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Pro Hart Swagger Metal Paint Tube Wringer


414 in stock

Paint Tube Wringer

  • Artist quality
  • Durable
  • Fits many tubes
  • Can be used on plastic and metal tubes
  • Can be used with acrylic, gouache, oil and watercolour tubes
  • Made of aluminium alloy
  • Reduces waste and saves paint (up to one-third more)
  • Serrated rollers
  • 7.5cm in width
  • Great artist gift

414 in stock

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The Paint Tube Wringer by Pro Hart Swagger

Paint tube wringer; Imagine squeezing every last dollop of colour from your paint tubes! With the Pro Hart Swagger paint tube wringer, you will never leave a drop of paint behind again. Whether working with acrylic, oil, watercolour, or gouache, this tool ensures nothing goes to waste. 

Imagine the satisfaction of utilising your paints optimally every single time. By ensuring none of your precious hues remains trapped in the tube, this tool saves you money and contributes your part in reducing waste. 

Create wisely 

So, don’t just create; create wisely with Pro Hart Swagger paint tube wringer. No more wasted paint, just endless opportunities to bring your vibrant visions to life! Your palette won’t know what hit it.

Are you ready to unleash your creativity to the fullest without any waste? We have the right tool to help you squeeze every last drop out of your tubes. This incredible gadget fits all, whether large, small, metal, or plastic tubes.

Get up to a third more

Say goodbye to tube breakage and preserve the freshness and softness of your contents. You will be amazed at how much waste you can prevent when utilising every dot of your paint. Curious about how much more you can get? You could get as much as a third more from every tube.

Before you continue painting, let us accept this astounding fact! You have just discovered the perfect accomplice for your creativity. The benefits are mind-blowing, especially for those who endorse high-quality professional series paints! 

This is not just about saving money; it is about maximising your resources and appreciating the actual value of your materials. So why not consider the Pro Hart Swagger paint tube wringer? Experience this enormous difference in your work today. Remember, fabulous creations originate from tiny details! The art world is your canvas; it is time to paint it to your heart’s content. 

Made entirely from metal, this is not your average tube wringer. It is sturdy, compact, and designed to last. Whether you are working on a canvas, fabric, or any other medium, this tool is geared for continuous, heavy studio use. Rest assured. It will not let you down.

Paint tube wringer made from metal

The large metal winder stands out with its user-friendly design. It is crafted to fit comfortably in your hand, turning the act of wringing paint tubes into a delightful experience. No more struggling with unruly tubes or wasting precious paint. With the Pro Hart Swagger paint tube wringer, you can squeeze every smidgen of colour, ensuring nothing goes to waste.

The robust metal rollers are its true champions. High functionality meets uncompromising durability in this masterpiece. The rollers glide smoothly, creating a consistent pressure that ensures every last drop of colour is ready for your work of art. 

Wrapping up, the Pro Hart Swagger, paint tube wringer, is more than a tool – it is a game-changer. It brings efficiency and satisfaction to your creative workspace. Add this wonder to your kit, and embrace the new, transformative way of handling your paints. Let no colour go to waste. 

VIPurpose Pro Hart Swagger paint tube wringer   

With competitive prices and dedication towards customer satisfaction, we at Art Materials Australia pride ourselves on providing you with the best Pro Hart Swagger paint tube wringer options. Sign up for our VIPurpose points program today and get even better discounts through our store and online purchases on all the art materials you need.  

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