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Box of 10 30×30″ Thick Frame Canvases Art Materials Australia

$232.59 Including GST

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Art materials canvases 30×30 inches

  • 30 x 30 inches
  • 75 x 75 cm
  • 300gsm heavy-weight canvas
  • 100% pure cotton duck canvas
  • 1″ Overwrap for re-stretching
  • Acid-free
  • Deep 1½” / 38mm profile
  • Medium tooth
  • Non-yellowing
  • Premium grade
  • Staple free edges
  • Triple primed with titanium white acrylic gesso

1000 in stock

Art Materials Australia
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Art Materials Canvases 30×30 inches 

Art materials canvases 30×30″; Have you been searching for a canvas that isn’t a beginner but not a top-of-the-line artist-quality canvas? If so, the Art Materials Australia (AMA) Studio range is ideal. It is made from a dense 300 gsm heavy-weight 100% unbleached cotton duck fabric, making these Studio canvases an excellent surface for all paint and mixed media techniques. The cotton surface has no polyester and features a medium-toothed texture triple primed with a quality acid-free, non-yellowing gesso. The range of canvas has excellent archival qualities. 

30×30 inches with a 38 mm profile

Each canvas frame has been made from kiln-dried US pine timber. The wood has been hot stamped with the Art Materials Australia logo to ensure quality. Each canvas has wedges to tighten the fabric and square up the frame. The canvas fabric has a 1 and 1/2 inch overwrap which is excellent if you need to re-stretch your artwork.  

“Know when you have created an artwork on the Art Materials Australia Studio canvas that you have worked with a quality premium grade product. Feel confident.” Australian artist Nicki Comelli

Although these canvases are not top-of-the-line artist quality or gallery-wrapped like our Warhol’s Wife stretched canvases, they are outstanding and sit at a high mid-level. Because of their economical price point, they are not a budget canvas like our Art Materials Australia 18mm profile canvases either. Work on them, and you will love them. 

Art materials canvases – a quick check on the quality

There are three easy ways to check a canvas’s quality.

1. Hold the canvas to the window’s light and check if the gesso/primer is solid and smooth.

2. Look at the back of the canvas and check if it is cream. Polyester canvases or blends are bright white.

3. Hold the canvas in one hand and a cheaper branded canvas in the other. Make sure they are the same size. Check to see which one feels heavier. The heavier one is the winner. It means the manufacturer used dense pine wood rather than craft wood in the frame. Therefore this is less likely to distort, twist or wrap out of shape. 

VIPurpose art materials canvases 30×30 inch rewards 

With competitive prices and dedication towards our customer satisfaction, we here at Art Materials Australia pride ourselves on providing you with the best art materials canvases 30×30 inch options. Sign up for our VIPurpose points program today and get even better discounts through our store and online purchases on all the art materials you need.  

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