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Titian Linen Canvases Titanium White Primed

Titian white linen canvases are triple primed with an acid-free, non-yellowing titanium white gesso. A well-prepared canvas surface creates a bright, vivid layer for artists to work, a barrier where your pigmented paints won’t dull or soak into the canvas and be wasted. We can guarantee if you are painting with a cadmium yellow or a French ultramarine blue, that is precisely what you will see. The Titian linen titanium white canvases make your media pop. 

Professional artists have favoured Belgium linen for centuries. The Masters painted on it; many accomplished artists work with it today. The Titian linen is a quality 12 oz / 450 gsm weight. 

“With years of experience, I know when an artist purchases a linen canvas, they are serious about their art and using the best art materials available.” Australian artist Nicki Comelli

Titian linen canvases frame bracing

There are 11 sizes available in the range, and all have kiln-dried heavy-duty one 1/2″ pine frames and stretcher bars with a 38 mm profile. The frames have 58 mm timber corner braces for extra durability and strength. Staples are placed at the back of the canvas and can not be seen when displayed. 

VIPurpose Titian white linen canvases rewards 

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