Mona’s Smile Paper Palette Pad designed by Australian artists

Using the Mona’s Smile paper palette feels pretty much like using a traditional wooden palette. Just because it is made of paper doesn’t mean it will be floppy and impractical. The hard boxboard back keeps the palette rigid. And, the curved lower edge and thumbhole cut-out ensures it is super comfortable to hold and work with.

The Mona’s Smile paper palette is a standard 9×12 inches in size – that is about 23×30.5cm and roughly 2cm thick.

Inside the pad you will find 40 sheets of wax coated paper. Each sheet is a sturdy 60gsm in weight. So you aren’t going to get any pesky bleed through of wet media.

No matter what type of paint you are working with, this palette will do the job. Acrylics, gouache, oils or watercolours can all be used. It is easy to see the proper colours of thin or transparent paints, as the palette is white.

The Mona’s Smile paper palette is sturdy enough to be a good mixing surface. Take to it with whatever tools you choose. Paint brushes, colour shapers and palette knives can all be used. You can mix even the thickest paints on these sheets without any worry.

Once you are done, simply tear off the paper and dispose of it. A new clean palette surface is revealed and ready to go instantly. The sheets are bonded with glue at the top and easy to tear off, just like a regular paper pad.

Do you like to get out in nature and paint en plein-air? This palette pad is perfect for use outdoors. No need to worry about clean up or transporting a messy palette back home once you are done.

For the same reason it is also great for use in art classes or when you are travelling. Just tear off the palette sheet, fold it up and throw it away. We promise you will find this just as convenient even when working in the studio or at home.

Importantly, no washing up also means no paint going down the drain.

Waste not, want not. Just because you can easily throw each sheet away, doesn’t mean you have to.

Sometimes some unexpected magic emerges on the palette itself, or you make a particularly well mixed set of colours. Now you can easily keep it for reference. Write a note or two on what you mixed, so you can reproduce the colours quickly later.

If you are a crafter who makes cards or collages, your palettes can make an expectedly rich source of textures and colour to add to your projects. Let them dry, then cut them up for your future projects. Used palettes can also make an amazing resource for scrapbooking.

Peeled off thick paint can even be used on new canvases or decorative projects.

Children can also keep their palettes and use them in new craft projects. Pin the used palettes to a wall to dry, then throw them into a craft box. Encourage kids to experiment and see what they can make out of them at a later date.

Even if you use a traditional timber palette, grab some brilliant Mona’s Smile paper palettes to keep on hand for when you are on the move or need to quickly work on a study. For short sessions of experimentation, they are just the thing.

Artists, crafters and hobbyists will all find these ergonomic palette pads convenient and useful.

The Mona’s Smile paper palette fits beautifully into the Van Gogh’s Ear Woodshed box easel. You will still have room for some paints, a drawing pad, a couple of small canvases and your paintbrushes. Altogether this is the perfect transportable kit that will have you ready and enthusiastic about art sessions no matter where you are.

Mona’s Smile Tear off Palette

9 x 12 inches (23 x 30.5cm x 2cm thick)
40 sheets of wax coated paper