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  • Drawing Board Van Gogh’s Ear Woodshed


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     40 x 49cm Drawing Board by Van Gogh’s Ear Woodshed

    Are you on the hunt for a compact and versatile new drawing board? This is one you are sure to love.

    The great thing about this drawing board by Van Gogh’s Ear Woodshed is that it doubles as a painting surface. That makes it a super functional piece and may save you having to buy multiple items.

    No room for a drafting table? With this drawing board you can turn any desk or bench instantly into a drafting table environment. It creates the perfect place to draw, paint or design.

    This board will give you an inclined working surface which is 40cm high and 49cm wide. It very comfortably holds either A4 or A3 sketch pads, sheets of paper or panels. Place an A3 canvas on it and you will still have space to spare.

    Need a super smooth surface for fine details and clean lines? This board is constructed from high quality beech timber. You will find it has a wonderfully smooth work surface.

    No wobbles or flimsiness here. The base is very sturdy and also made from timber.

    Do you find yourself always fussing to keep your materials at hand? The built-in lip at the bottom is brilliant. It will hold your pads and keep all your pens, fine-liners or paint brushes from rolling away or ending up on the floor.

    Are you prone to getting absorbed in your drawing or painting? Lose track of time? Then realise you are tired and a bit stiff? Better ergonomics and comfort is the best reason to switch to working on an angled drawing board.

    No more hunching over your drawings or designs. You can sit more upright and with less strain on your shoulders. If you have never used an angled drawing board before, you will be in for a treat.

    Work with a better straight-on view of your whole piece. An angled drawing board also reduces the chance of any perspective distortion. This can happen surprisingly easily when drawing on a flat surface.

    The slanted surface brings the work closer to your face. And, bye-bye death-grip. It’s often easier to have a lighter grip on your pen, or implement of choice. Work more efficiently with strokes from your shoulder, rather everything coming from your wrist.

    Now to get all that benefit you need to set your board up to suit your body. We know that makes all the difference.

    Adjusting the angle of this board is super easy. You have the option of four different working angles. The timber bar at the back fits just right in the notches - with no slips or sliding about.

    For those times you do need a flat board, just collapse it down.

    Fancy spending some time relaxing and filling in your colouring book pages? How about doing that with the sound of birds in the background? This board is light weight, so when the weather is good, it is great for working outdoors.

    Are you always on the go? Drawing at home, heading to an art class, working in the studio. This drawing board can come with you. It is light enough to pop into a bag or satchel and keep it with you for when you need. Set up your drawing board on a desk, a bench, or any stable surface you desire.

    Are you an illustrator, architect, graphic designer? An artist, or hobbyist of any medium? This drawing board is fantastic for you.

    Maybe you will use it in a large studio space. Or it is destined for your creative nook or desk. In any case, you will get years of use from this high quality and practical drawing board.

    Overall size: 40cm x 49cm x XXcm
    Materials: Beech timber

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    Table Top Easel Van Gogh's Ear Table Top Easel Van Gogh's Ear

    Table Top Easel Van Gogh’s Ear Woodshed

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  • Van Gogh's Ear Travel Art Box Van Gogh's Ear Travel Art Box

    Travel Art Box Van Gogh’s Ear Woodshed


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    Van Gogh’s Ear Woodshed Travel Box Easel

    This fabulous little easel box completes Van Gogh’s Ear Woodshed range. It has been designed especially with professional artists and mini artists in mind.

    Constructed from quality Beechwood, this box easel is packed with functionality. Folded away it looks like a neat timber briefcase. 

    This easel box is a pleasure to use and you will be taken by its stylish presentation before you even delve inside. It is lightweight and comfortable to carry. You will notice there is a lovely brown leather handle on the top, secured with brass screws.

    When you open up the easel box, you are in for some delights. You will find three storage compartments which can hold a variety of art tools. 

    If you love to stay organised you will be in your element with this little box. Have your portable kit always ready to go in one convenient place.

    Set up a perfect drawing box for yourself. Get together your pencils, paper and favourite drawing accessories - add some paper stumps or manikins perhaps. You should also fit a 9x12inch paper pad or A5 journal with no problem.

    Or, create your dream mini portable paint box. Pop in some watercolours, and a range of brushes. You will find that both short and long handle brushes will fit with ease. A small A4 or 9x12inch thin frame canvas should tuck in there as well.

    The Van Gogh’s Ear Woodshed travel box easel is fully adjustable. Ergonomics is key. You can position the easel top to suit how you like to create. It can be set completely upright, or placed at your preferred angle for working.

    You can also set up the compartments to suit your materials. The sections are divided by removable timber braces. It is simple to slide the braces out when you want to make different sized compartments.  

