Ready to up your artistic game? Let’s explore the top five reasons why the round paintbrush by Warhol’s Wife is a true game-changer in your art journey. 

1: Synthetic Brilliance. Taklon holds a secret power. Unlike natural brushes, it does not lose its shape over time. Picture yourself holding a brush that maintains its round form, offering consistent strokes every time. It’s like magic.

2: The eco-friendly choice. What if you could make a difference with your art? Taklon brushes are 100% synthetic, making them a cruelty-free addition to your brush collection. Your artistry can now contribute to a more sustainable world.

3: Precision is critical. Fine lines and minute details can make all the difference when creating art. The fine point of a Taklon round brush allows for a control that can genuinely elevate your work. It’s perfect for achieving and detailing that much-needed precision. 

4: Watercolour wonders. Because it’s synthetic, Taklon doesn’t soak up as much water as a natural hair brush. This makes it ideal for ink and watercolour painting, where control over water flow is vital. Watch your watercolour game grow stronger with every stroke!

5: Easy to clean. Here’s the cherry on top. A Taklon brush is resistant to harsh chemicals, meaning you can clean it easily without fearing damage. It’s not just a brush but a long-term companion for your creative pursuits. 

So why wait? Bring home the magic of the Warhol’s Wife round paintbrush and watch your artistic journey transform 

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a masterpiece, only to realise you are missing that ideal brush size? The Warhol’s Wife round paintbrushes have got you covered. From sizes no. 0 to 12.

And if you are already a round brush enthusiast, there is a 13-piece set waiting just for you! All these tools are designed with a short lacquered handle, ensuring a comfortable, ergonomic grip while you let your imagination flow onto the canvas. 

The details 

  • Brush head holds shape 
  • Flexible, soft point
  • Short handle
  • Acrylic
  • Adhesives
  • Gouache
  • Ink
  • Mediums
  • Pottery
  • Oil
  • Watercolour

Round paintbrush genres

Dive into a world brimming with colours, textures, and endless possibilities right at your fingertips. 

Seascapes, botanicals, animals, landscapes

  • Seascapes are one of the ten genres that your round brush can perfect. Immortalize the captivating beauty of the ocean, with its vast expanse and changing moods. A small round paintbrush is perfect for painting the illusion of ripples in water. 
  • Botanicals, let your round paintbrush dance around the canvas as you breathe life into flowers, leaves, and plants. The nuances of nature are waiting to be painted.
  • Animals, grab your round paintbrush and depict the innocence of a puppy’s eyes or the majestic stride of a lion. Let your canvas come alive. A small round paintbrush is perfect for painting hair and a larger brush is ideal for blending contours. 
  • Landscapes: use your round brush to master the art of creating heart-stopping vistas, tranquil countryside scenes, or bustling cityscapes. A round paintbrush is great for painting blades of grass or adding shadows to tree trunks. 

Abstracts, still life, portraits, realism, pop art

  • Abstracts, let your round paintbrush guide you to uncharted territories. There are no rules here. Let your creativity run free and wild; paint blends, solid areas and lines quickly with the adjustment of your hand pressure.
  • Still life, exercise your attention to detail as you recreate everyday objects with your trusty round paintbrush.
  • Portraits capture a person’s essence, emotions, and aura with your round paintbrush. It’s all about the subtlety of strokes.
  • Realism, challenge yourself to capture the world as it is. Your round paintbrush will help you depict reality’s beauty and intricacies.
  • Pop Art, bold and vibrant, let your round paintbrush take you to the era of Warhol and Lichtenstein. The Warhol’s Wife paintbrushes don’t splay when cared for correctly. This brush will always be your trusted go-to for clean, precise lines. 

Remember, the magic isn’t in the wand; it’s in the wizard. So, pick up your round paintbrush and create your magic. 

The wonder of Taklon bristles

Have you ever marvelled at the precision of a favourite paintbrush? It’s all about the Taklon bristles. Synthetic fibres that resist water absorption lead to sharper edges, offering superior paint control. 

Immerse in the thrill of bold colours and silky smooth application. The resilience of Taklon brushes ensures they retain their shape, offering consistency that makes your work stand out. 

And guess what? Cleanup is a breeze! Owing to their non-absorbent nature, Taklon brushes wash out effortlessly, primed for your next creative venture. Experience the Taklon difference and let your creativity take flight. 

Do you love working with acrylics, adhesives, gouache, ink, mediums, oils, or watercolours? The Round Paintbrush by Warhol’s Wife should be your go-to. 

This versatile brush is essential for those who appreciate a direct and controlled brush stroke, especially when using watercolours. 

Remember, it’s not just a paintbrush. It’s an extension of your creative spirit and a vital partner in bringing your vision to life. So, get your Round Paintbrush by Warhol’s Wife today and let your creativity flow.

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