Pro Hart Swagger 1″ 2″ & 3″ flat paintbrushes

The Pro Hart Swagger 1″ 2″ and 3″ white nylon flat paintbrushes are a set of brushes that have endless possibilities. Use them with acrylic paints, oil or watercolours, with glue, ink, sealers, stains and varnishes.

The soft feathery feel of these brush heads will give you a stroke-free look when blocking out areas on canvas or a large sheet of paper. If varnishing minimal brush strokes will be seen on flat and dimensional objects. With light hand pressure and a flick of the wrist, the Pro Hart Swagger paintbrushes will give excellent even feathery coverage on any surface with just about any medium.

The flat edges of the nylon brushes will continue to hold a sharp edge after many uses even with harsh spirit-based mediums. The nylon bristles also sometimes referred to as taklon have enough flex in them to effortlessly cover flat and three-dimensional objects.

Pro Hart Swagger paintbrushes and their sizes

The Pro hart Swagger flat paintbrush set feature short flat timber handles that can be easily worked as they fit snuggly in the palm of your hand. Sizes of brush heads included in the pack are 1 inch – 2.54cm, 2 inch – 5.08cm and 3 inch – 7.62cm. For artists, designers and hobbyists who need to fit the Pro Hart Swagger paintbrushes into a travel box or case. The one-inch brush features a 12.2cm handle, the two-inch 12.7cm and the three-inch 13.7cm. Each brush handle features the signature crackle finish that the Pro Hart paintbrush range is renowned. The brushes are held together with a solid brass ferrule and have two small pop rivets to hold the brush hairs and handle in place securely. Hair loss on these paintbrushes is very rare even after constant use.

What can you paint with these 1″ 2″ & 3″ flat paintbrushes

Easily make broad, thick, sweeping strokes in your artwork using the Pro Hart Swagger flat brushes. They are great for painting in horizon lines on large scale works in acrylic or oil or blocking out areas in an abstract piece. Create quick textured strokes by applying an even and firm hand to your work or use light pressure to feather out areas. Washes and blooms can be achieved with the brushes on large 300gsm plus boards and papers as the nylon hairs can be saturated with water.

Broad sweeping strokes with acrylic and oils can be applied to your working surface with little effort as the nylon brushes can be loaded up with chunky mediums very quickly. Dyes, solvents or thinner mediums such as isopropyl or turpentine can be neatly applied to surfaces as they will not absorb into the nylon brush fibres. Three-dimensional work can be painted on quickly with the natural flex of the nylon brush hairs. The Pro Hart Swagger flat brushes are also ideal for gesso application onto any working surface.

Clean the white nylon fibres of the paintbrushes with warm soapy water, the incredible brush cleaner is an excellent alternative to dish soap and make sure you get right up into the ferrule area to ensure the longevity of your Pro Hart brushes.

The Pro Hart Swagger 1″ 2″ & 3″ flat nylon paint brushes are essential art supplies for Australian artists Nicole Baker and Jessica Skye Baker. With decades of fine art knowledge, these two artists have developed a range specifically for Art Materials Australia and use many of the product lines themselves in their work.