    All of your materials remain nicely laid out inside whilst you work on your canvas or drawing board.

    This is the perfect all-in-one portable easel and art kit storage box. It really is a super convenient way of working.

    The easel head can be extended to accommodate a height of 36cm (360mm). This will comfortably hold a pad or canvas larger than A3 size in a portrait orientation.

    The width of the Van Gogh’s Ear Woodshed travel box is 26.5cm (265mm). The outside depth of the box is 11cm (110mm).

    Kids love to own this travelling box easel. They get to keep their art materials packed in one place and easily pick it up and take it from one room to another, or basically anywhere. It is a very good way to keep your little one busy and having fun whilst on holiday.

    The Van Gogh’s Ear Woodshed travel box easel makes a fabulous gift. Select it together with a range of pencils and sketch pad. Or, for the aspiring young painter, grab a small set of watercolours, brushes and some watercolour paper to go inside.

    Professionals will also make great use of this handy travelling easel box. Going on a quick trip and want to take a small kit with you? This is the perfect solution. Load it up with what you need and you will be ready to do some studies, or create new mini artworks. Masking fluid and mediums should fit right alongside your paints and brushes.

    Heading to a weekly art class meetup or life drawing class? Again, this is perfect for taking just what you need in a simple and compact form.

    Lightweight, simple, functional and very convenient. The Van Gogh’s Ear Woodshed travel box easel is definitely a great box to own.

    Materials: Beechwood, brass fittings, leather handle
    Overall size: 36cm x 26.5cm x 11cm
    Weight: 1.2kg

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    Art Materials Australia Workshop Easel Van Gogh's Ear Workshop Easel Van Gogh's Ear

    Workshop Easel Van Gogh’s Ear Woodshed

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    The Workshop Easel by Van Gogh’s Ear Woodshed

    You are looking at a top quality easel which has been designed by artists for artists. Have you been on the hunt for the perfect art easel? One that gives you many possibilities, but is also a reasonable price? This workshop easel fits the bill. It is a classic A-frame easel. In the art world the style is referred to in this way as it looks like an uppercase letter A. What is great about the A-frame easel design is that it takes up less room than other easel styles. It is not as bulky and can be more easily used in small spaces. It also conveniently folds flat for storage behind a cupboard or under a bed when not in use. This is also essential if your easel needs to be transported around. The workshop easel by Van Gogh’s Ear Woodshed is constructed from quality solid Beechwood. It is held together with sturdy and attractive gold metal fittings - bolts, nuts and screws. Customising the easel to suit your needs or make changes when changing from one project to the next is no problem. You can easily adjust the height that your artwork sits. The front lip, or canvas holding board moves up and down on a metal ratchet. You have the option of 11 different height positions to choose from. Additionally, the back leg of the easel can be adjusted in and out, to achieve the perfect viewing or working angle. There is a wing nut that can be tighten to keep the exact angle securely in place. You can also set the easel up outdoors. Even on slightly uneven ground it will hold in place. Whatever your medium, this easel will do its job and make your process of creation easier and more comfortable. Work on a large canvas or board, in acrylics or oils. Sketchers will find this easel useful too. Especially for those large scale pieces. Clip your paper to a large board and place it on the easel. You can then comfortably work with your charcoals or pastels from a clear straight-on view of your full piece. For quick sketches and practice this easel is also a great size for holding large bulky news sheets. Yet, the easel is not at all cumbersome and heavy. It can easily be picked up and moved around the studio, as required. Beyond the artist’s studio an A-frame easel has many uses. It is very popular for holding signage and displays at exhibitions. Artwork, photographs or framed memorabilia can be easily and prominently displayed at events, in galleries or at weddings. If you need to put a huge piece on display, this easel can do it. It is a big sturdy easel and it will accommodate very large artwork. You can place a piece which is up to 2 metres (200cm) high on the easel. You just need to slide the head off the top of the easel. If you wish to have the top of your artwork secured, then the maximum height the easel will take is 1.3 metres (130cm). Any level of artist will find the workshop easel by Van Gogh’s Ear Woodshed a welcome addition to their workspace - beginners, intermediate or professionals alike. The workshop easel by Van Gogh’s Ear Woodshed is well constructed and it will stand the test of time. Even using it day in and day out in a studio or classroom environment, it will stay strong. If you are carting the easel from event to event or to numerous shows you will get years of use from it. Materials: Beechwood and gold metal fittings Dimensions: 175cm x 66cm x 8cm Depth of the canvas holding board: 50cm Width of the canvas holding board: 50cm Maximum canvas height (when secured at top): 130cm Weight: 5.4kg
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