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8 Inch Yellow Soft Aluminium Squeegee


100 in stock

Warhol’s Wife Rubber Silkscreen Squeegee 

  • 8 inches – 20 cm
  • Aluminium
  • Artist quality
  • Easy to recognise by colour (yellow)
  • Flexible 
  • Lightweight
  • Long-wearing


100 in stock

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Warhol’s Wife 8 inch Rubber Silkscreen Squeegee – Yellow

Rubber silkscreen squeegee: Have you ever found yourself marvelling at the intricate designs on fabric and wondering about the secret behind their creation? The answer is simple yet surprising: the humble hard-screen printing squeegee. This under-appreciated tool, often overlooked, is of great importance in the crafting process. 

The squeegee may seem like a minor player, but it’s responsible for pushing the ink through the stencil onto the fabric. It is convenient when aiming for meticulous detail or working with thicker inks. 

Using a squeegee is a breeze. All you have to do is apply an ink line on one side of the screen, hold the squeegee at a 45-degree angle, and pull it across the stencil, evenly spreading the ink. It is crucial to apply consistent pressure to result in a uniform design.

Let’s take a moment to understand a few key points about our rubber silkscreen squeegee:

  1. It is an ideal tool when precision is what you’re after. 
  2. The 45-degree angle is essential for evenly applying the ink. 
  3. Uniform pressure guarantees the consistency of your design.

The next time you pick up a rubber silkscreen squeegee, take a moment to appreciate its role in your creation. Remember, the magic of creation isn’t just about the tool but how you wield it. Cherish this unsung hero of creativity, and let it inspire more stunning prints in your work.

Let’s dive deep into the colourful world of screen printing preferences; let’s make a splash

Picture this: you are in the zone, the creative juices flowing freely. Your next masterpiece is almost within reach; you need the right tools. That’s where the aluminium squeegee comes into play. 

Have you ever wondered what sets an aluminium squeegee apart from a wooden one? It is in the details. The aluminium version is lighter, making it a go-to tool for precision tasks. 

Its power lies in its unique balance between flexibility and rigidity. With it, you can apply even pressure across any surface. Your hands will thank you for the effortless ease of use, and your work will shine with the unmistakable mark of a well-crafted creation. 

The aluminium squeegee isn’t just a tool; it’s an extension of your creativity. It is designed to work with you, not against you, ensuring your artwork stands out for all the right reasons. 

So next time you are faced with a choice, consider the aluminium squeegee. It is the key to unlocking a new level of creativity. Level up your craft with the perfect balance of flexibility, rigidity, and lightness. 

Remember, the right tools are about more than just getting the job done. They are about doing it with excellence, precision, and a touch of genius. Your creativity deserves nothing less. 

How to clean your aluminium squeegee

Are you curious about maintaining the chic shine of your aluminium squeegee? It is time to dive into the art of cleaning your favourite tool. 

  • Start by gently washing off the ink using warm, soapy water. Pay close attention to the edges. They are often the hiding spots for stubborn ink. This simple practice can extend the life of your squeegee and ensure the smooth application of your creative ideas.
  • If you are dealing with stubborn stains? A soft toothbrush or sponge is all you need. Avoid using rough materials as they can damage the blade, affecting the precision and finesse of your creations. 

Once clean, proper drying is essential. Rust can be an artist’s worst enemy, compromising the quality of your work. Don’t let any moisture steal the shine of your squeegee or the sparkle of your projects.

Remember, a well-maintained squeegee is like a diamond in the rough – essential for the flawless execution of your projects. So, keep it sparkling and ready for your next creation. 

Remember, your tools are an extension of your creativity. Take good care of them, and they’ll help you paint your vision perfectly. 

Check out our range of Warhol’s Wife silk screens here. 

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