What isn’t to love about a small round paintbrush Hog bristle?

Small round Hog bristle paintbrush: Your tools are your compass, guiding you through the vast landscape of your imagination. The thick, round hog hair paintbrushes hold a special place among these. 

But have you ever thought about the endless techniques you can achieve with them? 

Think about it. Think about the thick strokes, the fine lines, the blending, the washes. 

Imagine the magic you can create and the satisfaction of seeing your ideas come to life.

Mastering these brushes will open up a new realm in your artistic journey. So dive in and let your creativity soar.

Acrylic paint

Dipping your hog hair brush into acrylic paint can hold a large amount of pigment, allowing you to create bold, impactful strokes. The stiff bristles grant you control, enabling you to shape your vision accurately on your working surface.

Oil paint

Oil paints’ rich and creamy texture becomes a delight to handle when you have a hog hair brush in your art kit. It can manipulate the paint brilliantly, facilitating various techniques, from blending to layering and glazing.


With watercolour, these brushes ensure a rough, urban spread of hues. The agility of hog hair bristles helps manage the scratchy wash of watercolours, allowing you to play with transparency and gradients.

It is not all about the paint when it comes to your small round Hog bristle paintbrush

And it doesn’t stop at paints. You can also use these brushes to apply adhesives or create textured effects on pottery pieces. 

So, next time you pick up your hog hair paintbrush, remember it is not just a brush. It is a wand that brings your artistic dreams to life. Explore, experiment and express with the magic of these versatile brushes. 

Ideal for use with:

  • Acrylics
  • Adhesives
  • Gouaches
  • Inks
  • Mediums
  • Oils
  • Watercolours

You are the creator of your masterpiece.

How to create scumbling and stippling techniques with your small round Hog bristle paintbrush

Master the art of texture. Have you ever wondered how to create scumbling and stippling effects with a big, thick Hog bristle paint brush? 

Scumbling is all about creating a broken colour effect. It’s achieved by lightly dragging a semi-dry brush across your working surface. The result? An enchanting smoky appearance. 

Stippling, however, involves dabbing the brush onto your work surface. This creates a series of tiny dots, perfect for crafting intricate details, adding depth or a white wash to a wave.

Remember, it’s all about experimentation and finding your style. Practice these techniques and let your creativity soar.

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