, a colour shaper is an essential tool to add to your artistic arsenal. 

So, consider the colour shaper if you want to redefine your creativity. This unique tool not only gives you the power to shape your paint but also, inadvertently, the power to shape your vision into reality. The colour shaper is all about broadening the horizon of creativity, opening up a world of limitless possibilities. Experiment, play, and shape your ideas with the Warhol’s Wife colour shaper!

With various tip shapes, colour shapers can help you create distinctive stroke styles for your one-of-a-kind paintings and art pieces.

Colour shapers are not just for applying paint. The straight edges and malleable silicone tips of these tools also make them ideal for: 

  • Cake decorating
  • Charcoal
  • Clay
  • Inks
  • Masking fluid
  • Paint
  • Pastel
  • Pencil 
  • Printmaking (Excellent for use with Gelli plates)

Hot tip

With Warhol’s Wife colour shapers, you can clear out areas of your canvas, eliminate unwanted paint, and even out any overly thick splotches. 

It is all about control and customisation. Thick paints like impastos and oils are ideal for colour shapers, thanks to their paste-like consistency that can be easily shaped and manipulated. Consider incorporating colour shapers into your creative process to take your artwork to the next level. 

Use them to explore new effects, techniques and textures. Remember, there is no such thing as mistakes in art. Just unique creations! So why not switch things up and see what the Warhol’s Wife colour shapers can bring to your artistic journey? The magic of colour shapers will surprise you. 

The Warhol’s Wife soft colour shapers come in four head shapes. This allows you to reign supreme over your medium, exploring countless styles and methods. Whether you want to produce classic lines and contours or dabble in more experimental techniques, these versatile tools will be your best friend. Perfect for unleashing your creativity. 

Warhol’s Wife Miniature Silicone Paintbrushes 5pc set includes 

  • cup chisel head
  • flat head
  • flat round head
  • sharp point head
  • slanted point head

Each short handle is elegantly lacquered and designed to fit snuggly and comfortably in your hand while you create. The short handles make the silicone paintbrushes easy to control and hold for long periods. 

Storage and transporting the Warhol’s Wife silicone paintbrushes is easy. They are 16.5cm – 165mm long (slightly over the length of half a ruler) and will fit neatly in a pencil case or art box. 

You only need your imagination when you have these five super art tools as they suit a variety of mediums and genres. 

Hot tip

The Warhol’s Wife soft colour shapers make an excellent gift for the artist in your life that has everything. 

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