Squirrel Hair Paintbrushes by Warhol’s Wife

These striking Warhol’s Wife squirrel hair paintbrushes have a quality you can feel.

These are a professional watercolour paintbrush. You will find they have the excellent elasticity and fluid absorption you expect from a brush of this calibre.

You can select from three sizes of these squirrel hair brushes: no.2, no.4 and no.8. Each one tapers to a nice pointed tip.

Use them for anything from background washes to adding fine details into a painting.

Why Squirrel Hair?

The Warhol’s Wife handcrafted squirrel hair paintbrush has been designed to hold a large volume of water or fluid medium in the belly of the brush. Compared to rival sable hair paintbrushes, squirrel hair brushes hold much more fluid.

You will find these paintbrushes feel as good to use as they look. When holding these brushes, you will experience much more spring back. A satisfying snap as the brush returns to form after leaving the painting surface.

The luscious hairs fill the round body of the handle. The point has been precisely manicured to create the signature tip. As you paint, the brush also maintains this clean sharp point, depending on the level of hand pressure which you apply.

Washes, bloom effects and fine details can all be painted with ease with these unique brushes. Whether you are using a watercolour canvas or paper.

A very durable paintbrush handle

The Warhol’s Wife squirrel hair paintbrushes feature a subtle, weighty plastic handle. It won’t absorb fluid, shrink or swell. You will never have to worry about it flaking or cracking like a traditional painted and varnished wooden handle.

This short black handle is well balanced and seamlessly smooth. It fits well in the hand and is comfortable to hold.

You will see the ferrules of these brushes have been stylishly bound with copper wire. This keeps the squirrel hair bristles very securely attached to the handle.

If you maintain these Warhol’s Wife brushes well, you are going to easily get years of use from them.

Create with a range of mediums

The high absorbency of these paintbrushes means you can use them with a wide range of mediums. Whether you enjoy using watercolours, dyes, inks, gouache or any other wet medium, they are excellent. Get creative in traditional styles or with some contemporary experimentation.

Pick up the no.8 brush to paint in background areas or create watercolour blooms. For more control take a no.4 or no.2. These sizes will give you a range of thick to thin strokes. Adjust your hand pressure while painting to vary your stroke width.

Each size brush has a nice point for easily adding detail with your chosen medium.

Are you a calligrapher? These are marvellous paintbrushes for achieving gorgeous long flowing strokes.

Also, perfect if you love to create works comprised of a lovely single expressive stroke. Equally good for landscapes, still life paintings or portraits.

Maintaining your Warhol’s Wife squirrel hair paintbrush

You should clean your squirrel hair paintbrush after each use. Use a basic paintbrush cleaner such as the incredible Brush Cleaner by Chromacryl.

Give your brush a very thorough clean. Get right down into the ferrule area. Once clean, bring the hairs to a point and place down horizontal on an absorbent cloth.

Once dry these paintbrushes will hold their shape. You won’t see any fluffy or stray hairs poking out.

Designed by artists for artists

As with the entire Warhol’s Wife range, these squirrel hair brushes are Australian designed. Artists Nicole Baker and Jessica Skye Baker take pride in conducting thorough research and extensive testing on all their art materials.

They are working artists active on the Australian art scene. Naturally, you are going to find these squirrel hair paintbrushes in use in their studios.

These paintbrushes are part of Nicole and Jessica’s continuing mission to bring some quality pizzazz to modern art supplies.

Squirrel hair paintbrushes
Handle: black seamless plastic
Available in sizes: No.2, No.4, No.8