Potato Eaters Drawing Wallet by Van Gogh’s Ear

Pencil case leather ‘The Potato Eaters’ drawing wallet by Van Gogh’s Ear is a keepsake, designed by Australian artists Jessica Skye Baker and Nicole Baker @bakercollection.

As professional artists ourselves, we guarantee the quality, uniqueness, and authenticity of every Potato Eaters Drawing Wallet.

What’s not to LOVE about this exceptional handmade Drawing Supplies Holder?

As with all the Van Gogh’s Ear art bags, satchels and cases, the Potato Eaters case is made from premium soft leather, supple hides, and durable fasteners, zips, suede, and elastic. It is a beautifully designed, compact, off-square case that measures 22cm in width, 20cm in height, and 3.5cm in depth. When open and lying flat, the wallet measure approximately 22cm by 40cm.

Each Potato Eaters wallet is one of a kind. No two are the same. You can choose from tan, black, or patterned cowhides. On the case exterior, you will find soft luxurious leather or hide. On the interior, you will feel the elegant smooth texture of luxury suede lining. The wallet features four interior interleaves that house your drawing equipment safely.

Each leaf has a thick 4cm black elastic strip sewn onto it. Each piece is segmented into eight sewn parts that snuggly hold either one, two, or three of your favourite drawing pencils, pens, or markers, depending on their diameter. On the back of the Potato Eaters wallet, you will see the Van Gogh’s Ear signature, elegantly embossed in matching leather with the outside cover.

‘The Potato Eaters’ wallet is one compact, durable, handy case – perfect for picking up and carrying with you. Whatever your drawing style, this drawing wallet can hold calligraphy pens, coloured pencils, fine liners, graphite pencils, grey leads, or markers. It can fit 64 to 128 drawing items inside, depending on what favourite supplies you are carrying on the day.

Compact and Easy to Carry Drawing Wallet – ‘The Potato Eater’ by Van Gogh’s Ear

Keep your supplies super safe. There is no rattling around, so the leads in your pencils won’t break! Keep all your supplies together and look stylish, all at the same time. The Potato Eaters drawing wallet exudes timeless elegance and is the perfect carrier for many drawing tools. If you are into botanical art, it will hold pens, water-activated pencils, or crayons.

If anime or cartoons are more in tune with your creative flair, this wallet is exactly what you have been looking for! Want to try your hand at some urban sketching? Take this compact wallet with you wherever you think the urge to sketch or colour might overtake you. ‘The Potato Eaters’ wallet looks confident and professional. You will be the envy of anyone who still has their art equipment and tools stowed in a box or drawer.

Take your drawing wallet with you wherever you go: Café, office, plein-air, or studio.

What a Great Gift for Professional or Budding Artists – Pencil Case Leather

Finding a gift for the artist that already has everything can be quite tricky.

Fortunately, a piece from The Van Gogh’s Ear range can solve all your problems in gifting them a present guaranteed to become a treasured item. The range includes:

  • Art supplies bags
  • Cases
  • Wallets
  • Pouches

As artists ourselves, we promise that any one of these items will suit an art enthusiast down to the ground. It is certain to become a cherished gift, handed down from generation to generation. We all know creative genes tend to run in the family!

‘The Potato Eaters’ pencil case leather wallet by Van Gogh’s Ear is an incredibly practical and extremely stylish piece for yourself or as a present for a loved one.

Draw like you own it!