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Gift Cards

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Gift Cards

  • Personalise
  • Use on all art and craft supplies
  • Art classes
  • Kits
  • Voucher sent via email to your recipient on your selected day and you can include a personal message
  • Quality art materials designed by artists for artists
Art Materials Australia
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Nothing Beats a Gift Voucher You LOVE

Gift cards for art supplies: Are you looking for the perfect treat for someone special? Let us discuss a gift that will inspire their inner creator and let their imagination soar!

Imagine this. You offer this person an Art Materials Australia gift card. Whatever their preferred medium or genre, they will find something that sparks their creative spirit. They delight in their excitement as they browse various choices, from vivid paints and quality brushes to intriguing drawing supplies and unique artist satchels.

Why is this gift perfect, you ask? Because it is more than just a physical item. It is an opportunity for them to explore their creativity, to experiment with different materials and styles, and to bring their unique vision to life. 

Whether they are into contemporary or traditional art, the possibility of discovery and the joy of creation awaits. It is your way of saying, “I believe in your creativity, and I want to help you nurture it.” 

The best part? You are not just gifting a shopping experience. You are offering a journey of artistic exploration. Nothing says I understand and appreciate your passion’ from one creator to another better than this.

So go ahead, gift the gift of creativity. It is a gesture your unique person will cherish and an inspiring present! 

Gift cards for art supplies

The presents for artists are endless, from art classes to pencils; presents for an artist can be anything from a brush or paint to a gift card. Here at Art Materials Australia, you can use gift cards on anything on our website. 

Buy the best presents for art lovers and grab an art supplies gift card. Birthday and Christmas presents for artists are easy to come by here at Art Materials Australia. Whether it is artistic presents for beginners or professionals, we have your creative person covered!

Inspire that unique, creative someone in your life. Give them the gift of choice with an Art Materials Australia gift card.

How you will receive your art supplies gift card

Gift cards are emailed and contain instructions to redeem them at checkout. Our gift vouchers, art supplies, and online classes have no additional processing fees.

When you order an Art Materials Australia gift card, a unique code of equal value is generated and sent to the specified recipient. The gift card owner can:

  • Use it to pay for art supplies, kits or online art classes. Just enter the code directly when you checkout.
  • Add the gift card to your account for later use.

Think ahead with your art supplies gift card

Don’t buy preloaded gift cards that you can purchase at chain stores or supermarkets. Put some thought into your gift and shop at an independent art supplier. Buy from artists who walk and talk about their passions and know what all the good art supplies are. Here at Art Materials Australia, we have competitive prices, and all our products are quality, quality, quality. We also specialise in fast delivery as everything is in stock. 

Preloaded gift cards come across as lazy and impersonal, so do yourself a favour. Buy a gift card that is in tune with that unique someone’s interests and hobbies. It shows that you have given some thought to providing a gift that encourages their talent and appreciates their interests.

“From one artist to another, there is nothing like a personalised gift card,” Australian artist Nicki Comelli.

VIPurpose Art Materials Australia gift card rewards

With competitive prices and dedication towards customer satisfaction, we at Art Materials Australia pride ourselves on providing you with the best art supplies gift card options. Sign up for our VIPurpose points program today and get even better discounts through our store and online purchases on all the art materials you need.  

Contact us

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact an Art Materials Australia creative member.

Text: 0411248217

E: info@artmaterialsaustralia.com.au

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    November 10, 2021
    Easy check out process and loved by arty friend. Thank you

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