Warhol’s Wife Detail Paint Brushes

The Warhol’s Wife detail paintbrushes are a fantastic collection of fine brushes; Can also be referred to as small or miniature paintbrushes. The assortment of paintbrushes have been well thought-out and are perfectly designed for use with a tremendous multitude of mediums. These include acrylic, oil, watercolour, and gouache paints, inks, glues, and even pottery glazes! No matter what type of artwork you are creating, the wide variety of this set ensures you will always have the right brush at your fingertips.

The Warhol’s Wife detail paint brushes are ideal for beginning artists and professionals alike. They are popular tools for model makers, architects, and creators who love painting miniature gaming figurines because they allow you to make the finest and tiniest marks. These brushes are also a favourite amongst professional sign writers and graphic designers who need to draw the most precise lines with ease.

This 12-pack set of nylon detail brushes includes 12 brushes with liner, round, and flat brush head shapes ranging in sizes 1, 0, 00, 000, and 0000.

You will receive a no.1 flat, no.0 flat, no.1 linear, no.0 linear, no.00 liner, no.000 liner, no.0000 liner, no.1 round, no.0 round, no.00 round, no.000 round, and a no.0000 round in this collection.


Use your flat brushes to make fine broad strokes; Perfect for when you want thicker lines or small blocked areas of paint coverage. The flat paintbrushes feature a delicate square rectangle head that is made up of short hair lengths; Guaranteed to give you excellent even coverage. The squared-off sharp points at the end of the brush tip are easy to control and flex well on the working surface. Both the no.1 and the no.0 flat brushes in this set provide precise direct painterly marks. Think of painting small windows in a cityscape with one stroke of a brush and paint or using the tip and sides of the brush to create delicate highlights in a portrait or still life.


The Warhol’s Wife liner brushes have very thin, long bristles. Best used for the superfine details in your artwork that the round brush is too thick for. Try creating long linear patterns in a contemporary abstract painting with the 0000 sized liner paintbrush. Because the liner brush tips are miniature, the liner brushes are ideal for writing out letters and words, like signing your painting! Liner brushes are also great for painting grass blades, creating flower stamens, adding in details on an animal portrait and anything else you set your mind to that needs a lot of detail. You can also use ink with these liner brushes or glue for laying down gold leaf size. 


The round brushes in this set will give you maximum control for different details in your painting. Give the 0000 sized round brush a try by painting in delicate and intricate lines of tree leaves in a watercolour painting; Because these paintbrushes are made from nylon/synthetic hairs, they can hold more paint than water which makes them great for dry brushing watercolour paints. Even if you are using acrylics, enamel, gouache or oil round brushes are typically used for adding details when you need full control of the size and flow of the paint.

The Warhol’s Wife paintbrushes feature short, polished, wooden handles that fit comfortably in your hand, providing you with excellent, even balance so that you have full control over your motion as you create with them. The nylon bristles are held firmly in place with a solid metal ferrule, ensuring the brush head won’t shed or wear.

Cleaning these brushes is also a breeze. Quickly wash the nylon paint brushes with warm, soapy water or brush cleaner. Gently dab excess water and shape them back to their points. Let them dry flat on a cloth or paper towel. To preserve their shape and tips, do not store them upside down on their bristles.

The Warhol’s Wife detail brushes are an essential set of paintbrushes for any artist or crafter to have in their supply kit or travel easel! The applications are truly endless, and the quality and price are unbeatable! If you have a set of these paintbrushes whatever your genre you will find a use for them.