Pro Hart Swagger stainless steel ball styluses – set of 5 embossing tools

In the world of art materials embossing tools are commonly called styluses. You will find them extremely versatile art tools, and an excellent addition to your studio.

No matter what your preferred media is, there is a task the Pro Hart Swagger styluses can do. They are perfect for creating all kinds of indents, lines, textures and impressions.

This 5 piece set contains smooth round tips in diameters of 1mm, 2mm, 3mm and 4mm. Tools are all double-ended for convenient use.

Do you create hand drawn illustrations or works on paper? When working on heavy weight paper, these styluses are great to emboss the surface. Embossing adds dimension and gives a more life-like quality to any finished piece.

If you love to add some hand-embellishment to your work, these styluses are incredibly invaluable. They are perfect for working with copper and metal embossing sheets. Excellent to glide over, impress details into and create texture on the sheets.

The styluses are also just the answer for transferring images using graphite paper or tracing paper.

In the mood to do some modelling or sculpting? These styluses are essential tools to add detailed impressions into polymer or natural clays. Use them for dotting, or drawing smooth lines. Try engraving some ceramics.

Leather modelling and shaping is another ideal use. Really, these are super handy to have on hand for almost any crafting project you tackle.

Love to work with very fine details? The Pro Hart Swagger embossing tools are perfect for precision. The short handles make these styluses very easy and comfortable to use. Be as precise or loose as you need with your movements.

Painters will get excellent mileage from this Pro Hart Swagger stylus set. Create detailed and complex ink art by using a stylus to drip acrylic or shellac inks onto your work.

A personal favourite use of the styluses is to take one and scratch back either acrylic or oil paints. It instantly creates texture, depth and layering in abstract or figurative paintings.

Do you include tiny dot work in your pieces? Don’t struggle to neatly paint your dots with a paint brush. These tools are indispensable for the job. Fine dots can easily be created when using paint and a flow acrylic.

Watercolourists take note. There’s no need to ruin your brushes applying masking fluid. Grab one of these to mask your fine details instead. Simple and easy clean up. The masking fluid will peel right off.

Do you make invitations or hand finished graphic design work? A quality stylus is terrific for scoring or embossing paper and card stock. Wedding invitations or themed stationery can be taken to a new level by adding some decorative embossed details. Confidently create perfectly clean and crisp fold lines on any invitation or place card.

Whether you are an artist, a crafter or a hobbyist, these nifty little tools are sure to become an indispensable addition to your materials. Experiment and you will discover how versatile this set can be.

Once you get your hands on this set of styluses, you will always keep them nearby.

  • Stainless steel tips
  • Smooth round ball ends
  • 5 x double ended styluses
  • Total length: 13cm
  • Diameters: 1mm, 2mm, 3mm and 4mm