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Pro Hart Stipple Brushes

Stipple Brush; Large, medium, and small Pro Hart stipple brushes are a lot to be reckoned with. These hardy, short handle hog hair paintbrushes are like no other. With a completely flat, round head Pro Hart stipple brushes have the ability to be worked with many mediums and techniques. Versatility is the name of their game.

You can add rough, textured spots, or irregular blocked lines to an abstract piece in acrylic or oil paint. Load this brush up, and apply your medium with thick, heavy strokes. The natural fibres of hog hair, which comprise the brush part of these resourceful artist tools, are made from the finest quality, expertly sourced materials. They will produce memorable brushstroke retention in your work. The brushstrokes can be built up to create texture and layering in your artwork with finesse and ease.

Whether you are working on an abstract, foliage in a landscape or blending flesh tones in a portrait, stipple brushes can be worked with many techniques. The results you are after depend on the media you use, how you load the brush, and the hand pressure you apply. If you play around with a mix and match of these three criteria, it is possible that you will never get the same result twice in a row. The possibilities are endless when you use Pro Hart stipple brushes.

Use them to blend paint and stipple out shades and tones to bring a three-dimensional element to the subject you are drawing or painting. Or use them for scumbling techniques.

Hone Your Scumbling Technique

Scumbling is a technique where a colour is worked over another colour. The top layer is not blocked, it’s broken, scratchy, and speckled to reveal the underlayer of colour. Scumbling can be done with any media. Load the Pro Hart Stipple brushes up with paint and mark make like a pro or use less media and scruff it around your working surface. These brushes enable you to experiment and see what the result will be.

Work these paintbrushes in a painting, to create mist in a landscape, or to add whitewash to a roaring wave in a seascape painting or pastel piece. You never have to worry about the heavy handed touch of an inferior brush ever again.

Dry Brushing with the Pro Hart Stipple Brushes

Dry brushing is a technique where the media you are working with is relatively dry; It can be worked on any surface canvas, board or paper. The characteristics of these brush strokes are scratchy and textured, they are not smooth or feathered. Dry brush over three or four colours and make each layer translucent to reveal more and more colour underneath, this is a great way to build up a natural three-dimensional element in a piece and will naturally build shade and texture into the artwork.

Stipple Brush and Everything Else

Pro Hart stipple brushes can manipulate modelling clay and bring a textured element to it. They can be used with charcoalgraphite, and pastel as they are a great tool for blending dry media. The short handles these brushes feature easily fit into the palm of your hand and makes having control of the brush-head easy. Because of the control you have when holding these brushes in your hands, they are perfect for using with glues, PVA, rice glue, or Papier-mâché. The natural hog hair bristles are non-absorbent, so there is no wastage of media.

Pro Hart stipple brushes are the ideal brush for kids to use and hold in their small hands. If you are hoping for the art-love-bug to bite your child, hone their fine motor skills and creative urges with the right art equipment: Pro Hart stipple brushes.

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