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Warhol’s Wife Big Red Palette Knife

$29.95 Including GST

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Warhol’s Wife Big Red Palette Knife

  • xxxxxx
  • Flexible blade
  • Lacquered handle
  • Stainless steel
  • Keep your pigments bright

Use with 

  • Acrylic
  • Clays
  • Impasto
  • Oil
  • Easy to clean, rinse in water and wipe dry


49 in stock

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The Big Red Palette Knife

Big palette knife art: Immerse yourself in a world of creativity with the Warhol’s Wife large palette knife. Whether exploring vivid hues and textures or crafting your next masterpiece, this is an essential tool in your artistic arsenal. 

This palette knife isn’t just large; it is extra-large. Its long, flexible stainless steel blade covers substantial areas with ease. From impasto to paints, you are equipped to tackle any project head-on. And guess what? You can create a diverse range of textures, too.

With the spatula-style angled blade, mixing paint is a breeze. It gives you the perfect blend every time, making your artwork come alive with vibrant colours. 

The most significant feature, though? It keeps your hands away from wet paint while you work – no more messy fingers or ruined clothes – just pure artistic expression.

The lacquered red beech wood handle is sleek and stylish with a satin finish, enhancing the aesthetic appeal. The handle dimensions are x x x cm (xx x xxx in), while the blade measures xx x xx cm (xx x xx in) – substantial enough for your creative endeavours. 

So, think big, paint immensely, and let your creativity flow with the Warhol’s Wife large palette knife. The only limit is your imagination. Don’t beat around the bush. Go straight for the masterpiece.

Big red palette knife 

You’ve got a large palette knife with a flexible stainless steel tip in your hand. But what do you do with it?

  1. Firstly, unlock the world of colour with acrylics. Your palette knife’s broad, flexible blade is perfect for mixing and applying hues directly to your canvas. Smear, spread or even sculpt your acrylics to create a unique, vibrant work of art.
  2. Secondly, dive into the rich, luscious world of oil paints. Your large palette knife comes into its own when working with the thick consistency of oil. Use it to create bold strokes and broad areas of colour, achieving a depth and intensity you can’t get with a brush.
  3. Thirdly, venture into the 3D realm with impastos. This technique involves layering paint thickly on the canvas so it stands out from the surface. Your palette knife’s broad blade and flexible tip make it ideal for creating these textured, tactile effects.
  4. Fourthly, your palette knife is for more than paint. Use it for clay modelling, too. Its large, flexible blade is perfect for cutting, shaping, and smoothing clay, whether you’re an experienced sculptor or a beginner just getting your hands dirty.
  5. Lastly, embrace the abstract. Use your palette knife to create textural effects in your artwork. Experiment with different techniques like scraping, layering, or dabbing. Your canvas is a playground, and your palette knife is the ticket to endless creative possibilities. 

So, next time you pick up a large palette knife, remember it is not just a tool but a passport to a world of artistic creation and exploration. Enjoy the journey! 

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