The Pro Hart Swagger 1″ 2” and 3” Hog Hair Paintbrush

3″ Hog hair paintbrush: We have got to say, these little paintbrushes are the bee’s knees. We love them. The Pro Hart Swagger 1″, 2” and 3” Hog hair paint brushes are a basic studio essential for us. 

You won’t have a problem keeping this brush where you need it: firmly on your palette or table. It has a comfy short handle. And the flat profile means it isn’t going to roll away anywhere.

Get them messy with acrylics, oils, watercolours or adhesives. There is no end to the media you can use these brushes for.

Acrylic and oil painters

Are you working with acrylics? You will find this paintbrush invaluable. Effortlessly lay down thick impasto acrylics Heavy Body paints. 

If you are after a painterly brushstroke, textured look to your work? The Pro Hart Swagger Hog hair bristles retain the detail and liveliness of your brush strokes wonderfully. 

Alternatively, use retarders and liquifying mediums to thin your paints, and you can achieve a smoother look. 

The Pro Hart Swagger Hog hair brushes are a fantastic, versatile tool. Block out colours efficiently. Accomplish all manner of mark-making. 

  • Easily push ink and watercolour across your canvas.

The 3″ Hog hair paintbrush will take both oil painting mediums and solvents with ease.

3″ Hog hair paintbrush for bookbinders

Bookbinders love this brush. It is the perfect inexpensive brush for glueing large areas of boxboard with PVA. Similarly, decoupage enthusiasts or printmakers working with the chine-collè technique will find this brush great for use with rice paper glue and fine Japanese tissue papers.

Ideal for varnishing

Need to varnish a project? Whatever varnish you select, this brush is an excellent go-to, whether it is turpentine-based or water-based. 

Think outside the square potters and sculptures with your 3″ Hog hair paintbrush

Don’t let ideas of how a paintbrush is typically used limit you. Modellers and sculptors, grab one of these to add texture to clays. And if you need to join clay pieces together, use this brush to mix up your slip.

Are you rough on your paintbrushes? Have no fear

Are you sometimes a little rough on your brushes? Never fear. Use this for those harsh, dry-brush scumbling effects. These hardy brushes will stand up to rigorous use. 

Create some great textures, depth and hardy layers in your work with ease. For softer blending, use the hog hair bristles to achieve a feathering effect. Or, run the brush across your canvas to create your horizon line. 

The Pro Hart Swagger 1″, 2” and 3” Hog hair paint brushes are perfect for working backgrounds – whether a landscape, seascape, still life, portrait, or abstract.

  • Abstract
  • Landscape
  • Seascape
  • Still life
  • Portrait

An all-rounder paintbrush for everyone

For beginners, children, dedicated hobbyists, and seasoned professionals, this brush is a great choice. It is a genuinely multi-use and indispensable brush.

We can vouch for this. The Artworx team uses these magnificent Pro Hart Swagger 1″, 2” and 3” hog hair paint brushes in their art studios. And some of Australia’s renowned painters have grabbed these and used them to lay down their base colours for underpainting.

From one artist to another

What’s more, the brush is designed by artists. High-quality art materials are a passion for Australian artist Nicki Comelli. She is never scared to push the boundaries of what a material can do. You might be surprised that she uses the Pro Hart Swagger Hog hair brushes with watercolours. 

Hog hair is certainly not the traditional choice for this medium. But Nicki loves using these brushes for her abstract watercolour paintings.

Designed to be as unique as you

There is no mistaking a genuine Pro Hart Swagger brush. Every brush is uniquely finished with the signature crackle handle.

Also available in 2 and 3 inches and long handles.

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