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The Zen Paint Brush Emerald Green Hues Round


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Info for the Zen Paint Brush

  • Beautifully weighted
  • Full head of hair
  • Great for Sumi-e, abstract and traditional painting
  • Handmade
  • No rusting ferrule
  • Will hold a huge belly of ink or water
  • Work large scale effortlessly and quickly The Zen Paint Brush by Pro Hart Swagger

10 in stock

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The Zen Paint Brushes by Pro Hart Swagger The Zen paint brush by Pro Hart Swagger

Supple and Resilient equals Performance

The Zen paint brush; Let this BIG stunning brush work for you. Beautifully weighted and packed full of hair, this brush will soak up water and ink with its extra-long thick bristles.

You will be amazed by the painting performance of the Zen traditional calligraphy brush. It will hold an outstanding amount of water or ink in its belly and will maintain a point. Use a firm hand pressure to create thick broad strokes or adjust the pressure to portray sweeping brushwork.

Why use the Zen paintbrush for watercolour?

The best paint brushes for watercolour are made with natural hair, not synthetic, and this can easily be seen if appropriately demonstrated. Natural hair is porous, allowing the hair to hold a vast amount of liquid with ease. Synthetic hair will hold half the amount of fluid as natural hair. So, if you are after a giant mop, slushy paintbrush, then the Zen brush is for you.

The size of this paintbrush lends itself well to loose brush strokes and will give you, as the painter, the ability to have excellent covering power. Beautiful, more controlled thinner strokes are made when just the point of the paintbrush is used.

The benefits of a round paintbrush

This brush is all about holding lots of fluid; therefore, it doesn’t have a tremendous amount of spring or snap. The Zen paintbrush allows for a looser painting style to be achieved; The painter can quickly achieve washes and a range of mark-making strokes by changing the simple movement of their wrist and hand pressure. The Zen brush won’t spring back to shape after it is used; It will simply hold in the direction of when it was last dragged across the working surface by the artist.

Round brushes are known to be the most versatile and widely used paintbrushes for watercolour painting. Their shape makes them ideal for a whole range of brush strokes. They are perfect for broad strokes and are great for washes. The Zen brush will cover large surface areas such as canvas and a full sheet of watercolour paper with ease. Load your paintbrush up with water and use it with your favourite watercolour paint: Art Spectrum, Holbein and Winsor and Newton. And if watercolour is not your go-to medium, grab a bottle of water-soluble Sumi ink or any acrylic ink: Amsterdam or Daler Rowney. Don’t forget to have some extra large glass water jars by your side.

What is the Zen paint brush used for?

The long handle of the Zen paintbrush allows you to stand back and look at your artwork from a distance while painting. It is the perfect brush for modern-day mark-making and can be frequently seen in use in Australian artists Nicki Comelli’s art studio. She is a mark-maker and uses Sumié ink, and the large Zen paintbrushes have a permanent place in her brush collection. The floppy hair of these brushes allows her to create a range of brush strokes and shapes over the top of predominately acrylic paint. They help to add an element of controlled randomness to her painting style. You can see her unique style of mark-making in her Zen collection.

Us the Zen paintbrush to create skies and horizons in traditional landscapes. Or use it to make a light wash or transparent glaze behind a portrait. This brush has unlimited uses and can accommodate many painting genres.

What is the art Sumi-e

Traditionally these paintbrushes have been used in Chinese calligraphy and Chinese brush painting – Sumi-e. Sumi-e is an ancient art steeped in history, symbolism and closely linked to Chinese calligraphy. Chinese Sumiè is the art of using what seems to be effortless and simple brush strokes to depict the essence of an object. For example, many of us would have seen a Koi fish in oriental paintings as it is a famous Chinese symbol. In sumi-e art, what the artists are trying to portray is not the fish itself but the fleetingness and the elegance of the fish. It’s Zen-like characters. Sumi-e is all about capturing the spirit of an object, not to paint so much the thing itself.

Sumi-e painting is an ancient art that continues to be practised by many modern-day artists. Traditionally it is an art form that is learnt and handed down through generations. This learnt art is of precision and is of the utmost importance as each brushstroke created by the painter is a defining move that can not be changed or corrected.

The Zen paintbrush is excellent for Chinese Sumi ink and great for sumi-e painting on rice paper.

The Zen Paint Brush Pro Hart Swagger

What other paintbrushes can I use with my Zen paint brush?

If you are painting with watercolours or inks, use the Zen paintbrush combined with hake paintbrushes or any synthetic style of paintbrushes: angle, filbert or round to create a range of brush strokes to your painting repertoire.

How to maintain your Zen paint brush

Don’t tackle rust as there will be none. The ferrule, which is generally the copper or silver part of your paintbrush, between the bristles and the handle doesn’t exist.

Always ensure your paintbrush is cleaned well before you store it away; To maintain the beautiful shape of the brush head, you are best to leave your brush flat on some paper towel or on an absorbent cloth to draw out any excess liquid. Never leave your brush in a glass jar full of water as the bristles will bend, and they won’t go back into shape. The Zen paintbrush, when properly cared for, will maintain its shape and texture for many years.

Why does my brush look bushy?

When dry, these brushes and mop brushes can look bushy and unshaped; This is normal as once they are loaded with water, the hair will immediately clump back into their pointed shape.

The Pro Hart Swagger Zen brushes are soft-haired ink and watercolour brushes. The hair has an incredible holding capacity that can mould into a variety of forms. The heaviness of the brush handle is carefully weighted to allow long graceful sweeps or fast background washes with ease. This brush can truly inspire both traditional and abstract painters and calligraphers.

At Art Materials Australia, we are all artists ourselves and understand the value of good art supplies. The Zen paintbrush is gorgeous and is Ideal for painting fast and loose and large scale. You will love it.

Art Materials Australia In Stock

Art Materials Australia In Stock

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