Silicone brushes; These are the art tools of the modern world; made with materials that ensure their place in the must-have section of any art supply kit.

Say good-bye to hair falling out of your brushes or damaging your expensive paintbrushes with blending and rubbing! These unique art tools are absolutely brilliant for anything and everything creative. They can handle impressively large canvases or be used up-close for intricately detailed work.

They feature a firm but flexible black tip which you can use to manipulate acrylic or oil paint. You will find it is possible to mould and shape clay in specific detail with these multi-functional tools. They are also ideal for masking fluid applications because these silicone colour shapers are completely non-absorbent.

The finer details

The 5-piece Warhol’s Wife Silicone Colour Shapers have five different head shapes. The set includes a sharp point, cup chisel, flat round, slanted point, and a flat. Each handle is elegantly lacquered and designed to fit snuggly and comfortably in your hand while you create. The short handles make the silicone colour shapers easy to manipulate and hold for long periods of time. Storage and transport of the kit are simple and straightforward: they are 16.5cm/165mm long (slightly over the length of half a ruler).

All you need is your imagination and silicone brushes

When you have these five super art tools by your side, all you need is your imagination. You can use the Warhol’s Wife Silicone Colour Shapers to create sharp and flowing lines with greater ease and accuracy. They work perfectly with clay, on canvas, in journals, and on printmaking plates. They translate equally effectively into the cake decorating world as well. These miniature colour shapers will help you create some of the most interesting artistic impressions and will never stop surprising you with their capacity for detail. Even though they are beautifully crafted tools with many functions, they are priced to be an essential addition to any artist’s tools.