Mona’s Smile 15x15cm Gold Leaf Metal Sheets 25pcs

Take some cues from the ancient Egyptians, and dress up your work with some sparkly gold. They were the first to use this amazing technique thousands of years ago in their sculptures and paintings.

The gold fascination endured, with gilding work found throughout history and across many cultures. Almost everything imaginable has been adorned with gold at some point. Candelabras, ornate frames furniture to name a few. The most precious old hand written manuscripts were ornamented with illuminations – beautiful gold leaf decorated initial letters, borders and illustrations.

Imitation gold leaf sheets have been used for art, craft and decorative purposes for many decades. The sheets are made from a composite of metals, and an easier to handle, economical alternative to more expensive real gold leaf.

When it comes to gilding, your imagination is the only limitation. Gold leaf can be used to adorn almost any two or three dimensional surface.

Contemporary artists and printmakers absolutely love these Mona’s Smile gold leaf metal sheets. When creating hand-finished limited editions, gilding is a stunning embellishment. Add value to your work and ensure that each print has a completely unique touch.

Applying gold leaf is a form of mark making. Every individual piece of gilding will have its own unique texture imprint. Gold leaf will also catch the light and add depth and dimension to any work.

Have fun adding gilded details to your paintings. Whether you work on stretched canvas, timber panel, watercolour paper, aluminium panels, gild all you want. The Mona’s Smile gold leaf metal sheets can be easily glued over a variety of mediums – they will adhere to acrylics, inks, oils or watercolour paint.

If you are making or working with objects, there are plenty of suitable surfaces. Polymer clays, papier-mâché and even pottery will all take gold leafing beautifully.

Think about decorating some small furnishing items. Picture frames, a set of small draws for your knick-knacks, a pencil holder, or a wooden box are all possibilities. There are endless potential projects waiting to happen.

Stationery designers, you will find gilding never fails to add a touch of class and sophistication. Whether your work is highly decorated and traditional or sleek and minimal, gold leaf will make it stand out. Invitations, place cards, or thank you notes will positively glow with some well placed Mona’s Smile gold leaf metal sheets.

Consider creating personalised notebook, diary or journal covers by applying some strips of gold leaf. Uniquely gilded covers make exquisite gifts for someone special.

Working with Mona’s Smile gold leaf metal sheets is very straight-forward.

Mark out the area you wish the gold leaf to cover, and apply a thin layer of gold size. You can do this with a paint brush, or whatever works best for your surface and the shape. Gold leaf metal sheets can tarnish and turn green if left unprotected, so also select an appropriate tannin sealer to protect the finished gilding.

Carefully remove a sheet of gold leaf and backing paper, and lay it over the prepared area.

Grab yourself a dry hake brush and use it to gently smooth out any air bubbles or crinkles in the leaf. Hake brushes are the perfect choice as they are made from soft goat hair. They are gentle on the wet gold leaf and won’t tear it so easily.

Now you need to wait. The glue must be allowed to completely dry with the leafing on it before you proceed. If you can, it is best to wait 24 hours. Don’t be tempted to pull at the gold leaf when it is still wet. You may find yourself with disappointing results if you rush in too early.

When you are sure the glue is dry, brush away the gold leaf areas which have not been glued down. You will be left with your perfect area of gilding in tact to enjoy. Mission accomplished.

Imitation gold leaf metal sheets

15×15 cm
25 sheets