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Van Gogh Brush Satchel in Raw Umber


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Van Gogh Paintbrush Satchel by Van Gogh’s Ear

  • Raw umber
  • Leather
  • Suede
  • Australian designed
  • Brass press studs
  • Handmade
  • 21 sleeves for paintbrushes 
  • Measures 44cm in length, 40cm in width, and 1cm in depth when lying flat
  • Measures 44cm in length, 20cm in width, and 2cm in depth when folded in half 
  • Premium quality
  • The ideal companion for studio and plein air
  • Keeps brushes upright and on display while working 

1 in stock

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Van Gogh Paintbrush Satchel by Van Gogh’s Ear

The Van Gogh paintbrush satchel by Van Gogh’s Ear is a one-of-a-kind, handmade brush wallet that is a forever art supply. 

“From one artist to another as a professional myself, I guarantee the authenticity and quality of every Van Gogh paintbrush satchel.” Designed by Australian artist Nicki Comelli .

What is not to LOVE about this handmade paintbrush satchel?

As with all the Van Gogh’s Ear art bags, pouches and cases, the Van Gogh paintbrush satchel is made from premium soft leather, hides, fasteners and suede. It is a beautifully designed satchel that measures 44cm in length, 40cm in width and almost one cm in depth when lying flat. When folded in half with no paintbrushes, it measures approximately 44cm by 20cm by 2cm. You can also fold it into quarters for easy storage for travel purposes.  


  • 44cm length
  • 40cm width
  • 1cm depth

Folded in half

  • 44cm length
  • 20cm width
  • 2cm depth
  • Made entirely from leather and suede
  • Three large brass press studs

On the outside of every paintbrush satchel, you will find soft luxurious leathers or hides; inside, you will feel the elegant, dense velvety texture of suede lining. 

Each Van Gogh paintbrush satchel is unique; no two are the same. Choose from many colours, including timeless umber shades and blacks or bold reds, blues, greens or patterned cowhides. 

The paintbrush satchel features 21 sleeves measuring approximately 2 x 50 cm each. Small, medium, and most large round paintbrush handles will fit in the sleeves. Each sleeve has been stitched in and will snuggly hold your favourite paintbrushes, drawing pencils, pens, markers and more. Depending on your needed art and craft tools, you could slide in colour shapers, dotting tools, and palette knives (with round handles). 

  • On the back of the Van Gogh satchel, you will see the Van Gogh’s Ear signature embossed in the same leather as the outside cover.      

The Van Gogh paintbrush satchel is one compact, durable, handy case perfect for the studio or picking up on the go.  

  • In total, you can fit 21 items in the satchel.  

Most compact paintbrush satchel – Van Gogh’s Ear 

The paintbrush satchel is dense and padded compared to leading brands making it highly durable. The thick leather outer and suede lining will keep your supplies safely in one place. 

Two features

This satchel keeps all your brushes together and looks stylish when you open it up and sit it in your workspace. When open, the paintbrushes sit up and are on display for easy brush recognition and use. 

The Van Gogh brush satchel exudes timeless elegance and is a distinguished art supply. It is the ideal companion for anyone who loves quality art supplies. Look confident and professional and enjoy this paintbrush satchel wherever you are; Café, office, plein air or studio. 

An excellent gift for the professional artist in your life

Finding a gift for the professional artist in your life can be tricky. A piece from the Van Gogh’s Ear collection can change that and will surely delight. There is an art supplies bag, case, wallet, pouch or roll to suit any art enthusiast. It is guaranteed to be a loved gift handed down from generation to generation. As we all know, creative genes generally run in the family. 

The Van Gogh Ear range is exceptionally stylish and incredibly practical.

VIPurpose Van Gogh paintbrush satchel leather  

With competitive prices and dedication towards our customer satisfaction, we here at Art Materials Australia pride ourselves on providing you with the best Van Gogh paintbrush satchel options. Sign up for our VIPurpose points program today and get even better discounts through our store and online purchases on all the art materials you need.  

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