12 Piece Comic Calligraphy Dip Pens

Calligraphy dip pens; Let your imagination run free with this set of Comic Dip Pens. Exactly what you need for urban sketching or calligraphy work.

They feel great in the hand. Each handle is nicely shaped from natural timber and easy to hold. They are light, comfortable and a cinch to use. Perfect for quick sketches or many hours of dedicated inking.

Like to change your grip? Hold the pen in close to the nib for calligraphy work. Or take a looser grip further up the handle for sweeping strokes from the shoulder. Also great for smooth transitions, and changes in pressure and angle.

In the box, you will get 4 timber handle pens, plus 2 x 4 metal nibs. 12 pieces in total.

There are 2 nibs each in widths of extra small, small, medium and large. All the variety you need to create a range of linework. Change the nibs easily and rest assured they hold securely.

Urban sketchers, try ditching your fineliners and have a go at these amazing dip pens. You can create a much more dynamic look and feel. 

There is something incredibly satisfying about the process of taking the ink up. Then let it flow off the end of the nib onto the paper. The feel of a nib gliding across a sheet of paper is very different from using a fine liner. And, there’s no need to maintain the pen at such an upright angle.

Want to mix it up? Experiment and add some variation to your sketches? One of the best things about a dip pen is the chance to select exactly the right ink you want. Options open up you just didn’t have before.

Want to try different colour inks? No problem. Blacks, blues, purples, browns, and the list goes on.

Beyond just colour, there’s a huge variety of drawing inks to select from. Create bold sketches and crisp lines with opaque acrylic ink. Or try working with the soft translucence of a shellac-based ink.

A nice minimal approach is to to start with grabbing one bottle of black Sumi ink. Perfect for simple, bold sketches. Equally good for starting to build character in your work.

So you will have a variety of nib sizes to work with. But this is just the beginning. Nib size gives basic control over line thickness. But, change the pressure and angle of the nib against the paper and you can draw or write with even further variations.

Different line weights from the same nib are easy to achieve. And bring energy and modulation to your linework.

Create amazing, lively and dynamic lines. Work as you please. Loose or very structured. There is nothing quite like the hand-touched quality that inking in this way gives.

The experience of writing or drawing with the Comic Dip Pens is especially pleasurable. Possibilities open up and you will be free to let your imagination flow onto the page.

You will receive this set beautifully packaged in a sturdy cardboard box. It is a delight to open and use these pens right from the start.

You will be hitting your stride in no time.

Consider extending your sketch supplies further to get the best out of these dips pens.

Is calligraphy your thing? Or, are you wanting to add ink embellishments to your journaling? Pair these dip pens with some blotting paper, and a calligraphy pad or journal.

Inking with dips pens can also effortlessly be combined with watercolours. Try your hand at adding some soft washes over your monochrome ink work. Pick the right ink and it will stay put rather than blurring. 

All of these sketching and journalling supplies are lightweight and minimal. Fit them into an art satchel and you can easily take them anywhere you need.

12 Piece Comic Calligraphy Dip Pens

4 x timber handle dip pens
2 x 4 metals nibs
Nib sizes: extra small, small, medium and large