Just look at this beautiful paintbrush.

Every one of these traditional Chinese brushes has its own individual character.

Each brush is handcrafted with coarse hair and semi-precious stones. Every stone and hair has been selected and carefully arranged. This is a very fine quality paint brush that lives up to all the characteristics and expectations of the tradition.

There is something special about moving your inks or watercolours across a watercolour canvas or piece of paper with a traditional Chinese paint brush. These brushes are designed to hold a large belly of water, ink or medium. You will get wonderful gliding strokes. Don’t be afraid to indulgently slop around. Enjoy the wetness of this fluid painting style.

These brushes are perfect for Sumi-e painting. Or, use them for your own fresh modern compositions. There is no need to be limited. Don’t think only of traditional Oriental styles. These brushes offer great mark making possibilities. Try them for abstracts, vast landscapes or turbulent seascapes.

You are also going to find these traditional brushes hard to put down. They quite effortlessly balance in your hand. Enjoy their weight and comfortable feel. Your brush strokes can be strong and dynamic. Flowing and clean. Or, soft and feathery.

Hairs of varying lengths are used to create these handmade brushes. Each strand is bound together in the traditional way. No modern glues have been used. The performance of these brushes and their ability to hold so much medium, comes mostly from the way they are constructed.


There is no doubt that these brushes are super versatile.

They are designed to always come to a nice clean point. The brushes will stay this way even when swollen with a large amount of painting fluid.

For fine lines and organic shapes, you can gently spot and dab the brush against your painting surface. Dragging the paint brush lightly across the surface will give you lovely thin lines.

When you are after broad strong strokes, adjust your hand pressure and press the hairs into the surface. Whatever your technique these brushes are marvellous at distributing your ink or paint evenly and smoothly.

This brush will give you magnificent blooms, fluid strokes or delicate washes. It is also amazing for expressive gestural marks.

You can also do some unexpected things with it. Experiment by splitting the head of the brush into groups of hairs. Now you can create a cluster of multiple marks at the same time. Try dabbing for little dots or organic marks. Or, drag the brush across the surface to create several strokes in unison.

You can easily accomplish a complete large abstract canvas using only this one large traditional Chinese paintbrush. Its organic strokes can bring an element of overall unity to a painting.

The mark making possibilities of this traditional Chinese paintbrush are endless.


It is not just versatility of strokes you get from these brushes. There are also many possibilities to explore by using different materials.

Dramatic monochromatic work can be created by getting your hands on some black Sumi ink. It is a beautiful rich black ink that can be used equally well for expanses of grey wash or intense black strokes.

For some colour, try the acrylic FW Artists inks by Daler Rowney. The Amsterdam acrylic inks are great lightfast, opaque inks with a matte finish. Add some gorgeous details and a little shimmer to your work with the fluorescent and pearlescent inks from these ranges.

You are going to need some paper to work on. Choose a heavyweight 300gsm paper. This is recommended as it allows for heavy washes. Select from smooth hot press, textured cold press, or rough extra textured finishes.

Japanese Yupo paper is a wonderful synthetic watercolour paper to try. The Chinese paintbrush used with alcohol inks like Pinata by Jacquard, or Copic yields lovely translucent effects.

Don’t limit yourself in scale. Create impressive works with acrylics and flow medium on a large roll of Archers Italian watercolour paper. Or, work on an Art Materials Australia watercolour canvas.

Whatever your surface of choice these large traditional Chinese paintbrushes are ideal.

Ensuring your paintbrush lasts

It is truly a pleasure to own and use one of these large traditional Chinese paintbrushes. They will prove to be an asset to your art and a valuable addition to your materials.

The performance and resilience of these brushes is outstanding. They spring back in to a perfect point and keep going.

Clean up with a simple brush cleaner and cold water. Bring the brush tip to a point and lay it flat to dry. Longevity is assured if you follow this simple process.

Large Chinese paintbrush
Overall length: 30cm