Small paintbrushes; If Andy Warhol were alive to see the wonderful artwork legacy he left behind, he would be tickled pink, green, and any other colour you can imagine with this great set of detail brushes. This comprehensive set of brushes can be used with a wide range of mediums: acrylic, oil, watercolour, gouache paints, inks, glues, in fact, any type of media, up to and including pottery glazes!  

If you have been on the hunt for the perfect set of nylon detail brushes in linear, round and flat, then this 12-piece paintbrush kit is ideal. The brushes are finessed to be delicate yet durable. These tools are used by professional artists, hobbyists, and keen amateurs. The brush set comes in sizes 1, 0, 00, 000, and 0000, and this enables expert, intermediate, and beginner artists to lay down the finest of lines and details. If you want to produce realistic botanical art or abstract thatching thread-like details, there is nothing this little set can’t do. You will be able to paint in the delicate lines of a leaf vein to imbue it with a sense of transparency or use the detail brushes for watercolours (we suggest using the 0000 round). The brushes in the Warhol’s Wife set can produce long linear patterns, absolutely ideal for intricate contemporary abstract painting (try the 0000 linear paintbrush).

The Warhol’s Wife Detail Paint Brushes are also very popular with model makers. Architects use them to create the minutiae they need to add onto the models and architectural project displays. Even if the model has been produced using a 3D printer, the details can be added afterwards by using the brushes in this multi-purpose set. Artists who enjoy painting miniature gaming figurines and micro-art find that the Warhol’s Wife Detail Paint Brush set is the best for tricky and hard to reach places and grooves. These paintbrushes are also the chosen tools of professional sign writers and graphic designers.

Cleaning up is accessible and easy with this set. Simply wash the nylon paintbrushes with a cleaner and warm, soapy water, shape them back into their points, and let them dry on a cloth or paper towel. Because they feature short wooden polished handles with proportional dimensions, the Warhol’s Wife paintbrushes fit comfortably in your hand during use. No matter how many hours of usage the brushes experience, they will never lose their fine point during your session or become too uncomfortable to hold. When you add this detail, paintbrush set to your art equipment collection, you can be confident that each nylon bristle will stay in its place inside the metal ferrule.

The Warhol’s Wife Detail Paint Brushes 12-pack (they are also referred to as small or miniature paintbrushes) includes a no.1 flat, no.0 flat, no.1 linear, no.0 linear, no.00 linear, no.000 linear, no.0000 linear, no.1 round, no.0 round, no.00 round, no.000 round, and no.0000 round.   When you have this set ready to use in your studio or art supplies kit, you can achieve the lightest of touches with the smallest of effort.