The PRO HART SWAGGER 1 inch 2 inch and 3 inch Hog Hair Paintbrush

2″ Hog hair paintbrush; These little paintbrushes are the BEE’S KNEES. They are an everything brush, and they come in at a great price.

The Pro Hart Swagger one inch, two inch and three inch Hog hair paintbrushes feature a short handle and a flat profile so that they won’t roll off your palette or table. Perfect for a variety of media, adhesives, acrylic, oil, watercolour and if you want to think out of the square, they are great for adding texture into air dry and hand-building clays.

These multi-use paintbrushes are also favoured by bookbinders who are after a cheap paint brush for gluing large areas of boxboard with PVA. Découpage lovers are addicted to the ease of use it adds to the varnishing process. Printmakers using chine collè find these brushes easy for any application with rice paper glue and fine Japanese tissue papers. They are great brushes to mix slip for a clay piece, and are perfect for paper machè projects. If you are varnishing a project, both turpentine, Matisse and waterbased varnishes Jo Sonja’s and Atelier are compatible with this brush. These are very affordable, utilitarian paintbrushes.

The must-have, multi-use paintbrushes are designed for all creative types, children, beginners, intermediate right through to professionals.

The Artworx team have used them in their very own art studios with some of Australia’s most renowned oil painters. PRO HART SWAGGER Hog hair paintbrushes are great for quickly laying down base colours for underpainting. You can use the Pro Hart Swagger Hog hair paintbrushes with oil painting mediums and solvents with ease and these paintbrushes can be worked with harsh scumbling effects because they can withstand continuous use for as long as you want them to.

Are you looking for a blended softer look? Feathering with these paintbrushes can be achieved with little to no effort at all! It is the perfect paintbrush with which to add a horizon line into your painting, to work on an abstract, landscape, portrait, seascape background or still life.

If you are working an acrylic painting, the Pro Hart Swagger Hog hair paintbrushes are just as useful. If you are into thick impasto acrylics such as the Matisse Structure or Liquitex Heavy Body, these paints will lay down comfortably on your painting surfaces. Painterly brush stroke marks will be retained by the coarseness of the Hog hair in these brushes. If you would prefer less brush stroke marks to be seen, retarders and liquifying mediums can help to thin out the paint and achieve a more feathered look. Flow acrylics can be used with these brushes too, Matisse FlowAtelier Free Flow and Golden can all be intermixed or worked on their own.

The Pro Hart Swagger Hog hair paintbrush are loved and designed by Australian artists, Nicole Baker and Jessica Skye Baker. As artists, they continually push the boundaries of their art supplies. Hog hair is not traditionally used as a watercolour paintbrush, but you can see it put to masterly use in many of their abstract watercolour and mixed media paintings.

The Hog hair paintbrushes are ideal for blocking out colour, mark making and pushing large areas of ink and watercolour around quickly. It lends itself to spontaneity and both thoughtful placement.

The Pro Hart Swagger Hog hair paintbrushes are basic art brushes with a tremendous amount of uses.

You know you have a real Pro Hart Swagger brush when you see and feel its signature crackle handle which is as unique as your very own thumbprint!