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Artvalli Thin Framed 19mm Canvases
The Artvalli thin frame, 19mm profile canvases are great quality and they come in at a very affordable price. Artvalli canvases are perfect for anyone on a budget, these cheap canvases are acid free, non -yellowing, triple primed with titanium white gesso, are made of a nice 10oz cotton duck fabric, feature a pine frame and are available in 14 different sizes. 
Artvalli thin frame canvases are cheap and easy to buy in bulk. They are the perfect choice to give students and children the experience and feel of painting on a professional canvas. There are a couple of reasons why thin framed canvases are cheap and affordable: It is because of the materials from which they are made. More than likely, a thin framed canvas will be made from a lighter weight (less dense) cotton duck fabric than that preferred by professional artists; Timber supports in the back and stretcher bars are also usually minimalised. The thinner profile that these canvases feature also allows for less timber use than the thicker frames require.   
The most popular sizes for thin frame canvases, that are preferred by teachers are generally the smaller sizes as you can get more value for your money. These small canvases, bought in bulk especially the 5×7” or 6×4” sizes are great for mini exhibitions. Buying in large quantities at economy prices is what allows anyone learning painting techniques anywhere to learn their craft without breaking the budget. They are also extremely cost-effective as far as medium goes as well. Bigger canvas means more paint. You get a lot of canvas bang for your buck, as it were, when you buy thin framed canvases in bulk.
When using a thin-framed canvas, you want to keep them smallish because they don’t have the support in the frame to be larger. The frames are material-efficient (less wood in the frame), but this makes the frames too weak to support a large, heavy canvas fabric and mediums. If you do go large when buying a thin framed canvas, you have to be very careful the frame doesn’t twist or warp. Basically, if you want to do a medium or large canvas, and don’t want to frame it with a picture frame afterward, then buy a standard 30mm thick profile canvas.
There are different types of canvas, and it remains the most popular support for painting for many reasons:
– Any kind of paint binds well to a canvas weave: acrylic, oil and even watercolour.
 – Canvas has stood the test of time; it has been used for over 500 years by Master painters.
– Unlike wood panels, canvas is lightweight and portable: important qualities when you are painting En Plein Air.
– The denser the thread count of a canvas, the more it weighs, and the higher the quality and archival longevity.
Don’t let price discourage you when it comes to the Artvalli 19mm thin frame canvas range. These canvases are great for the beginner, student to intermediate creator. The are one of the very best cheap canvases available in the wholesale art supplies market in Australia.
Artvalli Thin Framed 19mm Canvases are available in sizes:

4×6” – 10.16×15.24cm
6×8” – 15.24×20.32cm
8×10” – 20.32×25.4cm
9×12” – 22.86×30.48cm
10×12” – 20.32×30.48cm
12×12” – 30.48×30.48cm
12×16” – 30.48×40.64cm
16×20” – 40.64×50.8cm
18×24” – 45.72×60.96cm
24×36” – 60.96×91.44cm
20×20” – 50.8×50.8cm
20×24” – 50.8×60.96cm
24×30” – 60.96×76.2cm
30×40” – 76.2×101.6cm

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