Sable liner no.4 Pro Hart Swagger Paintbrush 3cm Hairs

This brush is an absolute must-have in any artists collection of brushes. Ohhhh, the magic it can create as it dances on your working surface!

Made from pure sable with a bold violet and blue crackle long handle and nickel-plated copper ferrule this paint brush screams quality.

If you are watercolourist, acrylic artist or oil painter, then this brush is for you. Nothing synthetic can duplicate the feathered light strokes it produces. Although there are synthetic/sable mixed brushes out there on the market; Nothing beats a pure sable liner brush.

Use plenty of water or wet medium, such as flow medium and dash the brush along your canvas or paper to create long lines or interesting shapes depending on your style. Abstract or traditional, the Pro Hart Swagger liner brush is brilliant. Create tree branches, foliage, patterns and signage with ease.

The long fluid hairs of this brush also make it perfect for signing your artwork, highlighting specific areas, outlining and producing long continuous wet strokes.

For loose effects try holding the end of the paintbrush as you create, this technique will help you loosen up your hand and painterly strokes. You will be less in control of the paintbrush hair drag and more in control of the movement the brush will naturally create, an excellent technique for making your painting look less forced.

The Pro Hart Swagger sable liner brush is also commonly referred to as a rigger paintbrush or script brush. Its long fine hairs are ideal for dragging paint and media along watercolour papers, watercolour canvases and standard acrylic and oil stretched canvases.

Mediums to use with your paints and sable liner no.4 Pro Hart Swagger paintbrush:

Acrylic Paints – Thin with flow medium, or liquefying medium, or water.

Oil Paints – Thin with linseed oil or your preferred thinning medium; The Art Spectrum Medium One is a popular choice.

Watercolour Paints – Thin the paint right down with Gum Arabic or water.

The Pro Hart Swagger Sable Liner Brush is fantastic to use with many painterly mediums and subjects. The natural characteristics of the brown sable hairs that are 3cm long offer a high holding capacity of fluid (holding capacity is also referred to by many as ‘belly’). The holding ability of the sable hair is incomparable to nylon, synthetic, or sable/synthetic mix paintbrushes.