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2 Inch Brayer Warhols Wife

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Warhol’s Wife 2-inch Brayer

Brayer 2″; The Warhol’s Wife 2-inch solid rubber roller is a tough and well-made tool that glides with ease over a variety of surfaces, giving you perfect and even coverage of your mediums every time.

This rubber roller, also known as a brayer, is a small hand roller used to apply a thin layer of ink, paint, or glue to a surface. The surface of this brayer is smooth, used for more utilitarian practices that allow a consistent and even application of ink. However, decorative and textural elements can still be achieved with a little of your creativity.

Although most rollers are commonly used in printmaking, this roller is extremely versatile and can be used for gluing applications, bookbinding, dry mounting, and papercrafts. It’s suitable for use with both water-based and oil mediums from adhesives to paints to inks. It’s our most popular tool for working with rubber stamps, lino blocks, wooden plates, acetate, dry point etching, and more.

The Warhol’s Wife 2-inch, 50mm brayer is a high-quality, hard, rubber roller created by artists for artists. The roller measures exactly 160mm/16cm from the steel pins to the tip of the handle. The diameter of the rubber wheel measures 30mm/3cm. Tough steel fixtures hold the roller in place and protect against rust and wear. It also features a solid signature blue handle.

To use this brayer, simply roll it over an ink pad to get the roller evenly coated. Once thoroughly coated in your medium, gently lift and roll it over your paper, canvas, or rubber stamp. Different effects can be achieved depending on how the medium is applied. Rolling over a single area will give a dense build-up of colour while blended or shaded effects can be achieved by overlapping colours of ink or paint.

Keeping your rubber roller clean is extremely important because leftover paints or inks on the surface can contaminate future projects. Luckily, The Warhol’s Wife roller is easily cleaned in warm, soapy water. You may need to clean permanent or alcohol inks with harder solvents but rest assured, this rubber roller is durable and can withstand different chemical applications. Once the brayer is dry, roll it over a piece of scrap paper to ensure that it is clean and won’t transfer old mediums or cleaning solvents.

The Warhol’s Wife 2-inch rubber roller is a great addition to your crafting toolbox. Use it to ink large surfaces, add decorative effects to your projects, or apply even amounts of adhesive when binding a book or making greeting cards. This sturdy roller will last for thousands of projects and is economically priced. It’s great for use in studio and classroom environments, and is perfect for beginners, intermediate, and professional creators. The only limit is your imagination.

Also available in 4 inches

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