You are looking at one robust paintbrush here.

Use it with whatever medium you desire. You are going to find it a brilliant paintbrush for acrylics and oils, as well as ink, mixed media, or watercolours.

Step back and enjoy being able to create with a bit of distance between you and your canvas. The long sturdy handle of the Pro Hart Swagger 1ʺ Hog Hair Paintbrush means you can work from a good 30cm away. Take in the broader perspective on your piece as you add some large strokes.

There is a nice flat 2.5cm wide head on the Pro Hart Swagger 1ʺ Hog Hair Paintbrush. The bristles are 3cm long and the depth of hair is 5mm. That is a full head of hair on this brush.

You might have noticed there is no ferrule on these paint brushes. The extra strength hog hair bristles are glued directly into the timber handle. There won’t be any rusting or tarnishing to worry about here. Also, it is simpler to clean and look after.

To maintain this brush in good condition just clean it up in warm soapy water. You will find you rarely lose a bristle. And, there will be no problem to keep using this paintbrush for a long time.

This paint brush can take a beating. It has been described as bashful, but strong.

Get your palette ready. You will find this brush is marvellous for laying down big sweeps of background colour to tone your canvas. Or, you can simply load the brush up and work one colour quickly and smoothly with ease. The Pro Hart Swagger 1ʺ Hog hair paintbrush is also ideal to do your rough-ins or lay down initial blocks of colour for your underpainting. It works great for this. Whether you are using oils, acrylics or watercolours.

Pop in your horizon line and your foreground foliage. Layout the framework for a large sweeping abstract. Draw in the proportions, angles and placement of your figure and the chair they are draped over, in your interior scene.

You are going to be able to make some nice painterly marks with this brush. Get a nice texture in your strokes. Some roughness when you want it.

The bristles on this brush are wonderfully strong and flexible. The 3cm length means they are going to flex well and bounce back to shape easily. They certainly have a bit of spring, which gives a lovely feel to push against as you press the brush onto your paper or canvas. Perfect bold and confident strokes can be achieved.

Best of all, this brush can’t easily be bent out of shape. Like to use a heavy hand? These hog hair bristles can take the pressure. And, will still pop back into shape.

Don’t stop at just painting with this brush. The Pro Hart Swagger 1ʺ Hog Hair Paintbrush is definitely an all-rounder.

You will find it an ideal, hardy brush for gluing or varnishing. Turpentine or water based varnishes can both be used with ease.

Bookbinders are going to find this brush an excellent studio staple. It is perfect for gluing papers and boxboard with PVA, or other preference bookbinding adhesive.

Like all of the Pro Hart Swagger range, this paintbrush has been designed by artists. Professional artists who use these brushes. Who have abused these brushes. And, who demand top performance from their materials. You can be assured this brush is going to perform well and do what we say.

You can also get your hands on a larger 2 inch version of this brush. If you have some big bold artworks you are planning, it could be just what you need.