The Night Cafe Artist Supply Bag by Van Gogh’s Ear 

Artist supply bag; Here at Art Materials Australia, we love all things creative that are functional and useable, and we can guarantee that the favourite creative person in your life will LOVE this keepsake art supplies bag. Whatever their art medium of choice, the Night Café art supplies bag is super-convenient. It will always spark their inspiration enough to get their artistic juices flowing.

The Night Café art supplies bag is one of a kind, designed by Australian artist Nicki Comelli.   

Night Café artist supply bag, what an indulgence!

The Night Café by Van Gogh’s Ear accessory is a complete sensory indulgence, so handle it with flair. At the first touch, you will adore the soft leather and inner linen lining from which this bespoke artist bag is made. Each piece of leather has been hand-cut to create this original masterpiece.

Perfect for artists who want to get out of the studio and into the light

The Night Café art bag is the most luxurious carry-all art supplies bag. It has ample storage for pencils, erasers, A4 or A5 sketchbooks, paintbrushes, and paints.

This unique bag zips almost right around and opens up to lie flat. This feature is great if you have limited studio space, are out plein-air painting, or going to your next art class or workshop. 

“This is an art bag you will fall in love with – a true one of a kind.” Nicki Comelli

The Night Café art bag features a removable pencil case and has a hidden front side pocket for any extra art supplies you wish to carry. The inside of the bag provides 39 leather loops that will hold a range of small, medium, and large paintbrushes. Short and long-handled brushes will fit into this stylish art bag. 

The centre of the Night Café bag is held with an elegant hidden magnetic strip to securely store all your art supplies.  

On the hunt for that special gift for a professional artist?

Gifts for professional artists are hard to find, and this is the perfect gift for creators who have everything. It is a keepsake and heirloom to be handed down to future generations because, as we all know, you can pass the creative gene down to many in the family! 

The Night Café Bag can easily hang over an easel or on a hook in a studio space when not used. It can be geared to be ready when you are. Carry this bespoke piece on your shoulder as you would an everyday bag.

A true collector’s item

The Night Café art supplies bags by Van Gogh’s Ear are handmade and are available in tan, all-black, and natural cowhides. You will find the Van Gogh’s Ear signature embossed in a leather finish in the bottom left-hand corner at the front of the bag. 

The soft leather used to create these original bags is a natural product. The colour and texture can vary from one piece to another. Leather or hides might be slightly darker or lighter than in the display image.

The durable, double-leather handles make this bag a convenient shoulder bag for everyday wear.

Acrylic painters, oil, watercolourists, and urban sketchers will find many uses for the Night Café art bag. It can carry the art supplies for many creative genres: from botanical artists who need to take small watercolour tubes or pans to abstract painters who use 250ml pots.

When closed, the Night Café bag is 32cm in width and 51cm in height. When the bag is completely open, it measures 64cm x 51cm. The removable leather pencil case measures 20 x 10cm, and the hidden pocket 16x16cm.

The Night Café art supplies bag by Van Gogh’s Ear will have you standing out from the crowd. This medium size art bag is as beautiful as it is practical. The elegantly curved shape opens to reveal a large interior, while the body is soft to create a slouchy effect.

“Designed and made to suit the artist in you.” Nicki Comelli

Variation Notice:

Due to the natural variation and suppleness of leather, all Art Materials Australia and Van Gogh Ear art bags, cases, pouches, satchels, or wallets differ. As part of our unique style, we hope you will embrace these variations as part of the items’ bespoke charm, designed by one artist to another.

We have portrayed the natural variation in our product images by limiting Photoshop editing and providing a high-resolution image. By doing this, we hope that this allows you to make more of an informed choice when browsing our collection.

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