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Feather Quill Dip Pen


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Feather Quill Dip Pen

  • Easy to use: Dip the quill in ink and start drawing or writing
  • Fun and creative: Perfect for calligraphy, drawing, and adding a personal touch to your artwork
  • Large, natural feather
  • Metal nib
  • Can use with acrylic, alcohol and shellac-based inks
  • Can be used with Sumi ink
  • Can be used with waterbased ink


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Feather Quill Your Art 

A feather quill dip pen, an instrument once the pioneer of communication, is more than just a writing tool. It is a testament to the timeless allure of craftsmanship, a symbol of grace, elegance, and sophistication.

The art of using a feather quill adds a unique touch to your work that no modern tool can replicate. It is an opportunity to slow down, create with intention, and express your thoughts and ideas in a distinctive style.

The charm of a feather quill lies in its versatility. Whether jotting down thoughts in your journal, crafting a heartfelt letter, or even designing a piece of art, a quill can be your trusted companion. It is not just about writing but about creating an experience that engages all your senses.

Using a quill requires a touch of finesse. The way you dip it in the ink, the angle at which you hold it, the pressure you apply – every tiny detail affects the outcome. It is a challenge that invites precision, patience, and practice.

The fun of drawing and illustrating with a feather quill dip pen

Have you ever wondered what can add a touch of magic to your illustrations and sketches? 

Dive into the world of ink drawing using a quill feather pen. Let it become your new go-to tool next to your fine-liners, and discover the joy of creating dynamic and organic strokes.

  • Cross-hatching, a technique involving parallel lines drawn at right angles, can add depth and texture to your sketches. Let the combination of ink and this technique bring your drawings alive!
  • Hatching, another method involving long, parallel lines drawn at an angle, can create a unique sense of movement and flow in your art pieces. Isn’t it fascinating how a simple change in technique can dramatically alter the visual impact?
  • Go beyond just straight lines. Explore the realm of scribbles, small circles, crosses, dashes, and stippling (dots) for a diverse range of textures. The more you experiment, the more you will fall in love with this art form.

The satisfaction of drawing with raw ink is unmatched. The feeling of a nib sliding smoothly over the paper, leaving behind a trail of your creative thoughts, differs significantly from using a regular marker or pen.

  • Use with:
  • alcohol ink
  • acrylic ink
  • shellac in
  • Sumi ink
  • Waterbased ink

Remember, your creativity is like a feather; it can fly in any direction you want. The choice of tools and techniques is yours, so why not make it exciting? Find your rhythm between the ink and paper, and let your unique artistry shine through!

Feather quill dip pens are excellent for:

  • cardmaking
  • illustrating
  • journalling
  • scrapbooking
  • urban sketching

So, why not add a dash of old-world charm next time you draw or write? Unleash the power of your imagination with the elegance of a feather quill. Experience the joy of creating something beautiful, tangible and meaningful. That is the art of a feather quill, and that is what it is for.

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