Table top easels have been a long-time stocked art supply. They are useful for many projects and occasions. Place this easel on a table; Put a canvas on it and paint away or place a drawing board on it with some illustrating or pastel paper. Both landscape and portrait positions can be worked on with this easel as the top clamp can securely hold in place the working or display surface.

The Table Top Easel by Van Gogh’s Ear Woodshed has a wide selection of adjustable viewing angles, which allows items to be easily seen and worked on; These adjustable viewing angles are also great to use when working with different mediums. If you are creating artwork with charcoal or pastel and blending with paper stumps or stipple brushes, more angled surfaces are better to use as it helps the dry media stay on the paper.

Working and viewing angles can be changed easily on the Vang Gogh Ear Woodshed Table Top Easel by adjusting the two small wingnuts on either side of the timber frame. You can also slide the front bar/lip up and down the centre pole of the easel to change viewing heights with ease. This easel is lightweight, easy to carry and very transportable in and out of art classes, workshops and studios. It is efficient and very useable.

Tabletop easels can be used by beginner, intermediate and professional artists of all ages. It is an art supply that has many uses, and once you have it; It will last a lifetime if taken care of.

What are the Van Gogh’s Ear Woodshed table top easels made from?

Gold bolts, nuts and screws accentuate the beautiful finish of the beechwood frame that this easel is made of. The Van Gogh’s Ear Woodshed Table Top Easel not only looks good but is also very economical. The ‘H’ frame legs that are 28cm wide and 30cm deep make this tabletop easel very sturdy on many flat surfaces.

It can be easily stored by just folding flat. The working height of the easel is 71cm but if you remove the top holding block you can fit an 80cm board on it with ease and if you want to go up to 80x80cm square that will fit too.

Tabletop easels are also popular for displaying signage; Wedding charts or party signs and are also frequently used in exhibitions and market stalls. They are perfect for use in the home, office, studio and outdoor environments; Great to take on holidays.